Installation of a false ceiling: installation and fastening, video about the complete set МК-2, with own hands repair

The suspended ceiling is now at the peak of popularity, and its device allows the owner to save considerable money The suspended ceiling is now at the peak of popularity, and its device allows the owner to save considerable money When repairing in an apartment or a house, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to trim the ceiling. Before deciding on the arrangement of suspended ceilings in your apartment, you must read the literature and consult with experts in this field of construction.

      • How to install the suspended ceiling
      • How to fix the suspended ceiling
      • How to install the suspended ceiling: height and other important points
      • Ceiling mount installation kit MK-2
      • Repair of the suspended ceilingAnd the installation of fixtures
      • Installation of a luminaire in a false ceiling( video)

Take into account the following considerations: will you, after installing such aOlcay, the new, reduced height of the rooms, whether they fit furniture with mezzanine;There is no danger that in the gap between the base and suspended ceilings there will appear undesirable inhabitants - insects and rodents;Whether condensate will accumulate there. If these complications are unlikely or completely unbelievable, then, without hesitation, get down to business.

How to install a false ceiling on its own

The most optimal option is a block ceiling made of plastic, and the most undesirable is a solid made of gypsum board. It will require highly skilled plastering and finishing works, such a ceiling is afraid of damp, heavy and cumbersome. It would be simpler to plaster and trim the "native"( base) ceiling and not be wasted.

When choosing a block ceiling take into account its high performance: low weight and moisture resistance When choosing a block ceiling, its high performance is taken into account: low weight and moisture resistance

With regard to the block ceiling, this suspended ceiling, besides having the above drawbacks of a continuous drywall, has many advantages.


  • Absolutely not afraid of damp( it does not warp, does not change the color of the surface, it is resistant to the formation of stains and stains);
  • Allows easy access to the gap for the replacement or repair of communications located there;
  • Externally quite aesthetic and does not require additional finishing;
  • Easy and, as a consequence, does not require a powerful frame;
  • Repair of a false ceiling is simple enough.

It's still possible to list the advantages of block plastic ceilings for a long time, but it's time to start practical work.

Suspended design allows you to easily access important engineering communications or equipment Suspension design allows you to easily access important engineering communications or equipment

It is best that there is a technological map that will help to properly mount the false ceiling, correctly establish the order of operations, will not allow any "transition", So that you do not have to go back.

Technological map, schematic, materials, fasteners can be supplied with decent manufacturers, such as Volgodonsk YUKON or ARTENS Leroy Merlin.

How to fix the suspended ceiling

For suspended ceilings, an overhead structure is used, called the frame. Such a frame can be assembled from a special thin-walled profile. The frame has dimensions corresponding to the size of the room.

But, in addition, a large number of standard frames are produced, from which you can choose the right one.

Mounting the frame of the suspended ceiling is done using metal profiles Mounting of the skeleton of the suspended ceiling is carried out with the help of metal profiles

On the inner contour to the walls the frame is fixed by means of dowels. To the ceiling( main) - adjustable by length of the suspension, which establishes the necessary clearance between the main and suspended ceilings.

When installing rack blocks in the frame latches, the following technology is used:

  1. Assembly starts from any wall and extends to the middle;
  2. Then the installation of racks from the other wall continues.

With this reception of the installation of racks, the latter are installed without problems. The gaps between the rails are closed with special decorative slats.

Spotlights - the most optimal lighting option for the rack ceiling Spotlights are the most optimal lighting option for a rack ceiling

It should be borne in mind that the direction of lighting was along the rails, otherwise the ceiling looks ugly( fence effect).

Fastening of all hanging elements of the ceiling must be reliable.

Suspended ceiling installation methods: height and other important points

The installation methods for a suspended ceiling may differ from the described. If the ceiling plate( the main one) is very firm and does not allow drilling under the adjustable suspension, and it is not permissible to use the construction gun for any reasons, or it simply does not exist and there is nowhere to get it, the structure of the carcass undergoes changes, the whole frame is retained only on the walls, It is necessary to carry out from more rigid and strong profiles or from metal pipes.

For the fastening of ceiling panels( blocks), fixing elements are welded to the pipes - steel millimeter plates measuring 5 x 5 cm in the marked places.

The height of the suspended ceiling is determined by the gap between the main and suspended ceilings. In this gap should fit the cartridges of recessed luminaires. In most cases, it is the size of the cartridge that is the determining factor, but sometimes it is necessary to lower the ceiling even further in order to hide any communications: hoods, ventilating boxes or defects.

Mounting kit for suspended ceiling MK-2

In offices and trade halls, it is necessary to install a MK mounting kit, designed for fire alarms and requiring a larger amount of inter-ceiling clearance, but in such rooms this gap will not be noticeably reflected in the overall height.

Mineral wool - an excellent moisture proof material, preventing condensation on the suspended ceiling Mineral wool is an excellent moisture proof material preventing condensation from appearing on the suspended ceiling

The room in which the ceiling is to be installed needs to be insulated with special materials if dampening and molding were previously noted.

The heater can be mineral wool or something else. In addition, the insulation is good for reducing the noise in the room. The gap itself is a good absorber of noise, and together with heat insulation - even more so.

Repair of false ceiling and installation of lighting fixtures

Repair of false ceilings from plastic blocks is reduced to partial replacement of blocks if the replaced( repairable) unit is "on the move" or complete disassembly( removal of blocks) if it is somewhere in the end andIt's harder to get to it.

Blocks with mechanical and thermal defects are changed to new ones. If you can not get exactly the same as the others, then change all the blocks or collect a new composition according to the drawing. This work, albeit labor-consuming, but nevertheless, is self-executing, if you try and show willpower.

It is necessary to pay attention to the installation of fixtures: a correctly executed work affects the overall perception of the interior of the living room Attention is drawn to the installation of luminaires: the correct work affects the overall perception of the interior of the living room

Repair of suspended ceilings allows other methods, in case of acute shortage of plastic blocks, it is possible to change not only the whole block, but only its fragment, But the docking of fragments must be done carefully and try to beautifully decorate the joint.

If the built-in light fixtures are installed, the main frame will suffice, but if you want to hang a heavy chandelier, the chassis in the chandelier suspension location should be further strengthened with sections of the profile, and you need to add the number of suspensions. The installation of the built-in luminaires is done in the holes previously made in the panels( blocks).The loop for the chandelier should be installed directly under the reinforced part of the frame.

All electrical wiring must be hidden in plastic corrugated hoses. The installation of a false ceiling must take into account the rules of SNiP.

Luminaire installation in false ceiling( video)

Having installed a suspended ceiling in one room, there will be an opportunity to understand for yourself whether it was necessary to do it, some advantages will be felt immediately, some - in due course, there may be some problems that did not exist before, for example condensateUndermines from the gaps between the racks, or something else. Improved sound insulation or vice versa. So draw conclusions, and if more pluses, then you can continue in other rooms.