Ceiling from plywood: how to trim and what thickness, with your own hands photo, filing and finishing than painting

The ceiling of plywood not only looks nice, but it is safe and environmentally friendly Plywood ceiling not only looks nice, but also is safe and environmentally friendly Durable and environmentally friendly plywood ceilings are used in offices, restaurants and apartments. Due to their low cost and easy installation, they have gained great popularity. In order to fully enjoy the advantages of this kind of construction, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of material. Do not look for it in markets where sellers can not always provide a quality certificate. The attention should be paid to a specialized trading network.

    • Important parameters of the ceiling plywood: thickness
    • Tips: how to trim the plywood ceiling
    • Recommendations: how to paint the plywood ceiling
    • Acceptable varieties of paints for the plywood ceiling
    • By hand: step by step instruction
    • Environmentally friendly plywood ceiling( video)
    • Plywood ceiling design( interior photo)

Important parameters for ceiling plywood: thickness

RecommendedYou can buy material with a thickness of 3 to 6 millimeters. Mount your own hands a thicker version is not recommended. First, it will not improve the performance of the product, and secondly, it will only weight the ceiling itself. As a rule, the result of installing too thick finishing plywood is a quick re-repair.

For finishing the ceiling, experts advise choosing a plywood, the thickness of which is approximately 5 millimeters For finishing the ceiling, experts advise you to choose a plywood with a thickness of approximately 5 millimeters.

In order to correctly determine the required thickness, it is worth to start from the method of fixing the material. If it is a question of installation on a skeleton, in this case the 3-millimeter variant will approach.

It can then be optionally sewn, based on the architectural and stylistic features of the room:

  • Lighting degree;
  • Room area;
  • Presence of specific architectural elements;
  • Other.

In the case where the installation is done on the lathing, it is better to choose plywood with a maximum thickness of 6 mm.

Tips: how to trim the ceiling from plywood

After completing the installation of the entire structure, it becomes necessary to finish the ceiling. The bet is made on synthetic wood or plywood.

In terms of cost, it is better to give preference to the second, but if the focus is on quality, then there are no equal to synthetic coatings. The list of their advantages is wide enough.

Additionally, it is possible to trim the plywood ceiling with synthetic wood In addition, it is possible to trim the plywood ceiling with synthetic wood

Quality thermal and sound insulation are the two most demanded parameters for developers. The reliable covering of a ceiling will exclude probability of extraneous noise and the big account for thermal services.

In addition, builders with experience distinguish a number of other advantages of the mentioned materials:

  1. Mechanical strength.
  2. Can participate in the formation of load-bearing structures.
  3. Individual grades can be applied to cover the ceiling in those rooms where there is high humidity.
  4. Decorative - carved plywood ceiling will fit into the classic interior. The decorative component is achieved due to smooth transitions and a combination of various forms.
  5. Small specific weight, reducing the load on the ceiling. Due to this fact, fastening will last a long time. Even if you plan to install a two-level ceiling, you do not have to spend a lot of money on the fixation system.

In addition, the original materials for finishing are environmentally friendly. They do not release hazardous substances and can be used in premises with children and the elderly.

Recommendations: how to paint the ceiling from plywood

Once the dyeing process is completed, it is necessary to allow the ceiling to dry. The minimum recommended time is 24 hours. Some manufacturers can argue that it's enough for 35 minutes, but it's better not to conduct such dubious experiments. The longer the ceiling dries, the longer it will turn out to be. It is strongly recommended not to open the window during the drying process.

Ecological ceiling from plywood( video)

In conclusion, it can be concluded that the ceilings from plywood can be used in virtually any room. It is important to properly fix and fix it with quality materials.

Design ceiling plywood( interior photos)