Roof ceiling: photo of plastic finish, types of cubes, set of Bard, calculation of mirror and plastic, manufacturers of structures

Roof ceiling - inexpensive and practical solution for any room The rack ceiling is an inexpensive and practical solution for any room. The rack ceiling is a good solution for finishing the ceiling, especially when it comes to finishing in the kitchen, bathroom, terrace, balcony, garage, pool, etc. The surface, which is faced with a rail, looks beautiful and sound.

      • Plastic ceiling racking: a successful solution
      • Roof ceiling: advantages and disadvantages
      • Cubicle rack ceiling: innovative solution
      • Reechny beautiful ceiling Bard: impeccable quality
      • Types of lath ceiling: there isWhat to choose
      • Roof ceiling: the kit simplifies the work
      • Ceiling mirror: your house will be transformed beyond recognition
      • Calculation of the low rack ceiling: everything is simple
      • Design of a rack modern ceiling
      • Roof ceiling( video)
      • Design of railing ceilings( photo)

You can use a combination of panels in different colors, alternating glossy and matt panels, as well as panels of different widths. Recently, the most common roofing ceilings of aluminum, the use of which gives the most unexpected, in its effectiveness, interior design.

Plastic ceiling rack: a successful solution

The ease and simplicity of installing plastic panels is quite obvious.

Plastic ceiling rack - an aesthetic, budget solution to the repair issue, the benefit of such a finish is available to everyone.

This finish has several advantages.

The advantages of a rack ceiling are obvious - it Advantages of the rack ceiling are obvious - easy, simple installation and long life

Advantages of the design:

  • Aesthetics;
  • Lightness;
  • Possibility of installing independently;
  • Durability and reliability;
  • Such ceilings can be arranged anywhere, both indoors and outdoors;
  • Easy dismantling, if necessary;
  • The ability to hide all kinds of communications between the base ceiling and the plastic ceiling: electrical wiring, pipes, etc.
  • Possibility of mounting fixtures, in any version.
  • Water resistance.
  • Wide range of colors - colors are very diverse.

Such panels suit many, because this is an excellent economy option.

The disadvantages of PVC racks are that they are not subject to local disassembly, because, almost all the construction is to be dismantled.

Reinforced ceiling trim: advantages and disadvantages

There are completely objective reasons for the installation of rack ceilings.

Any ceiling has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages of the ceilings are minimal.

The overwhelming majority of consumers agree on the opinion that such ceilings are a rational solution, especially for wet rooms, as evidenced by their numerous reviews.

For the manufacture of lath ceilings, a metal profile of aluminum or stainless steel The most common aluminum and stainless steel materials are used to manufacture lath ceilings ASD100 ASD ASD100 ASD

In addition, as a rule, aluminum and stainless steel, manufacturers cover either chrome or nickel.

  • The minimum gaps between the panels provide excellent ventilation between the rack and base ceiling.
  • The mirror surface of such ceilings is able to visually increase, for example, a small area of ​​the bathroom.
  • The shortcomings can be attributed quite a high cost compared to plastic. However, all of the above qualities cover this shortcoming.

    Cube-shaped lath ceiling: innovative solution

    The cube-shaped rack ceiling is named because of the square or rectangular shape of the profile that is used in its design.

    This ceiling has a structure that strongly resembles a blind. This design opens up new opportunities for fresh design solutions, as well as non-standard solutions for the arrangement of fixtures.

    The wiring diagram is as follows. Are used: a layout in width of 1,5см, рейка, the comb( стринер, directing), a corner, a suspension - this fastening, that is, the basic details. This is the device of this design. The main popular colors are white and matte.

    Kuboobrazny roof rack helps to create a three-dimensional effect, which visually increases the volume of the room The cube-shaped rack ceiling helps create a three-dimensional effect that visually increases the room volume

    This ceiling is somewhat unusual for conservative ceiling performance.


    • Due to the space above the ceiling within sight, an illusion of additional room volume is created;
    • The effect of a certain "three-dimensionality" is created;
    • There is a possibility of a variety of use of fixtures.

    This ceiling is an innovative system that exists for a non-standard, even exclusive ceiling design solution. The ceiling of Omega( Germany) is very popular.

    Reechny beautiful ceiling Bard: impeccable quality

    Firm Bard - undisputed leader in the production of suspended ceilings. The ceilings of the firm Bard for a very long time do not lose their original properties.

    Bard company is a combination of reasonable prices and impeccable quality.

    Their advantages:

    1. Guaranteed moisture resistance;
    2. Resistance to sudden temperature changes;
    3. Warranty - 15 years;
    4. Do not darken over the years, and do not turn yellow - always look new;
    5. It is exposed to a covering by a food varnish is it is additional protection against corrosion.

    The excellent quality of the Bard The excellent quality of the ceiling laths Bard is confirmed by the manufacturer's 15-year warranty

    The material is a food aluminum alloy, which is an excellent indicator of environmental cleanliness.

    In order to calculate the cost, you do not need to do it yourself. The company will calculate the value. You can purchase a complete set, for example, mirror.

    Types of lath ceiling: there is a lot to choose from

    So, you decided to stop your choice on the rack ceiling. Now it remains only to decide what type of ceiling you will have.

    Speaking of this aspect, like the types of lath ceilings, it should be noted that they are closed and open. Open, this is when the slats have some distance from each other, having slots, which, by the way, can be filled with inserts. Closed ceilings do not have cracks.

    Types of lath ceilings:

    • Aluminum;
    • Steel;
    • Plastic;
    • Wooden.

    Materials for the panels of the ceilings can also be plastic and wood The materials for the ceiling panel panels can also be plastic and wood

    The latter are used much less often, usually in mansard rooms, in cottages, for example. They can be beaten directly on the ceiling frame, that is, where there is a wooden base.

    Roof ceiling: kit simplifies the work of

    It has become much easier to mount a rack ceiling in one of the rooms of your house, an apartment - even in the bathroom, even in the corridor, in the hallway.

    Many construction companies sell kits through which these ceilings are arranged.

    In order to implement such a plan, much is not needed.

    The actions are simple:

    1. You need to select the color of the racks on the site, as well as the inserts. You can combine colors.
    2. You give the size of the room, the firm calculates the cost;
    3. An order is made, an advance payment is made.
    4. After receiving your kit, you can mount the ceiling yourself, or bring in specialists from the company.

    Buying a complete set of lath ceiling, you get rid of many problems, in particular, from a large amount of unused material Buying a ready-made ceiling rack kit, you get rid of many problems, in particular, from a large amount of unused material

    What is the advantage of this service?You can, of course, cut everything yourself, including holes, thus obtaining a whole mountain of waste, from the materials already purchased. And you can give such parameters as the thickness and length of the material, and entrust it to others.

    Ceiling mirror: your house will be transformed beyond recognition

    The purpose of the material used for the ceiling depends on the material used.

    Mirrored ceiling can be arranged anywhere, practically, in any room, and most consumers do so.

    So, you decided to make a mirror ceiling.

    Its advantages:

    • Smart, festive appearance;
    • Excellent moisture resistance, which allows you to arrange such ceilings in the bathroom, kitchen, pool, etc.
    • I take into account the resistance of this ceiling to temperature differences, it can be mounted both in the apartment and on the balcony, for example.
    • The variety of coatings also have a predominant factor.

    Mirror lath ceiling is very suitable for a small room Mirror lath ceiling can be handy for putting a small height

    You can choose a ceiling of any color, as well as chrome, with mirror inserts.

    Calculation of the low-ceiling lath: everything is simple

    Correct calculation of the lath ceiling will help you, to a significant extent, save money without buying extra materials.

    But there is another side to the coin: in case of inaccurate calculation, you can not buy everything that will significantly slow down the installation process, forcing you to run again and again to the store, buying the missing items.

    To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to make an accurate calculation in advance, excluding such errors.


    1. Measure and calculate the ceiling area. It should also be taken into account that it is worth making some amendments, based on the specifics of this room: a niche, for example. Proceeding from the fact that the ceiling area coincides with the floor area, for convenience, you can make measurements on the floor.
    2. If the area( form) of the ceiling( floor) is incorrect, it is advisable to use Geron's formula.
    3. To calculate the rack system, you need to calculate the number of angular profiles.
    4. The material should be purchased with a margin of 2-3 profiles.
    5. Next is the calculation of the amount of fasteners. The length of the perimeter of the ceiling is divided by the step of fixing the profile of the corner.
    6. We calculate the number of carrier tires.
    7. The exact arrangement of the ceiling shows the arrangement of the carrier tires. Step - 1m.
    8. The number of hangers is adjustable. On one tire there are 4 suspensions.
    9. The number of decorative decks is calculated. To do this, you first need to calculate the area of ​​the rack, multiplying its length by the width. The area of ​​the standard rack is 3m2.
    10. The ceiling area is divided into the area of ​​the bar. Thus, the number of bars is calculated elementary.

    Even if you are absolutely sure of the correctness of the calculations, it is better to be safe and take the material with a margin Even if you are absolutely sure of correctness of calculations, it is better to be safe and take material with a stock

    Of course, the most rational option, as many believe, is the purchase of a complete set. However, this is a private matter for every landlord.

    The design of the rack modern ceiling

    Roof ceilings are gaining popularity in recent years.

    The assortment of railing ceilings is constantly improving, and this circumstance makes it possible to use it not only in bathrooms and kitchens, but also in a wide variety of interiors.

    The rack ceiling consists of various parts, and this design is easily bribed by an increasing number of consumers.

    The design of the lath ceiling is quite simple The design of the rack ceiling is simple enough

    So, the rack ceiling consists of:

    • Stringers, carrying elements, which are also called combs or traverses. The stringer is fastened with a facing rail.
    • Adjustable hangers, by means of which, stringers are fixed to the base ceiling.
    • Rails are usually aluminum panels.
    • Interstitial inserts that mask interstitial cracks. This is the case if the ceilings are open type.
    • Corner profiles, which are installed around the perimeter of the room, and are designed to hide the joints between the walls and the structure.

    Thanks to its simple construction, the ceilings are easily mounted and dismantled, if necessary.

    Rack ceiling( video)

    In conclusion, it is worth taking stock of what was said. The abundance of lath ceilings, of course, can not but rejoice. You can arrange a mirrored ceiling at home, and you can plastic. Any decision will be correct, and everything depends on your aesthetic preferences and personal budget. In the selection you finally will help photo and video materials, which eloquently and visually tell everyone. It is not necessary to dismiss the advice of masters and sales consultants. However, in any case, the final decision is yours. Good luck with your repair!

    Design suspended ceilings( photo)