Than to wash stretch ceilings without divorces: how to wash in house conditions matte, leaving and means

To stretch the ceiling did not lose its original gloss, it must be properly looked after To ensure that the suspended ceiling does not lose its original gloss, it is necessary to properly care for it. Having installed stretch ceilings, most sigh with relief, no need to whiten or paint ceilings annually. But over time, the surface of the ceiling may appear stains, or even and smooth surface of the tissue somewhat lost its original gloss. To care for the tissue, you need to select the right cleaning products and know what to wash the stretch ceilings without getting divorced.

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Care tensioning ceilings

apartment in the apartment Ceilings are of different degree of contamination, depending on the room in which installed.

Ceilings in different rooms:

  1. The most dirty is the ceiling in the kitchen, as there are soot, grease and other derivatives from cooking.
  2. The second on the contamination may be the ceiling in the bathroom, as water splashes leave on the surface of the stain, as children often play in the water with various sprayers.
  3. Next comes the children's room, the toddler will not reach the ceiling with his hands, but constantly flying around the room, objects can stain the ceiling.
  4. And the last on pollution becomes a drawing room and a bedroom. In these rooms it is enough to wipe the ceiling from dust with a damp soft sponge.
  5. In the living rooms, the ceiling can suffer after the New Year holidays, with an incorrectly opened bottle of champagne.

Care of the stretch ceiling depends not on its constant washing, but on correct and accurate use and prevention of contaminants.

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen is most susceptible to contamination Stretch ceiling in the kitchen is most prone to contamination

By purchasing a stronger hood in the kitchen, you can avoid soot on the ceiling. The ceiling in the bathroom will suffer less if you add one more bar to the standard vertical curtain and pull the horizontal curtain, which will close simultaneously with the vertical one. In this case, splashes of water do not get to the ceiling, and when you bathe your baby, the curtain that hangs downwards must be raised and fixed to the bar. In the nursery it is difficult to avoid spots, since the younger generation can not explain how difficult it is to wash the ceiling.

How to wash stretch ceilings: matt, glossy, light and dark

Depending on the material from which the ceiling is made, there are different ways to wash it. Currently, only two types of materials are used for fabrication of stretch ceilings - fabric and PVC film. Colors can be different, that in the first variant, that in the second. The structure( matt or glossy) is the same for both materials.

Care of stretch ceilings depends, in particular, on the material of the manufacture of the ceiling and its structure The care of stretch ceilings depends in particular on the material for the manufacture of the ceiling and its structure.

How to handle the ceiling:

  1. Both types of materials are not afraid of wet cleaning, and for this reason they can be washedWith the use of water or, if the soap solution is heavily soiled. A more durable ceiling of PVC film, but it is not recommended to wash using window liquid or hard jaws.
  2. The fabric ceilings are even more gentle and must be treated accordingly. The fabric does not like strong pressure on it and is least resistant to scratches and mechanical damage.
  3. On a glossy dark surface, droplets and traces of contamination are more noticeable than matte light ones. But often do not need to rub the ceilings, wash the material according to the degree of contamination. In the summer, there are traces of dust and soot on the ceiling.

If windows or windows in the house are constantly open, then it is worth wiping the ceiling using a soft mop and a stepladder one twice a month.

In general, stretch ceilings are fairly easy to clean with water or a soapy solution In general, stretch ceilings are fairly easy to clean with water or a soapy solution

There are very few special materials available on the market today, so a mop can be made by yourself.

A thick mop of foam is stuffed into a normal mop of wood and with this design it is easy to wipe the ceiling frequently.

How to wash stretch ceilings with a large area

In a large apartment, cottage or office, the ceiling area is very large, so washing it with your hands will be difficult and long. In this case, it is better to order employees of a cleaning company that will cope with washing the ceiling for a short time.

If the stretch ceiling area is large, it is better to use the services of specialists If the area of ​​the stretched ceiling is large, it is better to use the services of specialists

The cleaning company employees do not wash the ceilings with their hands, but use a steam generator or get rid of dirt by a steam cleaner.

In this case, the ceiling, under the influence of a strong jet of hot steam, may sag a little, but when the room temperature is normalized, the surface of the fabric will be smoothed and stretched again. This method of cleaning will remove dust and return the original beautiful look to the ceiling.

Than to wash the suspended ceiling: chemistry and materials

Installing a stretch ceiling in the rooms, you need to ask the installation specialists which remedy you can use to wash this work of art. Are there any performance characteristics for this type of coating, and what materials should be used for proper and long operation of the ceiling. Any installer will offer special detergents for the care of the fabric of the ceiling, but most of them consist of a conventional soap solution.

For proper care of the stretched ceiling you will need:

  • Mop with foam rubber;
  • Soft sponges;
  • Soap;
  • Water;
  • Step ladder.

It is better to use a stepladder and a mop with a short handle, since using a long handle makes it difficult to understand the force of pressing the fabric. Foam layer is moistened in a soap solution and led on the ceiling back and forth.

Wash in a circular motion is not recommended, as in this case there are stains.

After wet cleaning, wipe the ceiling with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

You can also wash the stretch ceiling from the chair, but the ladder is much better suited for these purposes The stretch ceiling can also be washed from the chair, but the ladder is much better suited for these purposes.

Soft sponges are used on small surfaces, for example in a bathroom or small kitchen. In these rooms, pollution is more pronounced and should be thoroughly cleaned.

Soap water is prepared from a usual colorless, better child, soap or dish detergent. It is better to use liquid soap or colorless product.

Water for washing the ceiling should not be hot, a good option is water at room temperature. If the soap is poorly soluble in such water and does not form enough foam, you can use hot water, and after adding soap, let the water stand and cool.

Do not use powder detergents, as they may not completely dissolve and spoil the fabric, scratched the surface.

Than to wash the suspended ceiling( video)

How to wash the stretch ceilings at home: remove some types of dirt

At home, wash the ceilings of the mistress yourself.

But at times do not know what means to use in this or that case:

  1. It is very difficult to clean the mounting foam from the stretch ceiling, as it dries very hard to any surface. This will require special solvents for the mounting foam, but they can not be applied directly to the surface of the ceiling.
  2. If during the installation of the ceiling in the house there is not even a small piece of fabric or PVC film from which the ceiling is made, then it is necessary to contact the installer to get a small sample of the fabric. On this sample and it is worth trying solvents. If there are no traces left, then it is possible to spray on the surface of the ceiling. After using the dissolving agent, immediately wash the area with a soap solution.
  3. To wash the stretch ceiling, on which the paint has fallen it is worth applying the same advice as when washing from the mounting foam.
  4. In homes where there are people who smoke, we must carefully take care of the ceiling in the smoker's room. If there is a dark spot from nicotine, then it is washed with a solution of water and a dish remedy.

Often, dark spots appear in the area of ​​a chandelier, a lamp, near the windows.

If the stretch ceiling appeared in the house for the first time, and the landlady does not yet know how to look after it, then any work is done on a small area of ​​the ceiling surface, which is not conspicuous.

Dark spots from felt-tip pens and champagne are difficult to rub, for this you can use a weak alcohol solution, but do not be zealous.

The main principle in cleaning the stretch ceiling - accuracy, because the canvas is easily torn The main principle when cleaning the stretch ceiling is accuracy, since the fabric is easily torn

The PVC film ceiling is more resistant to damage, but do not try it for strength. At the beginning of all the work you need to free your hands of jewelry, even a small ring can scratch the surface. There will be no hole, but a scratch can stay. Manicure with rhinestones, just does not have to do cleaning the ceiling.

You can clean the ceiling properly using a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle. Do not put too much pressure on the fabric when using a vacuum cleaner.

How to clean tension ceilings without divorce by household means

Cleaning the glossy ceiling is comparable to cleaning the matt, with the only difference that the glossy surface needs a thorough rubbing. The most common means for giving a glossy look to the ceiling is a penny pharmacy - it is ammonia.

Ammonia alcohol( aka ammonia solution) - the best home remedy for cleaning the stretch ceiling Ammonia( the same ammonia solution) is the best home remedy for cleaning the stretch ceiling

Reviews of the owners of stretch ceilings vying with recipes for the use of this drug, but the most common is the dilution of ammonia in water with a ratio of 1:9.It is 9 parts water and one part ammonia.

To remove dust and dirt from the surface of the ceiling, it is offered with usual soapy water, and then water is changed to a solution with ammonia and a new rag is carried over the entire surface. Some mistresses for polishing use soft car sponges to give the car a shine and gloss.

Than to wash stretch ceilings without divorces( video)

To look after a stretch ceiling it is easy, and it is not necessary to sweep in the nearest office on cleaning. Any woman is subject to proper and high-quality cleaning of the fabric surface of the ceiling, and the financial component for special means is not great. Do not be afraid to mount the ceiling of the house, because it has more pluses, and washing and keeping it in small apartments is not difficult. As they say: "The eyes are afraid, but their hands do."