Perforated stretch ceilings photo: with perforation breathing, reviews, 3d with backlight, video

Not every apartment can see the original and beautiful perforated stretch ceilings Not every apartment can see the original and beautiful perforated suspended ceilings Stretch ceilings, in itself have long been not a novelty, but perforated stretch ceilings: the photo will describe and show them in all its glory, really a novelty. Holes can be of different diameters, and they are located thus, as strictly uniformly, and chaotically, or in the form of patterns. Using lighting of various designs, as well as their different layout, one can achieve the most unexpected, extraordinary and original light effects. The direction is fashionable, emphasizes the trendy style, and is quite suitable for the style of "high-tech".

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    • Types of perforated stretch ceiling
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    • Perforated tension ceiling with illumination( video)
    • Design of a perforated stretch ceiling( photo in the interior)

Advantages of perforated stretch ceilings

Using perforated stretch ceilings, you can experiment with light as you like.

Whatever you do with light, no matter how fantasized and not experimented, the result will invariably please you and your loved ones.

The ceiling will look nice and original, even when using conventional, standard lighting. Anyway, the perforation will create an amazing and unusual texture.

With the help of a perforated stretch ceiling, you can create an original and unique design of the room With the help of a perforated stretch ceiling, you can create an original and unique design of the room

So, the advantages of ceilings:

  • Practical and reliable;
  • Simple installation. No debris during installation.
  • Water resistance.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Do not absorb odors.
  • Versatility. Suitable for absolutely any design.
  • Damage received during not very correct operation, easily eliminated for a short time
  • Affordable price. It is much cheaper than a suspended ceiling made of plasterboard.
  • Possibility to achieve non-standard, individual conditions in the room. If you set the light sources between the tension and the base ceiling, you can get the effect of sunlight.
  • A double finishing method is widely used, when another one is placed above a perforated ceiling, but of a different color. By the way, the holes can be of different diameters. Behind the second ceiling and install lighting fixtures. Now you have the opportunity, including the light, to contemplate the play of light and shadow in the evening.
  • When installing multi-level ceilings, you can achieve the highest effect. Thin rays of light, glare, penetrating through the openings of the lower fabric, give a completely unique, unique atmosphere in the room. Perforated cloth in this case, gets the most voluminous appearance. The design, though not easy, but worth it, because it is able to give any room a special pomposity.

If you want to make your apartment unique - you should install perforated stretch ceilings!

Breathtaking Stretch Ceilings: Reviews of

"Are Breathable Doors Breathe"?This question is asked by many, but what are the customers' opinions?

The question of "breathing" all kinds of building and finishing materials, has always been acute, and now - more than ever. People, especially those living in megacities, value their health very much.

Consumers who have funds for natural materials, always try to apply them, rather than "chemistry" and "synthetics."Do they always succeed in this - a question, frankly, vital.


  1. Just a marketing move - the film does not breathe;
  2. Air does not circulate in the gap between the PVC and the main ceiling;
  3. If the question is for you basic, then do not bother with this "breathing" stretch ceiling;
  4. To achieve the desired effect, technical measures are required that will ensure the ventilation of the required area. As an option - fabric ceiling.
  5. With an option of PVC film with perforation, the effect is negligible.
  6. High enough price.
  7. The variant is clearly not a priority.
  8. It's silly to make the ceiling breathe. Walls and floors, from which they were not made, also do not "breathe".
  9. For this purpose it is better to apply the fabric. At times stronger than PVC, and lets in air. The fabric itself has microperforation, and these holes are formed during the production of the material. On this ceiling, there will never be any condensation, no mold, no fungus. These are the ceilings "breathing".
  10. "Breathable" stretch fabric ceiling will be well combined with wallpaper, and with plaster, and plasterboard. Do not need a heat gun during installation.

Of the numerous reviews of perforated stretch ceilings, one can say that opinions differ: they like someone with their creative design and way of performance, others - they do not speak about them very flatteringly and argue that the best alternative to them is a fabric stretch ceiling From numerous reviews of perforated stretch ceilings, one can say that opinions differ: some people like their creative design and way of performance, others - they say about them is not very flattering and argue that the best alternative to them is fabric stretchCeiling

Thus, based on the huge number of reviews, we can conclude that the popularity of stretch fabric ceiling is higher than the stretch ceiling made of PVC.

3d perforation of stretch ceilings: volume effect

Artistic 3d perforation of stretch ceilings is an innovation designed to create 3D bulk ceilings.

Ceilings are mounted using a special 3D profile, which greatly simplifies the installation technology of the structure, since it is possible to fix both ceilings simultaneously.

Artistic 3d perforation is so much in demand that there is a lot of feedback from consumers about it.

Artistic 3d perforation: reviews on the ceilings

The artistic 3d perforation is the most popular today, and it is in great demand Artistic 3d perforation is the most popular to date, and it is in great demand

Basically, the reviews are as follows:

  • Undoubtedly, Know-how, and very successful;
  • 3d profile facilitates easy installation. Installation is carried out in the shortest possible time.
  • The artistic perforation fascinates and attracts people's attention.
  • This is the most original of all known decor techniques, which, of course, will transform beyond recognition any interior.
  • Combines perfectly with LED backlighting, as well as with photo printing.
  • The interior takes on a voluminous appearance, making it completely unrepeatable. It is your ceiling - purely individual.
  • Perforation is diverse: from pattern and pattern, to spirals or colors.
  • Dealers work fast, smoothly and professionally. Any desire of the client - for them the law.
  • Art perforation is an excellent option. In order to design any room, you should use artistic perforation.
  • After watching the video, they decided to order.

From all that has been said it is absolutely clear that consumers are not only satisfied with this innovation in the majority, but they also strongly recommend introducing it to others.

Installation of perforated ceilings: trust

specialists Before installation work, measurements are taken and then the required marking is done.

Thanks to the cleanliness of the work done, it is not necessary to take out all the furniture from the premises. It is enough just to move it to the center of the room to provide access to the base ceiling along the entire perimeter.

The main tool for marking is the laser level.

Step-by-step instruction

First, a line is drawn around the perimeter, in order to determine at what level the system will be placed. Fixtures need to be purchased in advance, which will need to be later either inserted into the perforated ceiling, or hidden under it, or suspended on it. In this case it is necessary to take into account that in the case of using recessed fixtures, a certain place is required for them.

Next, the eternal dilemma is how to mount the ceiling:

  1. With your hands;
  2. Hands of experts.

You can install the perforated stretch ceiling yourself, but you must act carefully and carefully when installing it It is possible to install the perforated tension ceiling yourself, but it is necessary to carefully and carefully install it

Installing such a ceiling requires skill, a certain skill and experience. Not having all this, it's very easy to make a mistake and spoil the whole thing. Of course, the main reason for not wanting to do this with your own hands is the lack of a laser level, but. .. this is far from being the main reason to give up manual editing.

In order to avoid mistakes, not to spoil the material, it is better not to take it for yourself!

Of course, you can try to make the frame itself, saving some money on it, but, as often happens, when the masters come to the consumer, they usually do everything afterwards. Is it worth it to invent a notorious bicycle?

Perforated Ceiling Mounting( video)

Types of Perforated Stretch Ceilings

In addition to 3-fold ceilings and breathable ceilings, stretch perforation ceilings are subdivided according to the surface view, like any other suspended ceilings.


  • Glossy;
  • Matte;
  • Metallic.

The last kind of surface is most typical for the style of "high-tech".

The difference with conventional tension ceilings only in round holes on the surface of the blade, and in holes of a certain diameter.

The only difference between the perforated from the usual stretch ceiling is that the first one has round holes of different diameters The only difference between the perforated from the usual stretch ceiling is that the first one has round holes of different diameters

Stretched perforated ceilings give amazing possibilities that can realize the most daring design projects.

There is an opportunity not only to use various lighting fixtures, but also to combine additional lighting devices with the main devices, while achieving the uniqueness of the light game effect.

Types of luminaires for perforated stretch ceilings: how to choose

Unfortunately, the low ceilings in the great number of flats that we inherited from the post-Soviet period spoil the whole interior.

In an apartment with a low ceiling, before you hang a chandelier, you have to carefully weigh everything and take everything into account.

Massive, elegant chandeliers, will, in the end, hang over the apartment owners, as something fundamental, poorly fitting into the overall interior. Instead, designers advise to install lamps flat, or even very small lamps. If you do not follow these tips, you can, in the end, "get" an even lower ceiling and disharmony in the overall interior ensemble.

With regard to stretch ceilings of any type, their design makes it possible to apply any kind of lighting.

You do not have to worry about the complexity of the choice of luminaires for a perforated stretch ceiling, because it will be the same as for a conventional stretch fabric You do not have to worry about the complexity of the choice of luminaires for a perforated stretch ceiling, because it will be the same as for a conventional tensioner

Types of fixtures:

  1. Conventional chandelier;
  2. Fixture usual;
  3. Fiber-optic system, called "starry sky";
  4. Built-in point light;
  5. LED backlight.

Lamps in tension ceilings are fixed to the base, that is, to the main ceiling, therefore, this fastening is 100% safer than, say, in gypsum boards.

As for the lamps, the most diverse ones are used, but one must remember the correct selection of their power: up to 35 W for halogen lamps, up to 60 W for incandescent lamps.

If the power of the lamps exceeds the recommended one, the ceiling film will simply melt, and to avoid this unnecessary phenomenon it will be necessary to strengthen the thermal insulation.

Therefore, to avoid unnecessary hassle and costs, the "golden" option is still "the starry sky", or its analogue. This light is suitable for almost any room. He emphasizes coziness, successfully chosen design, and will be convenient for everyone, especially for romantic natures.

Flickering dots on a dark background are made with light-transmitting fibers, which are either hidden behind a film, or brought out. As a result, lighting will appear in your apartment, which, for the most part, is not available to the majority of consumers!

Perforated tension ceiling with illumination( video)

In conclusion, I would like to sum up all that was said. Perforated stretch ceilings are becoming increasingly popular. The purpose of their installation is not only leveling the ceiling surface, but also giving the room an original look, and of course, an optical increase in the room space, which is important in small apartments. Due to the variety of color and structure of the stretch ceiling, any, even the most daring, most fantastic design is possible. Such a design overnight will not be a dream, but a reality!

Success to you in arrangement of your habitation!

Design Perforated ceilings( photo in the interior)