Steam insulation for the ceiling of the bath: insulation with wall materials

quality insulation of the ceiling and walls is a prerequisite for the successful construction of Russian bath - it is a source of strength and health for the human body. If you have a bath, it is important to equip it in such a way that its operation lasts long and as comfortable as possible. An indispensable condition for the successful construction of a bath is the high-quality thermal insulation of the ceiling and walls. But keeping heat is not the only task. To protect the ceiling and walls from excessive exposure to moisture is also very important.

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Why steam bath

Everyone knows that heat retention is necessary to maintain an adequate temperature inside the building withoutExcessive processing of firewood, coal, electricity and other sources of heat. On the topic of thermal insulation experts say a lot, leading to various options for the covering of walls and ceiling with materials protecting from the leakage of warm air. But why do we really need isolation from steam?

Steam insulation helps to reduce excess moisture in the tree Vapor helps to reduce excess moisture in the tree

The installation of a vapor barrier has the following reasons:

  • Reduced carrying capacity of the structural elements. Due to moisture, wooden structures become more fragile.
  • Deformation of a tree. Due to the fragility of the tree in a moist environment, deformations are possible, which can quickly make the bath completely unusable.
  • Deteriorating thermal characteristics. A wet deformed tree and a layer of thermal insulation lose their properties during prolonged contact with water.
  • Formation of fungus and mold on the tree. Fungus and mold are permanent companions of humid premises. They can significantly degrade the quality of the tree.
  • Tree rot. A tree is a natural material. Therefore, the tree is subject to natural processes, such as decay. However, a dry tree almost does not rot, and a damp tree requires special care and isolation.

The wooden ceiling of the sauna requires a vapor barrier, otherwise your bath will not last long.

Bath: insulation ceiling with his hands

Before proceeding to the ceiling insulation of steam, should be told about the basics of everything bath ceiling, namely the insulation from the cold outside. The bathhouse should be arranged so that both in winter and summer there could be maintained the same temperature without losses.

The walls of the bath should keep a constant temperature at any time of year Walls baths must maintain a constant temperature all year round

The insulation is made in the bath:

  1. Mineral wool. This is a very durable material, resistant to various kinds of influences. Moisture and heat are not terrible for mineral wool.
  2. Ecowool. Environmentally friendly and fairly cheap material.
  3. Expanded clay. It has exceptional thermal insulation properties, however it is quite a heavy material, which requires good vaporization.
  4. Polyfoam and foam isole. A cheap, lightweight and convenient material that scares some people with its ability to throw out toxic substances when heated.

In ancient times, questions about the thermal insulation of the bath were as acute as they are now. People solved this issue with the help of clay, sawdust, straw, moss and other natural materials.

Material for the vapor barrier of the ceiling in the bath

After you have insulated the ceiling, it is necessary to isolate it from the effects of moisture. By the way, experts insist that the vapor barrier of walls is no less important than the procedure with the ceiling. Because the insulated ceiling will not let moisture come out naturally through the top, and untreated walls let steam through, which degrades the quality of the walls of your bath.

Qualitative vapor barrier will not allow materials to lose their strength and durability quality steam will not give the materials lose their strength and durability

At the moment, most often isolated from the couple using the following materials:

  • clay with sawdust. If you do not count for the work of preparing the mixture, its application and cleaning the room after the procedure, then this method is very good!Clay and sawdust are a pleasant natural material, known to our ancestors for vapor barrier insulation since the first baths. Clay solidifies solidly and holds as long as modern materials.
  • A mixture of perlite and peat, covered over a clay screed, will also protect the bath from moisture.
  • Stizol is able to protect the bath not only from moisture, but also from heat loss. Consider this option in order to perform 2 tasks at a time!
  • Steam insulation films. There are 2 varieties: for interior decoration and plating from the outside.
  • Materials that have foil in their composition. It is a strong, light and reliable material that will keep the bath not only from moisture, but also from the effects of cold, noise and other external stimuli.

Material suitable for vapor barrier is quite a lot. Choose based on your financial capabilities and experience of specialists.

How to make a vapor barrier of the ceiling and walls

for ceilings and walls and insulation paroizoltsiya occur in a similar manner. Therefore, speaking of the insulation of the ceiling, the same can be attributed to the work with the walls of the bath.

sequence works on the ceiling vapor barrier is as follows:

  1. the dummy cover nailed boards.
  2. Install a layer of insulation between the beams.
  3. To the beams attach the foamed vapor barrier metal side outward, inside the bath.
  4. Now we beat the beams as the basis for the lining or some other coating.
  5. We install a bale, tile or some other coating for the ceiling.

The material can be both a heater and a vapor barrier material may be both a heater and paroizolyatorom

In the example considered, steam via folgizirovannogo material because of its properties encouraging many people.

Do not forget about the possibility to use a material that combines the properties of a vapor barrier and a heater.

Bath is a great place to clean and upgrade. Be sure to ensure that it has served you for a long time, and that the interior decorate you year after year. Use only high-quality materials and devices in your work, then your work will pass easily, quickly and effectively.

How to choose insulation and vapor barrier for ceiling baths( video)

Vapor barrier for the bath with his hands( photo)