Ceiling decor: flowers by own hands, matte finish, photo moldings and mesh on the walls, how to update the panels, the elements from the tree

The decor of the ceiling significantly changes the interior for the better, making it original and cozy Ceiling decoration significantly transforms the interior for the better, making it original and cozy Decoration of the ceiling for a long time was not in the traditions of Russian families. Half a century ago, an even white ceiling was the limit of dreams for a Russian citizen. A cunning stucco looked intricate and too pompous. But times change, some traditions give way to others, and now a beautiful, bright, painted ceiling with appliqués, stucco molding, and even reproductions of paintings - all this is in the order of things.

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ASD33 ASDm can be called any ceiling, which has decorative elements. So, we can make up a pretty impressive list of ways to make a decorative ceiling. Everything depends on the quality of the original ceiling, the customer's preferences, as well as its financial capabilities.

As a material for the decor of the ceiling paint is excellent, which corresponds to the rules of environmental safety As the material for the ceiling decor, the paint perfectly complies with the environmental safety rules

The most popular materials for creating a decorative ceiling are:

  • wallpaper;
  • stucco molding;
  • decorative plaster;
  • wooden panels and joists;
  • hand-painted;
  • drywall;
  • applications;
  • stretch ceilings made of PVC film or fabric;
  • plastic for decorative constructions;
  • polyurethane for panels;
  • aluminum slats;
  • plastic panels and plates;
  • lining;
  • light panels, ribbons and spots;
  • mirror;
  • glass panels;
  • decorative mesh;
  • decorative panel;
  • decoration with decorative stone;
  • decorative grilles;
  • luminous balls and lighting fixtures;
  • scenery from PVC films.

This is not a complete list of the possibilities to make the decoration on the ceiling. Consider each option if you want to do something really interesting. Decorative elements should come to your liking.

Suspended ceilings will be able to decorate all the shortcomings of the original ceiling, and for even ceilings, and more simple types of scenery.

Stretched decorative ceilings

Stretch ceiling is most often decorative. An exception can be called only white fabric ceilings, made as an imitation of a perfectly flat whitewash.

For the decor of the stretch ceiling, neon lights Decorative stretch ceilings are of the following types:

Decorative stretch ceilings are of the following types:
  1. Glossy ceiling made of PVC film. Glossy ceiling is not only beautiful, but also very functional. Gloss reflects light, which visually increases the volume of the room. The ceiling of a bright shade or even just a white ceiling creates an atmosphere of celebration and luxury.
  2. Fabric ceiling with photo printing. On the fabric often make photo printing;It's convenient, easy and beautiful. You can print what seems most suitable for photo printing on the ceiling.
  3. Painted fabric ceiling. The fabric can be painted. This is another way to create a decorative ceiling.
  4. Multilevel ceiling. This is a separate sphere of ceiling decoration. Levels can be placed in a variety of ways, combined with lighting devices, combine different textures, colors and styles.
  5. Textured ceilings. Stretch film can imitate qualitatively various textures, for example, leather, velvet, corduroy, concrete, stone and so on.
  6. Decorations with light equipment. In the suspended ceiling, it is customary to insert light panels or spots, and other lighting devices.

Stretch ceilings, especially two-level ceilings, significantly conceal the height of the ceiling. It is undesirable to mount such a structure in a room with low ceilings.

Frosted decorative ceilings

Gloss looks festive and very beautiful. However, not always gloss, shine falls to the mood and tastes of the customer. Therefore, all companies engaged in ceilings, developed matte options for ceiling coverings.

To the matte ceiling does not seem monotonous, it can be varied by gluing a glossy coating in a certain corner or around the perimeter To ensure that the matt ceiling does not appear to be monotonous, it can be varied by gluing the glossy coating in a certain corner or around the perimeter.

The matt ceiling can be made of different materials:

  • Stretch ceiling made of fabric or matte film.
  • Suspended ceiling of gypsum board, painted with matte paint or wallpapered.
  • Matt wallpaper.
  • Frosted ceiling tiles.
  • Matt panel for the ceiling.
  • Tiles from frosted glass.
  • Plastic matt rail.

Matt surfaces look expensive, restrained and very respectable.

What do ceiling decor with moldings

Moldings are decorations located at the junction of the wall and ceiling. They decorate this part of the room, and also help to hide the shortcomings of this joint and even possibly wires and communications.

Moldings are great for rooms made in classical style Moldings are excellent for rooms made in the classical style

Moldings are made from different materials, for example, from the following:

  1. Wood. Wood trim looks rich, but caring for it and its cost often cause difficulties.
  2. Gypsum. It's not easy to work with this material, but you can embody the boldest ideas with it, if you have the skills, patience and talent.
  3. Expanded polystyrene. From this material you can make different types of decoration. To moldings fit decoration of butterflies, flowers and monograms.
  4. Polyfoam. Like other artificial materials, the foam does not damage the painting.
  5. Polyurethane. This is a ready-made solution for finishing the ceiling.

Moldings made of natural materials look luxurious, however, their purchase, installation and operation are full of difficulties. Artificial moldings can be very high quality and beautiful.

How it is possible to produce ceiling decor with flowers

Flowers are a favorite theme for designers and housewives. Flowers can be different. Draw your favorite inflorescences on the ceiling in the most convenient way for yourself.

Photo printing with the image of flowers will give the interior freshness and bright colors Photo printing with images of colors will give the interior freshness and bright colors

What flower image options exist:

Gypsum plasterboard flower with backlight.
  • .The second level of the suspended ceiling can be made in the form of a beautiful flower. The corresponding illumination additionally accentuates this figure.
  • Stretch ceiling. The corresponding scheme is carried out with the use of PVC film.
  • Paper flowers. A beautiful and budget option is to decorate with your own hands using colored paper and cardboard. Such decor will perfectly match with rosettes and moldings. Stick paper compositions will not be difficult!
  • Flowers from plaster or from artificial materials. Stucco graphic scenes often include a floral ornament.
  • Image of colors on the photo print.
  • Artistic painting with floral motifs.

As decorations for the ceiling, you can use and live flowers in pots, suspended under the ceiling. Decorating the ceiling in this way is a pleasure!

Luxurious ceiling: decor by own hands

The interior created by own hands has a number of advantages. First, self-made ceilings - this is a great saving. Secondly, you can create a unique design, thirdly, you have a valuable opportunity to show their creative abilities.

One of the simplest and cheapest options for decorating the ceiling is the wallpaper gluing One of the simplest and cheapest options for decorating the ceiling is the wallpapering

With your hands in the ceiling decoration it is not difficult to perform the following types of finishes:

  1. ceiling paint( simple or patterned roller);
  2. wallpaper gluing;
  3. decoupage;
  4. decorative plaster;
  5. stencils;
  6. vinyl stickers;
  7. stucco molding;
  8. draping;
  9. drawing design;
  10. applications.

Consider each option to choose what will seem to you by strength and that will satisfy your taste.

Everything, that is made by own hands, possesses special energy of heat, love and a cosiness.

Beautiful ceiling decoration with your own hands( video)

The ceiling finish will noticeably transform your house. It is important to comply with the decor of the ceiling and walls. Covering the ceiling is usually made lighter if the ceiling is low. In any case, updating the old ceiling will be a great idea, which will help to refresh the whole house. Regardless of whether your ceilings are low or high, special types of decoration will allow you to hide flaws and emphasize advantages. Beautiful ceiling is important everywhere: at home and in the office, and on the summer terrace!Examples

ceiling decoration( interior photo)