Decorating walls and ceilings with wood: a photo in a private house, wooden racks inside, options for an apartment, how to make

Wood - a material for the finish of the ceiling, which will never go out of fashion Wood is a ceiling material that will never go out of fashion What material should I choose for finishing walls and ceilings in a private house?Experts say that it is best to use a tree to finish the house inside. This material is durable and environmentally friendly. If you want to trim the ceilings with a tree, you can even in the apartment. For this, it is not necessary to construct a frame. For example, plywood sheets can be glued with a special adhesive compound.

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Wooden ceiling finish with veneered panels

There are multiple options for finishing the ceiling. However, it is best to use veneered panels. They are durable and durable. In addition, veneered panels are easily fastened together by means of a special groove.

Mounting technology for veneered panels:

  1. Secure the starting profile to the entire perimeter of the room. To fix the product, use dowels.
  2. Insert the ceiling profile into the starting profile. Remember that the ceiling profile should be parallel to one of the walls.
  3. Attach the ceiling profile to the ceiling suspension.
  4. Install the wooden blocks on the crate. To fix them, you need to use self-tapping screws for metal.
  5. Sew panel construction. Fixation of the product is carried out using self-tapping screws.
  6. Install the fixtures.

Veneered panels are the most successful material for finishing the ceiling, as it is particularly strong and durable.

To remove the gap between the veneered panel and the wall, use a decorative skirting board. This product not only beautifies the design, but also helps to hide the starting profile.

What is the best way to trim a modern wooden ceiling in a private house

Which material is best used for ceiling lining?Of course, the best finishing material is a classic lining. Outwardly it resembles a wooden beam. For finishing the wooden ceiling, it is best to use a lining made of linden or oak.

Finishing of the ceiling with the lining starts with the installation of the frame. It is best to make a crate of stainless steel. As an alternative, you can use pine beams.

The choice of material for finishing the ceiling in a private house depends directly on personal preferences, the budget and the desired outcome of the owner himself The choice of the material for the finishing of the ceiling in a private house depends on the personal preferences, budget and the desired result of the owner

During the installation of the lining you need to take into account a number of nuances:

  • Metal.
  • If you made a crate from the beams, then lay a layer of insulation.
  • Joints between the walls and the ceiling should be removed using molding with wooden texture.
  • Remember that there should be a small gap between the sheets, as the wood can deform due to the temperature difference.

Finishing the ceilings in the house with a wooden rail

The ceiling and wall rails are made of wood and metal. It is recommended to use the first option, since products made of wood look much better.

Also to the advantages of wooden slats are:

  1. Environmentally friendly.
  2. Practicality. The ceiling, trimmed with slats, does not require specialized maintenance.
  3. Resistance to high temperature.
  4. High sound insulation properties.
  5. Low price.

Sheathing of the ceiling with a wooden rail is a cheap, practical and environmentally friendly method of finishing the ceiling Wood paneling in wooden ceiling - cheap, practical and eco-friendly method for finishing the ceiling

Remember that using a wooden rack is not allowed in unheated rooms. These products are easy to deform with a drop in temperature or humidity.

How to install wooden slats on the ceiling:

  • Install the frame from the bars section 30x30.
  • Attach to the frame of the suspension.
  • Sew the structure with wooden strips. For fixation, use the kleimers.
  • After the installation is complete, fill the gaps between the ceiling and the walls. It is also desirable to install a wooden molding and cover the ceiling with antiseptic solution and varnish.

Wooden plywood ceiling

Plywood is an environmentally friendly material that is often used for finishing walls and ceilings in a wooden house or apartment. Plywood is an excellent alternative to lining or wooden slats.

Plywood is not inferior in its advantages to the lining or wooden slats Plywood is not inferior in its advantages to lining or wooden laths

Plywood advantages:

  1. High thermal insulation characteristics.
  2. High strength. Plywood is a multi-layer material, so it has high tensile strengths.
  3. High moisture resistance. Plywood, unlike lining, does not deform under the influence of moisture.
  4. Low specific gravity. When using plywood, you do not need to install a massive frame of aluminum profiles.

Plywood is made from coniferous trees or birch. It is recommended to use sheets made of birch, as they are more durable and durable. In addition, plywood sheets from birch look much better.

Mounting of plywood sheets is carried out in the following order:

  • Attach the beams to the base surface using self-tapping screws.
  • Attach the sheet to the crate so that its edge and the middle of the rail meet exactly.
  • Fix the plywood sheet with screws. Between adjacent fastenings should be no more than 25-30 centimeters.
  • After the installation of the panels is completed, you need to eliminate the gaps between the sheets with the help of baguettes.
  • Using a roller, apply a colorant to the ceiling. Remember that you can not use water-based paint. Decorative structural paint is recommended for finishing.

Interior of the penthouse( video)

Various materials can be used for finishing the ceiling and walls. Each of them has a number of its features. If you do not want to build a massive frame and spend a lot of money on building materials, then the best choice will be a moisture resistant plywood, stylized under a tree. In other cases, it is more reasonable to use a lining, veneer panels or slats.

walls and the ceilings tree( photo)