Fastening of plasterboard to the ceiling: mount one, fasten fasteners and video, correct assembly and installation methods

The fastening of gypsum boards to the ceiling is not particularly difficult fixing plasterboard sheets to the ceiling is not too much difficulty Drywall - perfect for finishing the ceiling space. It has a mass of positive qualities, and with its help you can create an interior in absolutely any style. However, the gypsum plasterboard ceiling is unstable to mechanical damage, therefore, in order not to spoil it during the installation, you need to know how to properly fix the GCR to the substrate.

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How to fix drywall to the ceiling: types

fixing drywall - perfect material for the design of modern apartments. With its help you can hide the unevenness of the old ceiling, hide all unaesthetic communications or simply give the interior a modern and neat appearance. From what purpose the gypsum board construction is used, then what methods can be used to fix it to the ceiling depends.

Fasteners made of metal profile are very durable and able to withstand any loads Fasteners of metal profile is extremely durable and able to withstand all conditions

What methods are used for attaching drywall to the ceiling:

  1. frame of metal sheets perfectly hide communication and irregularities of the ceiling base. The assembly of the metal frame includes the following steps: marking, installation of guide profiles, fastening of suspensions, laying of longitudinal and transverse profiles. This method of installing a GCR has only one drawback: it greatly hides the height of the room.
  2. A wooden frame with the ability to hide the shortcomings of the ceiling load-bearing floor, minimizing the height of the room to a minimum. However, it is less resistant to unfavorable environmental factors than the metal profile. When installing a frame of wooden racks, it is especially important to correctly mark the ceiling-base.
  3. Frameless mounting method implies under itself, the connection of the GCR directly to the ceiling base. If this scheme is used to build a drywall ceiling, then the height of the room will not decrease at all. Unfortunately, this method is suitable only if there is a perfectly flat wooden ceiling.

All three ways are good in their own way. To determine which one to use, you need to know exactly the characteristics of the room in which the repair work is taking place. If you can not decide on your own, you can contact a professional. In any case, note that the metal frame, though concealing the height of the ceilings, is the most reliable.

Frameless fixture to the ceiling plasterboard

Frameless way though is not considered the most reliable, it is often used in homes with a wooden ceiling. This is due to the fact that in some apartments the ceilings are so low that even 10-15 cm, which can take away the frame, are critical.

Despite some disadvantages of this method of fastening, if you fix the drywall on the basis correctly, it will serve for a long time.

There are two ways to fix the GCL on the ceiling with your own hands. They can be glued with a special adhesive for gypsum board or screwed with screws.

The essence of the method of frameless fastening GKL is that the sheets of gypsum cardboard are fixed to the ceiling with the help of gypsum-based special glue and polymers The method frameless fasteners GCR is that the sheets are attached to drywall ceiling using spetskleya gypsum-based polymers and

In the first case the piling drywall only occurs on the coated layer of primer ceiling. A special mastic, consisting of bone glue and gypsum, is applied in small portions to GKL.It is distributed along the edges of the material and in the center. Then the gypsum board is firmly pressed against the ceiling and held in this position for several minutes.

In the second case, it is not necessary to ground the substrate surface. GKL sheets are simply screwed to the ceiling using 8-10 cm screws.

How to fix the drywall to the ceiling with


A slightly different technology is used to mount the drywall to the frame. It is quite easy to assemble such a construction with the help of a partner. The main thing with care and accuracy is to approach the installation process.

GCR is attached by means of self-tapping screws 25 mm long, they are screwed in the places where the plasterboard is adhered to the profile in 30 cm increments GKL is attached with 25 mm self-tapping screws, they are screwed in place where the plasterboard is adhered to the profile in 30 cm increments.

Plasterboard mounting steps for the frame:

  1. Before cutting the GCR, they must be cut off. This is done using a paint knife and a tape measure. With chopped edges of plasterboard at an angle of 45 degrees, the bevel is cut.
  2. In the gypsum board elements, on which the lighting fixtures will be fixed, round slots are made with the help of a drill with a special nozzle.
  3. Next sheet drywall should be attached to the frame, for this you will need an assistant. In this case, the edge of the drywall sheet must pass strictly in the middle of the profile of the frame. This is to ensure that the next drywall has enough space for fastening.

The screws of the screws need to be drowned in the drywall a little, but they do not have to break through the upper paper layer. Of course, you can adjust the depth of the self-tapping yourself, but it's better to buy a special nozzle for drywall, it will help you to properly mount the GCR to the frame.

How to fasten the drywall to the ceiling

Set the sheets of drywall on the ceiling one is difficult, but it is possible. Of course, such work will take you more time and will require additional equipment, but if there are no options, then you can manage yourself.

To screw drywall to the ceiling one is possible with the help of a support, which should correspond to the height of the room The plasterboard can be screwed to the ceiling by means of a support that must correspond to the height of the room

The device for holding the drywall sheet near the ceiling resembles in appearance a huge mop. Such supports can be made of metal profiles.

In order to put a sheet of drywall on the ceiling, you need to tighten it on the table( or goat), and then raise it to your head. With one hand you help to keep the GKL on your head, and the second one bring the prop up, gradually straightening it. Thus, you need to install two supports, and then you can easily attach the plasterboard lying on them.

How to fix plasterboard to the ceiling( video)

Attaching drywall to the ceiling is quite possible without the help of a master. To do this, it is desirable to have a responsible assistant, but in case there is not one, you can do it on your own. Believe in yourself, and you will always succeed!