The ceiling on the cottage is fast: ideas how to decorate and photo, how to make decoration in the cottage, sew the material lining

Wood paneling is a popular natural material that perfectly preserves heat, is easy to color and change the texture, creates a special microclimate in the room Wooden wall paneling - a popular natural material that retains heat very well, easy to coloring and changing textures, it creates a special atmosphere in the room Making a country house - is not such a simple task. I want this building to look stylish, but at the same time its repair was inexpensive. The ceiling and walls are more or less understandable, but how to decorate the ceiling in the country, because the material should be easily installed, and meet all the requirements necessary for this kind of buildings?With this question, we'll deal with you now.

    • ceiling in the country: the idea of ​​cladding clapboard
    • What do the ceiling in the country: drywall
    • The sheathing roof cottage: PVC panels
    • Stretch ceiling on
    • cottage How to make a ceiling in the countryfast( video)
    • Design of ceilings in the country( photos of the interior)

ceiling in the country: the idea of ​​cladding clapboard

One of the most suitable materials for the decoration of the ceiling in the holiday house is siding. It looks very natural, and creates a feeling of unity with nature, which makes the room more cozy.

The advantages of this natural material are known to everyone: what only there is a unique woody fragrance in the room where there is wooden sheathing

Ideas for decorating the cottage's ceiling can be very different, for example, it will be interesting to combine a lining with massive woodenBeams.

The lining can be made from almost any type of wood. It can be sewn by your own hands. It is best to look in the room, where there are other wooden elements.

Benefits ceiling lining of the country:

  1. Batten - a natural and eco-friendly material that does not emit during operation noxious fumes.
  2. Ceilings from the lining can be painted absolutely in any color, so this material is perfectly combined with many styles. It is best to look at the car in a brutal loft interior.
  3. It's quite possible to make the paneling by hand very quickly. This is due to the incredible ease of installation.
  4. Decorating the room with a lining will cost you relatively inexpensively.

Despite the fact that this version has many advantages, like all materials, lining has its drawbacks. These include low fire safety and instability to mold, fungi and insects. However, this problem is solved by treatment with special compounds.

What do the ceiling in the country: drywall

If you are adherent modern styles such as high-tech, then you will like the idea of ​​setting the country plasterboard ceilings. They are combined with absolutely any style of interior. Sheathing of the ceiling with such materials can be done by oneself.

If the ceilings in the holiday home are high enough, then you can cover them with sheets of plasterboard. This material is perfect for both residential and non-residential premises If the ceilings in the holiday house are high enough, you can sheathe their plasterboard sheets. This material is perfect for both residential and non-residential premises.

The positive qualities of ceilings from plasterboard in the cottage:

  1. Of course, for the installation of gypsum boards you need to have some knowledge in the construction industry, but a single-level gypsum cardboard ceiling can be mountedEven a layman.
  2. Drywall has a high fire safety and resistance to adverse effects of the surrounding world.
  3. You can cut out any shape from the GKL sheet. Also, it is quite plastic, and it can be bent. These properties give greater freedom of imagination regarding the design of the country ceiling.
  4. From plasterboard you can do not only classic, but multilevel and combined ceilings.
  5. For gipsokartonnymi structures, you can hide all the non-aesthetic communications and uneven ceiling-base.

Drywall is perfect for decorating absolutely any room. However, it is not very cheap and its installation takes a lot of time, so we suggest you look at other options for the design of a holiday home.

Also, if you chose drywall, as a material for finishing the ceiling, do not immediately choose multi-level designs. Of course, they look very beautiful and unusual, but significantly reduce the height of the room and are not suitable for all dacha interiors.

Than to cover the ceiling in the country: PVC panels

Plastic panels are one of the most inexpensive options. They can resemble a natural tree in its appearance. However, PVC panels are not the most environmentally friendly material. It is important to buy such panels only in trusted places, and be sure to ask for a certificate. Unfair producers can add to the composition of PVC substances hazardous to human health and the environment.

PVC - plastic panels have firmly entered our life. At present, they are lined with both walls and ceilings PVC - plastic panels have firmly entered our lives. At present, they cover both the walls and ceilings

Positive qualities of the PVC panels:

  1. With the installation of plastic slabs, absolutely anyone who has ever been in possession of construction tools will cope.
  2. Behind the frame for PVC panels you can hide all the irregularities of the ceiling and unaesthetic communications.
  3. Between the ceiling-base and the construction of PVC, you can lay an additional layer of insulation and sound insulation, which, you must agree, is important for giving.
  4. PVC is a parasol-safe material, so a large number of lighting devices can be installed on such a ceiling.

Of course, this option has a lot of shortcomings. It is very non-ecological, and melts during melting and releases harmful synthetic substances. Another drawback is that the frame under the PVC panel conceals the height of the ceilings.

Stretched ceiling at the dacha

Stretch ceilings are not very often used for the finishing of holiday homes, but if you are going to live there for a long time, you can invest in this option. With their help, you can visually increase free space, as well as create a stylish and modern interior.

Installing a stretch ceiling in the country, you can significantly decorate the interior and make it more comfortable Installing a stretch ceiling at the cottage, you can significantly decorate the interior and make it more comfortable

Selecting a glossy stretch fabric, you can visually stretch the room, and letting the perimeter of the LED strip, make the interior more unusual.

Stretch ceilings are of two types: fabric and polyvinyl chloride. The first option looks very expensive, natural and noble, but the second one has a lot of colors and textures.

Advantages of tensioning cloths:

  1. This material has a high moisture resistance, so its installation is justified for any room in the holiday home.
  2. Tensioning cloth can be washed.
  3. With the help of a stretch ceiling you can achieve various interesting effects, for example, stretching the space of the room or creating a sense of the starry sky.
  4. The stretch ceiling is strong enough, it can not be damaged by a ball. Also, in case of leakage in rainy weather, it will retain in itself all the water that has been collected.

Despite the fact that the tensioning cloth is not susceptible to blows by a blunt object, it can easily be damaged with sharp accessories. Also, it's not in his favor to say its high cost and the lack of the possibility of self-installation. However, despite these shortcomings, many choose this material for the design of their dacha.

How to make a ceiling in a country house quickly( video)

Everyone can make a ceiling on the dacha on their own. The main thing is to choose a suitable material for these purposes, which will be combined with the rest of the interior. Trust your taste and create coziness at your dacha!

Design of ceilings in the country( photos of the interior)