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The living room can be decorated in a certain style with unique elements of decor Living room can be decorated with a theme with unique décor Today, having come in a beautiful home, you can ask a question: "What kind of design?Who designed? ", And hear:" There is no design, here all the things that I love. "In this apartment or a separate room can be maintained in a certain style, but it can be followed not strictly, but with some individual deviations from the topic or canons.

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ideas for the living room in a minimalist style

Minimalism - a child of constructivism. It can not be said that the fashion for it passes or is reborn again. This style already refers to the classical directions, and therefore is acceptable in any apartment and at any time.

Principles of minimalism

  • Maximum expansion of space - partitions are demolished, rooms are united;
  • All elements must be functional, ornaments - minimum;
  • Furniture and decor is a bit;
  • The materials are as simple as possible and preferably natural.

The minimalist living room is characterized by a minimal amount of things and decor items Living in a minimalist style is characterized by a minimum number of items and decor

If we talk specifically about the living room, then the room generally accepted canons like screed, smooth ceiling and discreet walls, it is not enough. For decoration, you can use both decorative stone and mirror tiles, most importantly, while not creating variegated interiors. Everything should be a whole picture.

As there is little furniture and decor, the main attention will be focused on the decoration of the walls. Its design, color and texture are your image richness. Everything should be harmonious, and done in one key.

Design idea of ​​living in the style of Provence

Provence - French country, but to say that you will create with their own hands handsome rustic interior in the living room, just can not. It is a luxury of simplicity, as many people say about this style. The charm and simplicity of antiquity, faded colors in the sun, bright inclusions, unhurried way of life - all this is a provencal charm.

The living room in the Provencal style is a cozy room decorated with simple and ancient objects Living in Provence style - a cozy room decorated with simple and antique objects

Main features Provencal:

  • walls. Most often - white. It can be rough plaster with white paint, as the best background for accessories and decorative details. The surface of the walls must be intentionally slightly uneven, this romantic appearance is mandatory.
  • Ceiling. Classics - is the intersection of darkened wooden logs, darkened from time, by itself. But in the apartment they can be replaced with polyurethane imitation. Possible and the ceiling of MDF with a texture and relief "under the tree."Warm and soft shades are preferable.
  • Gender. These are wooden boards or a laminate with a pattern for wood. Possible and stone, ceramic tiles. Terracotta tiles are a common material.
  • Window decoration. Lightweight and weightless curtains of light colors will suit the windows in such a living room to a greater extent. Well, the pattern is a cage or plant motifs.

But Provence loves decorating. And the best accessories are those that are made by hand. Tablecloths, curtains, napkins, pillows, not design, namely homemade. Cushion cushions wrapped in cute floral pillowcases, and on the table lay a tablecloth, crocheted.

Repair in the living room: ideas for the Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style, so fashionable in recent years, can be compared to the same functional maximalism. At the same time, Scandinavian ethnic features are preserved in the interior, which allow them to find themselves in the atmosphere of the Swedish house.

If you want to decorate a room in Scandinavian style, then you should focus on white color If you want to arrange a room in a Scandinavian style, then you need to focus on the white

main features of living in the style of scandium:

  • predominance of white in the interior;
  • Spacious space with no hint of clutter;
  • Use of the most natural materials;
  • Lightweight and airy textile with inviting comfort;
  • Large amount of artificial light;
  • Elements of coziness in a cold house - for example, a fireplace, rugs;
  • The laconic details.

But that living is not turned too cold, be sure to dilute the cool tones with warm creamy or yellowish. Excellent will look light wooden shades and rich green elements.

It is better not to use bright and contrast colors. In addition to white, use the following colors: blue and blue, cobalt, caramel, light lilac, beige, milky, light turquoise.

Furniture should have the right shape, the sofa - comfortable, large, with a nice looking upholstery. In addition to the sofa and armchairs, you can put several pouffes. Also suitable are the chest of drawers, not a very bulky rack. The modular wooden furniture will be convincing.

Fashionable living room decorations in the Art Deco style

Modern art deco is a harmony of strict geometric shapes, rounded facades, expensive furniture with glass and metal inserts. As decor, vegetable ornaments, African symbols, images of animals and not only are used.

The design of the living room in the Art Deco style is presented in calm, warm colors. Beige color can be combined with dark contrast. These shades give the interior elegance, luxury. But only two colors the color scheme of the living room is not represented. It can be arbitrarily complex, multicomponent.

If you are a fan of calm and warm tones, in this case, choose the style of art deco If you like quiet and warm tones, then select the style of art deco

most often used when you make a living:

  • Black;
  • Gray;
  • White;
  • Metallic;
  • Brown.

But these colors you can safely dilute the blue, red, green, gold. With the amount of decor do not overdo it. If the walls are made in one color, the furniture can be accentuated. If you chose a wallpaper with a bright pattern, remember that they will catch the eye first. In this case, the furniture should be dark brown or burgundy.

Beautiful living in modern apartments( video)

Making a living - is not only expensive, costly, but also interesting. And if you put this point on the foreground, the arrangement of your home will bring you much pleasure.

Successful solutions!

Interesting ideas for decorating the living room( photo)