Children's bedroom 2017: photo decoration by themselves, for the child and children, design zones, modern interior ideas

Great joy for the child is the presence of a private room with original decorative objects and colors Great joy for the child is the presence of a room with original decorative items and colors Caring parents want to give their children all the best. Having your room is a great joy for the child. Every child needs his own space, where he can spend his free time. Pay attention to the game, classes and leisure. Children can make their own bedroom by themselves. The correct solution will be joint registration of the room with the child, after all, he will have to be the most in it. Children's bedroom should be spacious, bright and joyful.

    • Children's bedroom: design errors
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    • Zoning of a bedroom and a nursery with interior items
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Bedroom for children: when you make a mistake

Many parents prefer to make out the room for a child on their own. This helps to save on the services of the designer. Some believe that there is nothing difficult in this process. But this is an erroneous opinion.

Doing repairs yourself, many parents make a number of mistakes that can lead to the child being uncomfortable staying in his own room.

The main error in the design of a children The main mistake in the design of the children's bedroom is the cluttering of the room

To prevent this from happening, parents must first familiarize themselves with the main characteristics of the children's room before starting the repair, and also should be aware of the frequent mistakes made.

Errors in the design of the nursery:

  • Parents do not take into account the interests of the child. They use the usual methods for decorating a children's bedroom, which the child does not like. For example, gluing wallpaper with images of mice, rabbits and other heroes, who simply become bored.
  • Parents overload the children's room with unnecessary things: carpets, pillows, a lot of pictures and photos.

Children's bedroom is a room for a child. Parents should take into account his wishes and vision of the room in which he spends most of his time.

The sleeping area in the nursery: design techniques

The children's room should be comfortable and comfortable. It is very important not to pile up the room, do not overload it with unnecessary details, furniture. The decor should be bright, but not nalyapistym.

Zoning rooms - a very important point in the design of the bedroom. First of all, this is a place for rest. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the zoning of the sleeping place.

Usually several zoning procedures are used for the zoning of a bed.

The sleeping area in the nursery should be highlighted with some bright color or decor The sleeping area in the nursery should be highlighted with some bright color or decor

Techniques for the correct zoning of the room:

  • The bed is located near the far window or in the middle of the room near the wall.
  • To emphasize this area, you can use curtains for the bed, a configuration in the form of a podium. You can use a bright screen with fairy-tale or cartoonish motifs.
  • For the sleeping area, you can choose a harmonious color scheme that will allocate a sleeping place among the other zones.
  • If there is not enough room in the room, a modular design can be used that combines a desk, shelves and a bed.

It is very important to make the right bed, because this place is responsible for the child's rest.

Modern interior of a children's bedroom

When designing a bedroom, you need to take into account many nuances. A children's room is a place that should be safe, cozy and comfortable.

When choosing materials for decoration and decoration of the room, it is important to pay attention to the choice of clean, environmentally friendly and safe materials.

Bright colors - this is a modern trend, which is used in the design of a children Bright colors - this is a modern trend that is used when decorating a child's room.

Parents who make up a room on their own must choose a professional manufacturer that is focused on the children's audience. One such market is Ikea.

Requirements for the design of the child

  • Safety. The room should not have sharp objects, protruding sharp edges, which can injure young children. It is better if the furniture is made of wood.
  • Calm tone. For the design of the room it is important to use light shades: olive, pink, yellow. It is important to choose light and delicate textiles.
  • Convenience. Child should be comfortable. Furniture should be placed so that the child was comfortable to use the interior items. Training supplies should always be at hand.
  • Small parts. Presence of the details will help to develop small motor skills of the child, for example, rugs with a rough surface, textured finish. On one of the walls can be depicted a city, painted, beautiful and stylish drawings are painted.

When you design a creative children When creating a creative children's room, you need to combine the color scheme and furniture in one style.

The children's bedroom should be cozy and at the same time simple. Parents should provide the child with comfort and an atmosphere conducive to its all-round development.

Design of the children's bedroom of 2017: modern ideas in choosing the color

Modern children are incredibly active. They are very inquisitive. Every day for them, this is a new discovery.

When decorating a room, it is important to choose the right color or a combination of color shades. Colors can be very diverse. The main thing is the following of harmony.

It is important for the children's bedroom to choose natural and natural shades. Colors should not create a depressing and oppressive atmosphere.

For a children For the children's bedroom, you can select both bright colors and pastel shades

Correct color solutions:

  • Green must be saturated, but not poisonous.
  • Yellow color must be diluted with a different color.
  • It is allowed to use red and orange shades, but they should not be too saturated.
  • The pink color should be soft and warm.
  • The blue hue should be light or deep blue.

Very bright colors should always be diluted with light and unobtrusive light shades. White room - a good choice of background for the overall interior. In 2017, the focus remains on fashion on one wall, when three walls are painted in one color, and one wall stands out for its brightness against their background.

Children's bedroom complex: new solutions

Sleeping facilities are a convenient solution for decorating a children's room. The advantages of these complexes are colossal.

It is necessary to choose a children's complex only with the child. Parents should provide the child with the opportunity to choose the complex themselves.

When choosing a children's complex, it is important to take into account its safety for the child, as well as the correspondence of the complex to the number of years of the child. Also manufacturing of such complexes is possible on demand.

In children The children's bedrooms should be bright and light, because it gives the child a sense of comfort

Advantages of the children's complex:

  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Practical;
  • Functionality;
  • Wide choice.

Children love children's complexes. Today the market presents a wide variety of novelties. They are convenient, practical and relatively inexpensive. A large number allows the child to choose the design you like. The catalog with variants of designs is presented for acquaintance in any specialized children's store.

Zoning of a bedroom and a nursery with the help of interior items

Sometimes it happens that parents should share their room with a child. Sometimes this is due to a banal lack of space, for example, in a one-room apartment. And sometimes parents want to be closer to their child.

Zoning of the room does not require redevelopment. It can be done with the help of improvised means. However, it is necessary to approach this process seriously.

When zoning bedrooms and children it is important to take into account the age and sex of the child, his interests and preferences, but do not forget about the interests of an adult. In the summer, a playroom for a child can be done on the balcony or loggia. For kids there you can make slides.

You can combine the bedroom and the children You can combine the bedroom and the children's room using decorative items and the original design

Than you can zoned the room:

  • Podium;
  • Cabinet;
  • Shelves roomy for books;
  • Shelving;
  • Two-level bed;
  • Partitions from plasterboard, from which it is possible to make intricate figures;
  • Sliding doors;
  • Screen;
  • Curtains.

There are many ways to divide the room. The main condition that all members of the family need to perform is not the oppression of others' interests. Everyone should feel comfortable and free.

Bedroom with children's area: convenience of planning

Bedroom with children's area is an excellent solution for an apartment with small dimensions. Parents can be calm for their child, as he will always be under their care, but at the same time will have a space for him.

An important step in zoning is the delineation of the parental and children's zones. In this process, it is important to take into account the sex and age of the child, since each age has its own characteristics that determine the child's needs.

The children's zone can be highlighted with bright colors, the parent zone is performed in more subdued colors. But the whole composition should look harmonious.

In the children In the children's bedroom there must be a separate area where the personal belongings and objects of the child will lie

Things to consider when zoning:

  • The children's area should be as far from the door as possible;
  • Should include a zone for rest, play and study;
  • Should be comfortable and cozy for the child;
  • The parents area should be quite spacious.

Parents should in no case infringe on themselves, giving the entire area to the child. All family members must take care of each other and personal comfort.

Designing a children's bedroom with their own hands

You can easily decorate a children's bedroom with your own hands. The main thing is to study in detail the information about the arrangement of the children's room.

Children's bedroom should be light, cozy. It should harmoniously combine the three zones: for recreation, games and classes.

When registering a room, parents should take into account the interests of the child, and not their taste preferences.

When decorating a child with their own hands, you must do everything very carefully, trying not to make mistakes When decorating a child with your own hands, you must do everything carefully, trying not to make mistakes.

Tips for parents:

  • To decorate the bedrooms use neutral, light colors.
  • If parents decide to make a bright color accent, it should be harmoniously combined with the overall interior.
  • Do not overload the room with unnecessary details: furniture, decorative items, textiles.

The children's room should be spacious, giving the child freedom of movement. An indispensable condition is the safety of the premises. The room should have access to airing. But there must be a safe distinction between the window and the room.

Design of the children's room( video)

The children's room is the realm of the child. Parents should help in its arrangement, but the designer must be the child himself, the main idea for the arrangement must belong to him. Only he knows what colors and pictures he likes more. Of course, parents should regulate the preferences of the child, if they can somehow harm the child. One way to design a children's room is zoning the room. This process needs to be treated with all seriousness, the child should be provided with a relaxed atmosphere for recreation, bright and cheerful - for games, simple and concise - for classes.

Making children's room( photo)