Ceramic granite for the floor in the kitchen: photos of ceramic tiles, what references, how to choose a design, matte in the hallway, video

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Tiles should combine quality, aesthetics, comfort and affordable price Tiles should combine quality, aesthetics, comfort and affordable price In the age of developing technologies, construction and finishing materials have not been left out. Abundance in the market of finishing materials allows you to choose ceramic granite, which in its characteristics meets the requirements of customers. For most, the ideal finishing tiles should be high-quality, aesthetic, comfortable to use and affordable.

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    • Choosing granite for the kitchen on the floor
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Spectacular floor in the kitchen: granite tile kitchen is always

is the most visited room in the house. But in the houses under the kitchen is often allocated a small area. For this reason, the question remains: which coating to choose, so that it is durable and wear-resistant?

Properties of ceramic granite are similar to granite and marble properties of granite are similar to granite and marble

Notice the granite. It is rightly considered a premium class tile. According to its properties and appearance, it stands in the same row in strength with granite and marble. This material is not only beautiful, but also has unique technical characteristics.

Product Benefits

Resistance to moisture and pollution - the main advantage of tiles from porcelain stoneware resistant to moisture and dirt - the main advantage of granite tiles

The advantages of porcelain tiles include:

  • resistant to moisture and dirt;
  • Strength;
  • Uniformity of color and texture;
  • Variety of colors and design choices;
  • High refractoriness;
  • Durability of operation.

Despite so many advantages, it is worth knowing about the disadvantages of this flooring. What exactly do you need to consider?


First of all:

  1. Cold covering, uncomfortable walking barefoot;
  2. Tiles, especially glossy, glides;
  3. The connecting seams look very impressive, but it is rather laborious to clean them;
  4. High price.

Tile - the material is cold, but the installation of a warm floor can fix this disadvantage Tile - cold material, but to correct this deficiency can install underfloor

Disadvantages easily neutralized using a system of warm floors, the choice of texture tiles and so on. As you can see, the benefits are more obvious. Density and durability make this material resistant to external influences, the clarity of the slices reduces the number of seams when laying the floor. All this in aggregate improves the appearance of the floor and improves performance.

Ceramic granite on the kitchen floor - a beautiful, durable and easy-care coating.

Despite the obvious advantages already available, the technology of tile production is being improved, creating new properties that allow to increase its quality and allow designers to expand the possibilities of using porcelain stoneware.

The use of one type of ceramic granite or a harmonious combination of several will help create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. This floor is the ideal choice for the kitchen. It will last a long time and will retain an excellent appearance.

Choosing granite for the kitchen on the floor

are going to do another repair in the kitchen, most people think much about how to choose flooring: laminate or linoleum, ceramic tile or granite. Some listen to the feedback of family and friends, the latter turn to the services of designers, the third rely on intuition.

Porcelain is extremely strong material. Plus, everything, today you can choose the coloring for almost any interior Ceramic granite is an extremely durable material. Plus, today you can choose the coloring for almost any interior

But before you buy this or that finishing material, decide on the selection criteria.

Excellent find for the kitchen floor - porcelain stoneware. Thanks to this material, you can embody any design idea: to recreate the classic idyll or make rebellious notes in the design of the kitchen.

The floor made of porcelain stoneware is a harmonious combination of all the advantages of flooring.

Design Tips

When selecting tiles from porcelain stoneware, consider not only its technical characteristics, but also the interior of the room. What you need to consider that using tiles can not only visually increase the space of the kitchen, but also impart an indescribable chic?

White tile will help visually increase the room White tiles will help visually enlarge the room.

Use the design tips:

  • The way of tiling will help visually expand the space, raise the ceilings:
  • In small rooms it is better to use a tile with a shiny surface;
  • In a large kitchen use dark colors;
  • Use ceramic granite as a skirting board.

Porcelain tile floor provides durability and stability of the floor covering, allows you to choose from a variety of options for style, color and textural solutions is exactly what meets your requirements for floor tiles.

Such different porcelain stoneware for the kitchen on the floor: pattern and color.

. Among the variety of ceramic granite tiles on the market, it is possible to choose the one that will emphasize all the advantages of the kitchen.

Today you can purchase any tile to give the kitchen a special charm. The choice is more than rich.

Porcelain can be both matte and glossy Porcelain can be both matt and glossy

The porcelain is divided into:

  1. Technical. It resembles natural granite.
  2. Glazed. The pattern is glazed, as on a ceramic tile.
  3. Polished. It is processed by abrasive materials, which reduces the technical characteristics.
  4. Matt. Not subject to processing. In the market of building materials it is the most solid and affordable in value.
  5. Semipolished is produced by cutting a matte surface and polishing.
  6. Satin is used only as a decorative element, because of the production technology it does not withstand strong loads;
  7. Structured. Has an embossed surface, makes it possible to simulate other finishing materials.
  8. Rectified. Allows you to create a monolithic floor covering.
  9. Rustic. It is one of the subspecies of structured ceramic granite tiles. Ideal for stairs and hallways.
  10. Mosaic. Mainly made to order, gives the interior originality and effect.

Most manufacturers produce not only solid matt ceramic granite tiles, but also stylized with natural materials. Depending on the interior design of the kitchen, you can choose a ceramic granite that mimics the color, pattern and texture of the stone, parquet board, wood, marble, leather and many other finishing materials.

Stylized ceramic granite tiles emphasize the individuality of the kitchen interior.

To meet the needs of the most demanding customers, porcelain stoneware is available in several types and an iridescent color palette. This ensures that the tiles can match not only the design of the room, but also the necessary performance characteristics.

How to take care of porcelain stoneware in the kitchen

When choosing ceramic granite as a floor covering for the kitchen, remember that despite the simplicity, there are some rules of care so that the ceramic granite tile retains its attractiveness as long as possible.

When washing floors, please note that abrasive agents do not work, as they can damage the surface When cleaning floors, please note that abrasive agents will not work, as they can damage the surface of the

This reliable and beautiful floor, with proper care, will last you a very long time.

Direct daily tile care in the kitchen is reduced to wet cleaning with a weak solution of soda. This will soften the water. You can add detergents. But there are several "impossible".

These include:

  • Acid-based products will damage the joints;
  • Abrasive cleaners will break the surface of the polished and glazed floor;
  • Do not use mechanical tools with metal brushes.

The ceramic-granite floor is unpretentious in maintenance. But, despite its strength, it is better to adhere to the rules for care indicated in the instructions. Give the tile an extra shine by treating it with wax. In addition to gloss this tool will additionally protect the floor.

Stacking of ceramic granite on the kitchen floor( video)

The strength and durability of porcelain stoneware is so high that you only need to change the floor if you need to change the decor and color. Be sure - once successfully chosen and correctly placed ceramic granite tile can pass to your grandchildren by inheritance.

Options granite floor in the kitchen( Picture combinations)

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