Suspended ceiling in the bathroom: hinged for a bathroom room, photo installation, how to make of an aluminum profile

Advantages of a false ceiling allow to carry out qualitative repair, providing an attractive appearance for many years Advantages ceiling allow to perform quality repairs, providing space attractive appearance for years to come The ceiling in the bathroom should be not only beautiful but also practical. And yet, what kind of ceiling should you choose and prefer to other ceilings?Of course, such a room, as a bathroom, is very specific, and the reason for this - high humidity. In addition, there is no need to discount the possible leaks that may come from the neighbors from above. No one would like to see some special care after the ceiling. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary problems and simply enjoy the beauty of the ceiling, one of its best options is a false ceiling in the bathroom.

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How to choose ceilings for bathroom Suspended n

Otalki in the bathroom - one of the most rational modern options for decoration.

Types of suspended ceilings:

  • Roof ceiling;
  • Ceiling of plasterboard;
  • Ceiling plate;
  • Ceiling mirror;
  • The ceiling of PVC tension.

As you can see, there are variants. Just choose the most rational, or available for yourself.

The use of modern materials and new technologies allows for the installation of a false ceiling with their own hands quickly and efficiently The use of modern materials and new technologies makes it possible to mount the ceiling with his hands quickly and accurately

ceiling choose from two canons: a designer's perspective and from the point of view of the practical.

Any designer, first of all, will sharpen his close attention to how this or that hanging ceiling will fit into the general interior of the bathroom( bathroom).The designer, first of all, proceeds from the color, and then from the design.

pure white, classic ceiling in the bathroom( toilet) may be either tension or plasterboard as rack and tiled( cassette type).

The color of the bath itself also has its effect on the color of the suspended ceiling.

Installing a false ceiling in the bathroom: 2 variants

Having made your choice of ceiling in the bathroom, it is worthwhile to think about who will still mount the ceiling.

Two options:

  1. With your hands;
  2. By the hands of the masters.

Of course, the simplest thing is to attract specialists for whom everything is not new, and they correctly calculate the necessary material and components.

Not all ceilings can be arranged independently, without proper experience.

Of course, it's absolutely not worth taking on the very device of a stretch PVC ceiling, or a mirror one - this requires special knowledge, tools and materials.

Suspended ceiling for bathroom

Bathrooms are known to be of two types.


  • Separate;
  • Combined.

To finish the ceiling in the bathroom should use sheets of moisture-resistant plasterboard for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom should be used sheets of water-resistant drywall

The combined bath, humidity is the same on all the premises, and as a separate, then, of course, will be much less in water closet than in the bathroom.

It is not at all necessary to invent some more budgetary finish for a separate toilet. Humidity, however, is less, but the risk of leakage from neighbors from above is not ruled out, and given the small area of ​​the toilet, it is not worth, as they say, "save on matches."

So, without further ado, you just need to make the same finish, regardless of the layout of the bathroom.

Characteristics of false ceilings: which one to choose

In essence, you can arrange in the bathroom any of the existing types of suspended ceilings.

In order to understand what you need for your bathroom, and what a ceiling is still better to do, you need to study in more detail all available types of ceiling and their features.

Every consumer wants to save money on repairing their home, and this desire is quite understandable. By the way, installation of almost any suspended ceiling is possible with your own hands - this is another advantage of the suspended ceiling.

The rack ceiling is a special design of the suspension system, made of affordable and high-quality material Rack ceiling - a special design of the suspension system, made of free and high-quality material

consider in more detail advantages and disadvantages ceilings applied to wet rooms.

rack ceiling Advantages:

  1. Reiki can be plastic, steel and aluminum. The latter are preferable because they are completely free from corrosion.
  2. Huge variety of coatings: from gold-plated and chrome-plated, to panels with a pattern.
  3. Easy installation, easy maintenance in the future. Thanks to flexible rails, it is possible to arrange a curved ceiling.

Any solution is not devoid of, let small, but shortcomings.

Disadvantages rack ceiling:

  • not in any interior looks good;
  • The inter-panel seams are clogged with dirt over time. Dirt, however, is easy to remove.

It's worth mentioning that the ceiling ceiling is fully supported by recessed lighting fixtures.

Mounting rack ceiling in the bathroom( video)

plasterboard ceilings


  1. Can an original and tastefully arrange the bathroom;
  2. It is possible to use built-in luminaires;
  3. If the bathroom allows, you can arrange multi-level ceilings;
  4. Long service life;
  5. The available ventilation will be reliably hidden under the ceiling, and will not overshadow the interior of the room.
  6. The unevenness of the ceiling of the base and its unpresentable appearance will no longer irritate the apartment owner.

Drawbacks of the gypsum board ceiling:

  • The frame is made not of wood, but of an aluminum profile - the wood is not suitable in such areas as a bathroom or a bathroom, due to humidity.
  • Installation is not cheap, and it takes a long time. In addition, the ceiling needs priming and painting.
  • In the coating penetrates the dirt - periodically need to refresh the painting.
  • Drywall should only be moisture resistant.

The last point, however, is not so principled because of the small difference in the price of a simple and moisture-resistant plasterboard.

Suspended ceiling tiles


  1. Possibility cassette device or cellular ceiling - frame similar to the frame of the ceiling plasterboard;
  2. Plates do not need any priming or painting;
  3. The material of the plates can be different: plexiglas, plastic, metal, mineral plates.

The installation of the tiled ceiling is not particularly difficult and is available even to a novice master. The main thing is to follow the technology and follow the advice of professionals The installation of a tiled ceiling is not particularly difficult and is available even to a novice master. The main thing is to follow the technology and follow the advice of professionals

It looks great with backlighting, which, of course, is worth arranging.

Cons tile ceiling:

  • not always harmoniously fit into the interior;
  • More suitable for minimalism, or high-tech style.

Many people associate this ceiling with a ceiling in a public bathroom. However, there is no dispute about tastes.

Mirror ceiling


  1. Elegant appearance with the use of a natural mirror;
  2. It is possible to use budget materials using glossy plastic panels.
  3. Mount, true, the ceiling of natural mirrors, only a very experienced master will be able to.

Disadvantages of a mirror ceiling:

  • The huge amount of gloss and reflection of everything that is in the bathroom does not always have a beneficial effect on the psyche of the owner;
  • Careful and meticulous care for the surface;
  • High price when using a natural mirror.

A significant disadvantage of a mirrored ceiling is the need for special care for it A significant drawback of the mirror ceiling is the need for special care for it

The need for a reinforced frame, when using natural mirrors, increases the cost.

Stretch PVC ceilings


  1. Does not damp, protects against leaks from the upper floors. Restores its original form after pumping out the water.
  2. The ceiling is easy to clean.
  3. Perfectly in harmony with any design.
  4. Variety of colors.
  5. Ability to use photo printing and convex patterns.
  6. The ceiling is beautiful and durable;Do not be afraid of fungus.

Drawbacks of stretch ceilings:

  • Complicated installation requires the participation of specialists;
  • Easily damaged;
  • With a built-in light fixture, the white ceiling in these places may slightly turn yellow.

If the yellowness appears on the surface, the canvas must be completely replaced. Neither painting nor cleaning will help.

With this information, you accept the right and the only solution for you!

Installation of stretch ceilings in the bathroom( video)

In conclusion, I would like to say the following. Thus, having all the information on suspended ceilings, you can make your right choice of a hanging shelf in the bathroom. First of all, of course, you need to start from your own budget. Then, you need to decide who will install the ceiling, you, or hired craftsmen. Having done everything with your own hands, you will significantly save your money. But, it is also necessary to take into account the fact that not every type of ceiling is inexperienced in these matters, man. Having weighed all the pros and cons, you need to choose your own, the "golden mean".Good luck in arranging your home!

suspended ceiling in the bathroom( photo)