Lamps for stretch ceilings: ceiling light-emitting diode point, photo and design,

A harmonious environment in a residential building is provided by high-quality fixtures, assembled with a ceiling design A harmonious environment in a residential area is ensured by high-quality fixtures that are built in accordance with the ceiling design. The ceiling lighting design offers a variety of options: from glossy and matte to all colors and shades, as well as overhead, mortise, etc. The design of a pleasant one surprises with its variety, and practically for any ceiling it is possible to find spotlights most harmonious to it.

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LED Downlight Ceiling: What types

recessed today, the most popular, because their shape helps beautifully arranged ceiling between the ceiling and the ceiling void.

Due to the difference in rotary functions, the luminaires are:

  • Rotary. Have a rotating hinge, which helps to direct the light stream to either side.
  • Fixed. This is a stationary light, the light falls down, perpendicular to the floor.

Due to their design features, modular suspended fixtures allow creating a unique interior in the house Thanks to its design features, modular suspended fixtures allow creating a unique interior in the house.

Types of fixtures( shapes, size):

  • Standard. These are not very large luminaries, slightly protruding beyond the edge of the canvas. The shape can have any - from round to stars and hearts. It is the shape and can add originality to this light device.
  • Volumetric. These spots are more like small chandeliers and look good in the interior, which is attentive to small things. The design of these lamps is very decorative and suitable for the same interior.
  • Elongated. In shape resemble a glass or a candle, often with a rotary mechanism, which makes it possible to set it in different positions.
  • Spherical. These ceiling lights are designed in the form of hemispheres, can be translucent or matte with decorative spraying.
  • Non-standard. These are built-in or overhead models of irregular shape. If you do not want a simple, for example, a square lamp, you get this creative option, which takes on a great decorative load in the interior.

And this, of course, is not all kinds of fixtures.

Spotlights for suspended ceilings: by type of lamps

These are LED, point and energy-saving lighting fixtures.

LED lighting fixtures are devices based on an LED, in fact it does not heat up, at the same time, they are "light", i.e. The amount of light is sufficient.

Spotlights - this design will go exactly on the stretch ceiling. They are made of special material that insulates heat, which makes them safe. That is, the myths that they are harmful are really myths.

Fashionable spotlights perform a variety of functions of the main and additional lighting on the ceiling Fashionable spotlights perform a variety of functions of basic and additional lighting on the ceiling

Well, energy saving appliances can be attributed and simple lamps, with so-called lamp-housekeeper.

Luminaires for stretch ceilings: LED, halogen or fluorescent

There is a separation of lamps according to the type of lighting.

How light will be depends on these characteristics:

  • Halogen lamps are called incandescent lamps with a gas cylinder. They serve longer, but less.
  • Fluorescent lamps are gas-discharge lamps that create ultraviolet with the help of mercury vapors. If you take them under a stretch ceiling, they will give a diffused, and very pleasant light. Well and besides they are energy-saving.

Finally, LED or led-lamp. Diode lamps are considered environmentally friendly and more than energy-efficient.

Installation of luminaires for suspended ceilings( video)

How to choose a luminaire for stretch ceiling

Even the smallest detail is taken into account - someone has an important platform, someone has a type, design or color( strictly beige or, for example, green).

Tips for choosing fixtures:

  • Surface mounted fixtures - external, neat, mounted virtually on any surface, often supplemented with power supplies. A budget option.
  • The fastener parameters must strictly correspond to the dimensions of the luminaire.
  • If you want to use incandescent lamps, then it should not be lights that are fixed from the inside. Since the range of temperatures tolerant for the tension structure( 0-60 degrees) includes LEDs and luminescent. The special thermo ring helps, the ring does not allow to melt the edges of the ceiling. These are embedded elements.
  • Halogen lamps are also heated quite strongly, and are not desirable for stretch ceilings, therefore the best option is ice-lamps.
  • Recessed fixtures prefer modular or panel. They look like panels with a standard size of 600 by 600 mm. A good option for office style.
  • Linear - these are often raster fixtures, which are more used in offices.
  • Starry sky - an incredible light effect created by LEDs. Such a luminous ceiling, with white or multicolored dots, creates magic in the room.

Ceiling chandelier with halogen lamps will look great in spacious rooms with non-standard ceiling height Ceiling chandelier with halogen lamps will look great in spacious rooms with non-standard ceiling height

If you buy halogen bulbs, remember that you can not hold them by hand - hold the base that is screwed into the socket.

What are the advantages of LED lighting

The most popular LED lamps today, because everything in them in the right balance - power, design, simple wiring, performance.

Advantages of LEDs:

  • Extremely low power consumption;
  • Long service life( up to 12 years);
  • No elements subject to rapid wear;
  • High fire safety;
  • Low heat dissipation;
  • Instant switching on of light-emitting diodes;
  • Ability to match the color temperature of lighting;
  • This lighting does not attract insects.

LED light fixtures create high quality lighting and significantly save electricity, and also always meet the requirements of sanitary and hygienic standards LED lighting fixtures create high quality lighting and save energy, and always meet the hygiene standards

And the design of LEDs beyond criticism - they can decorate any ceiling.

Ceiling fixtures in the interior

Modern lighting fixtures amaze even the sophisticated buyer - ultrathin models create a literally invisible light edging, with many fixtures, you can work and as to the room zonators.

For aristocratic interior, you can pick up chic crystal lamps. For high-tech - to look very modest, but self-sufficient light models that will help in creating a single stylish space.

Another interesting option is the translucent ceiling. This is a structure made of a frame and a PVC film, a material that passes light well. Bandwidth about 50%.The ceiling creates a design of bright panels, the strength of which is quite sufficient for high-quality lighting of the room.

Overview of LED lamps for spotlights( video)

Buy a simple LED option, or make a whole composition of fixtures - your choice. But remember that today light is a special element of decor, which will brighten up a modest interior or bring originality to the usual atmosphere.

Hanging lamps for ceilings( photo)