Railings made of metal for stairs photo: metal with their own hands, chrome and iron, aluminum

Railings made of metal for stairs have high strength handrail for stairs metal have high strength Ladders occupy an important place in the interior and exterior of the house. Therefore, it is necessary that each of their components is in harmony with the rest of their environment. One of the important elements of the staircase designs are the handrail. They can be made of the same material as the staircase itself or have a different structure, harmoniously combined with the steps.

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Benefits stairs with metal railing

Metal railings look luxurious and expensive. They are an excellent addition to the steps of any material. If you are thinking about installing elements of this type on the ladder, then you should know about all their advantages and disadvantages.

Stairs with metal handrails have a lot of advantages stairs with metal railings have many advantages

railing Advantages of metal:

  1. Metal railing rugged and durable. Even after several decades, such designs will not lose their appearance;
  2. It is quite possible to mount ready rails on the stairs with your own hands. You can also make iron rails yourself from scratch.
  3. Steel railings are easy to clean. They are easy to clean and are not afraid of moisture.
  4. Stainless steel railings can be painted in any color. That allows them to use in a variety of interiors.
  5. Metal railings are suitable for both modern and classic interiors. In the first case, the house can be decorated with stainless steel railings, and in the second case forged models.

As you can see, the metal railings have a large list of advantages. The disadvantages of such designs are minimal. These include: the propensity of metal to corrosion and the high cost of similar products. Thus, if you use metal rails to decorate street staircases, then it's better to look at options from stainless steel.become.

kinds of metal railing for

stairs Handrails for stairs can be of various types. They are divided not only on the materials from which they are made, but also on the way they are made. The railing can be aluminum, cast-iron, chrome, brass, etc. Here the flight of fantasy is unlimited. It is much more important to pay attention to the manufacture of such structures.

Metal railings for stairs come in several types Metal railings for stairs come in several forms

Types of ladder rails:

  1. Prefabricated enclosures are made of aluminum or steel. They are characterized by low weight, low cost, and ease of installation.
  2. Welded structures have a practically monolithic structure. For handrails, argon welding is often used, after which you can easily sand the remaining stitches. The main disadvantage of such structures is their propensity, to the formation of corrosion, because of which the welded railing must be constantly painted.
  3. Wrought iron railings are the most expensive and elegant elements used for the decoration of stairs. The products made in the technique of hand forging are distinguished by their stunning beauty and pretentiousness. Such products are rarely found in free sale, often for their manufacture individual sketches are taken. Since it is almost impossible to make such constructions without good forging skills, professional masters take a lot of money for their work.
  4. The cast railings also have an elegant and unique appearance and are quite expensive. They are produced by pouring molten steel, cast iron or brass into special shapes. After solidification, such elements are painted or artificially aged. Finished rails are able to bring in any interior a little fairy tale and magic.
  5. Combined railings are made of several materials and several technologies according to the customer's personal sketches. Such elements will make your interior unique and unique.

When selecting rails for stairs, you need to consider where they will be installed and what function they should perform. For street structures, products made of cast iron or stainless steel are suitable. They are able to withstand the unfavorable factors of the surrounding world. For the house it is better to choose aluminum or chrome railing.

Options chrome railing for stairs Handrails

carry not only aesthetic but also functional load. They serve as fences and handrails that prevent the fall from the stairs and provide a more comfortable climb.

for apartments and houses where there are small children, you need to choose the railing so that the little rascal was not able to stick his head between balusters.

To choose the best design, you need to know what is included in the standard rail kit. Understanding the structure of these elements, you can make the correct and individual sketches, in which the master will easily fulfill your order.

Chromed railings for stairs have high functionality chrome handrail for stairs possess high functionality

Components handrail for stairs of metal:

  1. balusters and supporting pillars are required to retain the handrail in position. It is on their form that the beauty and elegance of the staircase design largely depends. Balusters are attached to the string or steps, completely changing the appearance of the stairs. Chromed balusters have a special charm, strength and resistance to rust.
  2. The filling between balusters can be completely different. Here are possible options in concise form of a small number of lines and geometric shapes or intricate designs that fill the delicate lace, all the gaps between the elements of the railing. These components do not carry any functional properties, they are needed only to enhance the aesthetics of the appearance of the structure.
  3. Handrails of handrails are necessary for greater comfort of moving on the steps. They are supported by a hand while climbing or descending the stairs. Such elements of metal railings can be made of any material. They are attached to balusters or directly to the walls.

The complete set of handrails has only three elements. The lack of filling will not affect the functionality of the design, but without handrails and balusters, how not to do.

Installing railing made of metal for stairs with his hands

Installing railing with his hands is quite possible in the presence of the necessary tools and minimal knowledge in the construction industry. For the manufacture of such designs with their own hands will need something more: a fantasy, a professional possession of the instrument and a mathematical mindset.

We will not describe the process of manufacturing metal railing. It includes a lot of actions, to cope with which the newcomer will be very difficult. However, we will tell you how to independently install the railing on the stairs.

Installation of railings made of metal for stairs is not a simple process A ladder rail installation made of metal for stairs is not the simplest process.

For railings you will need a set of handrails with installation instructions, a drill, a bulge, a level and a pencil. The first step is to mark up the places where the balusters will be installed. Further on the level, the first and last elements are exposed, between which the thread is stretched. On the tightened mark the remaining balusters are exposed. The rail is mounted on the railings.

As you can see, the installation of metal railing on the stairs is quite simple. If you have attentiveness and minimal skills in the possession of tools, you will cope with it in a few hours.

Kinds of railing for metal ladder( video)

Metal railing for stairs looks modern and stylish. They will perfectly fit in both modern and classic interior. Create, experiment, and your apartment will play with unusual colors!