Ladder ladder: the length and angle of the step, the instruction to the vertical, how to make your own hands, 13 m to the wall, the device and types

The ladder must be practical and of high quality, as it can be easily used both in everyday life and for repair Ladder should be practical and high quality because it can be easily used both at home and for repair Ladders are robust. Made of metal or wood. You will need it at the dacha or at home to perform a number of certain certain actions. You can use it to paint the ceiling, wash the windows or hang something on the wall( clock, mirror).They are used in professional construction at sites. Such stairs are different in length and number of steps.

    • Steps ladder: optimum dimensions
    • Correct operation: User ladders
    • What should be the length of the ladder
    • Choosing angle ladder
    • Useful ladder leaning against the vertical plane
    • Stageswork: a ladder with their hands
    • ladder 13 m charge of the wall: how to put
    • design and
    • P laddersVarious types of ladders
    • As mounted ladder with their hands( video)
    • correct ladder( photo examples)

steps ladder: the optimum size of

important and responsible process is the design of the staircase structure. When preparing a drawing and the ladder itself, it is worth considering a number of important parameters. You should use the GOST parameters if you make a ladder yourself. If they are observed, you can use the product without problems, and it will be safe.

You should correctly calculate the step step of the ladder. This is the distance between the steps. For this, all norms of SNiP and the step of an adult are taken into account.

Before you start making stairs, you should correctly and competently draw up its drawing Before you start making ladder should be properly and correctly make its drawing

It is important to calculate the following:

  • width of the stage;
  • Length of the step;
  • Distance between steps.

The distance between the rungs depends on the inclination of the ladder. All indicators are taken into account for this. The slope of the ladder is 65-80 degrees relative to the plane of the wall.

Ladder ladders have a large slope, so the parameters can be approximate, rather than strictly according to GOST.The main thing is that you need to take into account the distance between the steps and the proportion of the stairs.

Typically, the distance between the beams is 35 cm. Sometimes more or less than 5-7 cm. Closely spaced stages can make a ladder inconvenient to use.

Proper operation: instruction on ladder ladders

Ladder is an indispensable item. Many often use it for domestic purposes. But it's worth remembering that it can be safely used, you need to remember the precautionary measures. The operating instructions help you with this. They will allow you to avoid injuries and falls.

Working with a ladder, it is important to remember the simple rules of its operation Working with the ladder, it is important to remember the simple rules for its operation.

You should pay attention to the following:

  • There must be a certain angle between the ladder and the vertical plane;
  • The lower part of the ladder should not slide on the floor / ground;
  • There should be no lateral sliding;
  • Weather conditions should be suitable for working outdoors.

Accidents when working with a ladder are a common phenomenon. It is worth remembering about all security measures. The fall of a person from the staircase can occur for many reasons: slippery shoes, uncomfortable steps( round cross section of the profile), dirty steps, damage to the structure or its wear and tear, large load.

To prevent a fall from the ladder, you should check the integrity of its structure before starting work. And do not use the ladder if it has any defects.

What should be the length of the ladder

The length of the ladder plays a big role. The design should not be too low or high. The optimum height of the ladder is two meters. If you work at a height of 1.3 meters, then you must additionally use a safety belt. It is attached to the structure of the structure( to a wall or other vertical surface).

The length of the ladder must not be more than five meters. This is the maximum length for the type of such stairs.

The length of the ladder must correspond to all the above written requirements.

When manufacturing a wooden ladder, it is necessary to think in advance of the optimal number of stages, which depends on the length of the structure When preparing a wooden ladder, it is necessary to think in advance of the optimum number of stages, which depends on the length of the structure.

When calculating the height of the ladder, take into account:

  • Number of stages;
  • Distance between steps.

For work in an apartment or house using stairs, the height of which is not more than two meters. Use of stairs longer than this length does not make sense, since the height of the ceilings in the apartments is no more than 3.2 m.

Choose the angle of the ladder

The ladder must be installed correctly. Otherwise, you will fall with her. So that you do not fall down the stairs, you need to know the safety technique, doing the work at altitude.

In addition, you can attach special hooks on the stairs to more securely fix it In addition, special hooks can be attached to the ladder to secure it more firmly

Usually, the ladder is installed at an angle of 65-80 degrees, relative to the vertical surface on which it rests.

If the ladder is installed at an angle of 75 degrees or more, it must have an additional fastening in the upper part.

High stairs should have hooks on the upper ends. They engage on the supporting structure. This allows the ladder not to fall during a wind or an occasional thrust. Therefore, you can work on it peacefully.

Practical ladder attached to the vertical plane

The balance of the ladder depends on its installation. Correctly attached stairs to the vertical plane does not fall during operation. In this case, the work will proceed without incident. You need to know the security requirements and familiarize yourself with them in advance.

The ladder must be attached to the wall at a certain angle.

Rules for the installation and use of ladder ladders are announced in the document in the form of instructions. They are provided with labor protection. Perform all work is necessary according to the instructions.

In order for the ladder not to fall and not to stagger, it must be placed at a certain angle to the wall To ensure that the ladder does not fall and stagger, it must be placed at a certain angle to the wall.

The construction works that involve the use of ladder ladders include a number of rules:

    Workers mustBe familiar with the instructions;
  • These tools can be used by people over 18 years of age;
  • Do not use defective or damaged structures;
  • One-piece designs must comply with GOST 26887-86.

Stages of work: ladder with own hands

For the manufacture of a ladder, you need a minimum of knowledge and skills. The ladder can be made by hand. Homemade stairs can last a long time. For their production, drawings are used, on which all dimensions are calculated.

At the factory such products are tested for strength and must comply with the GOST parameters.

You can make a ladder with your own hands, the main thing is to prepare metal profiles and other tools for work in advance We can manufacture the ladder by ourselves, the main thing is to prepare the metal profiles and other tools in advance

We make the ladder with our own hands in several stages:

  • We prepare metal profiles or wooden bars of a certain size for the steps;
  • We make marking on two support elements for steps;
  • We mount the steps( crossbeams) to the support elements from two sides at the same distance.

Your ladder is ready. To do this, you need a small number of tools, materials, money and time.

A ladder 13 m long is attached to the wall: how to expose it

If the ladder is 13 meters long and is fixed to the wall at a distance of five meters, then it will not be difficult to calculate at what distance the upper end will be from the ground.

The length of the ladder is hypotenuse, and the distance from the wall to the bottom of the ladder is the cathet.

To find the second leg, you should use the Pythagorean theorem.

Therefore, the upper end of the ladder is located 12 meters from the ground.

If you do not know at what distance you should put the ladder, then you need to make simple calculations If you do not know at what distance a ladder should be placed, then you need to perform simple calculations.

Calculate the distance for any ladder using this theorem. And then calculate the safe tilt angle.

High staircases are used to perform electrical work that is carried out at high altitude. They can have a length of up to 20 meters. Stairs with a platform LSA are needed to perform work at high altitude. You can purchase ladders of any design in 2017 in an online store with delivery, because now is the age of modern technology.

Construction and installation of ladder ladders

The ladder is a simple device. You can make it yourself using wooden bars or metal profiles. The most sturdy ladders are made of aluminum.

Quickly and easily you can independently make a ladder made of wood Quick and easy it is possible to manufacture an additional ladder from wood

The construction of the ladder consists of two elements:

  • Steps( crossbeams);
  • Two supporting elements( bowstrings).

The width of the ladder is 0.4-0.6 m, and the common length is 2 meters.

Before operating the ladder, you must check its condition. Verification is needed to assess how much weight will sustain the ladder. If the structure does not break under heavy load, then the device is reliable and such a ladder can be safely used for work.

Different types of ladders

Types of stairs are different. But the most common design is a model that has a straight form and fixed dimensions. It has in its structure two strings and steps, which are attached to them. The steps are arranged at the same distance and parallel to each other.

Main features: The ladder must have a reliable and stable design.

If it has the described properties and is installed at the right angle, then it is almost impossible to knock a person off the ladder with a small push.

There are several types of ladders, which should be selected according to their own preferences and quality of construction There are several types of ladders that can be selected according to their own preferences and construction quality.

Types of ladder:

  • Nondividible model;
  • Folding;
  • Retractable.

Folding ladder has several parts( 2-3 pieces), which are fixed with each other by hinges. Such models have a compact design. They look like a block in the folded state and take up little space. If necessary, the block can be expanded and it will turn into a ladder.

Retractable ladders have several sections. The advantages of such stairs are that you can independently adjust their height.

How to install the ladder with your own hands( video)

The ladder is used in various spheres of life. They are needed in everyday life and professional work. The ladders have a simple construction. Therefore, you can make such a product yourself, following certain rules. This requires a minimum of knowledge, materials and tools.

correct ladder( photo examples)