Partition walls from plasterboard: photo how to make, the door with own hands, the limit of fire resistance and the device

Interior partition of gypsum board is easy to mount by hand Interior partition of gypsum board is easy to mount by yourself Sooner or later, everyone faces such a simple matter as repair. Of course, with a grandiose repair, you want to change the apartment or house as drastically as possible: change ceilings, install a new floor covering, merge rooms, or, on the contrary, divide a large room into two. The last of the options, of course, is not simple, but quite possible. You can also install an internal partition with your own hands, just read the detailed instructions on how to start and how to start.

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How are interior partitioningodki plasterboard

most optimal one room divider is plasterboard. First of all, you need to determine why the septum is better to install from this material.

Drywall has a number of significant advantages:

  • This material is lightweight;
  • It does not need to spend a lot of time during installation( only one day is enough);
  • Drywall is an inexpensive material;
  • Appearance resembles the usual wall;
  • In a frame made of gypsum board it's enough just to conduct all necessary wiring;
  • The walls of this material have very good sound insulation;
  • The installation process does not require the use of water, so there will be very little dirt.

Interior partitions of plasterboard have a number of advantages Interior partitions of plasterboard have a number of advantages

First of all, you need to calculate the quantity of the desired material. Make it simple. It is enough to measure the length and height of the room, in which the future wall will be displayed.

It is also recommended to draw a diagram on an ordinary sheet of paper, on which to mark the future doorway. Next, you need to install the profiles on which the sheets of plasterboard will be installed. It is important to remember that before installation each profile is glued using a sealing tape. This will give additional airtightness and soundproofing. Profiles are installed using a perforator and a drill, also during installation it is necessary to use non-ordinary, and dowel-nails.

Interior partition of plasterboard with door

When installing the interior partition, you need to think in advance about the future door, without which you can not do without. Even if the door itself is not planned, then the connector for it must be mandatory, otherwise it will be impossible to get to the other part of the room. When drawing up the scheme, the walls need to be marked on it and the doorway too, this is necessary for convenience, in order not to install the door "by eye".After the modules have already been installed, it is necessary to cover them with plasterboard sheets.

It is important to know that each sheet is installed in an upright position, in addition to the same as in every case, there are also several rules to follow:

  • The distance from the flooring should be 1 cm, from the ceiling - 0, 5 cm, between the sheets - 2 mm;
  • Do not install gypsum board "overlap"( there should not be joints);
  • It is necessary to take into account the facing of the sides, they are installed opposite to each other, taking into account their direction.

Based on these rules, it is necessary to set very carefully the sheets of plasterboard. Fasten the sheets with self-tapping screws, which must be 25 mm. It should be noted that they need to be screwed perpendicularly to the profile. Of course, we must understand that the plasterboard is plastered on two sides of the future wall.

If an interior partition with a door is planned, the plasterboard should be installed so that there are no joints If an interior partition with a door is planned, the plasterboard should be installed so that there are no joints

When one side is completely covered, it is necessary to fill the formed space with a special soundproof material. In appearance it resembles strata of pressed cotton wool.

This material is installed to such an extent that there is no free space between the drywall sheets. After all the material is laid, you can install a drywall on the other side of the already almost finished wall. Thus, as if clamping the soundproofing material between two layers of plasterboard sheets.

Recommendations how to make interior partitions of gypsum cardboard according to the photo

After installing the sheets of drywall it's too early to rejoice, one of the most dusty works still lies ahead. Before the complete perfection of the interior wall, it is necessary to perform a number of other actions.

So, the following steps will be:

  • Putty;
  • Grout;
  • Grinding.

When installing drywall, joints between them can not be avoided. Therefore, all seams must be puttied with a mixture of gypsum. Each corner of the doorway must also be treated, or rather reinforced with a perforated corner profile. It is worth remembering that all the seams and hats from each samorez must also be puttied. The wall must be perfectly smooth and smooth.

After the interior partitions have been installed, the process of puttying, grouting and grinding After the interior partitions have been installed, the process of puttying, grouting and sanding

should be carried out. After the puttying process is completed, it is necessary to treat each side of the wall with a primer. This is done to make it easier to paste wallpaper or a special fabric to decorate the walls.

After the primer coat, it is necessary to sufficiently seal the wall with a thick layer, and leave it to dry not for an hour or two, but for a day, at least. After all the walls are dry, including the corners under the door, you need to start grinding and polishing. Do it better with your own hands, otherwise special devices can severely damage the surface.

Do not forget that when trowelling and polishing it is important to wear a respirator, otherwise it's easy to clog the airways. The resulting dust should be sucked up instantly with a vacuum cleaner, so the room will be contaminated less. So, after the completion of all these processes, the interior wall is ready, it remains only to begin to decorate it.

Fire resistance limit of gypsum plasterboard partitions

Of course, before installing a gypsum plasterboard interior wall, you just need to read and find out what all the same it is the fire resistance limit of gypsum boards?

As a rule, the gypsum board device is quite simple:

  • Gypsum;
  • Crystalline-bound water according to a certain chemical formula;
  • Clay;
  • Fiberglass.

For example, one sheet can contain up to 2 liters of water. When exposed to high temperatures, the water that is contained in the sheets begins to evaporate as vapor.

Gypsum plasterboard partitions are fire resistant, and still provide additional sound insulation Gypsum plasterboard partitions are fire-resistant, and provide additional sound insulation

Also clay and fiberglass allow to maintain the strength and durability of the structure under the influence of fire for a long time. From all this, it follows that thus gypsum plasterboard structures will provide a passive type of protection against fire in the event of a fire. But we must remember that gypsum plaster structures can withstand fire, but still not for long. The exposure time can vary from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the intensity of the fire, as well as on the additional materials that make up the drywall sheet.

It is worth noting that with gypsum boards you can not only install the interior wall, but also cover the bearing walls. This will provide additional sound insulation and fire resistance to the room.

We construct interior partitions from plasterboard with our own hands( video)

As it turned out, with the help of interior walls you can update the design of the room, and also provide it with fireproof properties, for example, covering all the walls with sheets of GKL.Such installation does not require excessive effort and expense. Subsequently, it will be a pleasure to look at such beauty, and as it turns out later, it is not so difficult to build such constructions from gypsum plasterboard.

Design of interior walls of plasterboard( interior photo)