Wall Mural in the kitchen on the wall: photo, 3d for the kitchen, 3d for the red kitchen

Photo wall-papers became the new, very actual decision of an ornament of an interior Photo wallpapers have become a new, very relevant solution for interior decoration Previously, the use of photo wallpapers was considered bad taste. And practically in every house or apartment you could see on the walls waterfalls, forests and various clearings. Such wallpaper quickly faded and faded. Photo wallpapers today are finishing materials of high quality and they can not be compared with the ancestors of the Soviet period. Digital printing and design solutions have done their job.

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    • Modern 3D wall wallpaper: for the kitchen
    • Actual wall paper for the red kitchen
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Choose wall paper for the kitchen: in the kitchen

Photo wallpapers will give a bright design to your kitchen Photo wallboards will give a bright design to your kitchen

Kitchen is the most visited room inLiving quarters. It is here that we spend more time with family and children. You can buy wallpapers in the kitchen easily in specialized shops or order them on prepared sketches. And do not be upset if you can not find a suitable canvas in size. Within a few days, the required order will be ready. But where do you start and what should you consider when choosing photo wallpapers?

Recommendations for choosing

  • Choose wallpapers that are based on vinyl or non-woven fabric. Their top layer is treated with special compounds. This cloth is easy to clean, cleaned from fat. But in no case are not paper, humidity and fluctuations in the high temperatures of such a room they are not suitable.
  • Pay attention to dyes, focus on water resistant. Such colors do not fade and do not fade.
  • Carefully study the information on the packaging.
  • Choose wallpaper, the pattern of which was applied with the help of UV-curing ink. These wallpapers are safe for others.

To make the wallpaper look more realistic, add a highlight over them To make the wallpaper look more realistic, add a highlight over them

Designers, in turn, focus on other points. For example, wall-papers in the kitchen are better placed on a free wall and should be in harmony with the overall atmosphere and design. In the kitchen with a small area it is better to paste the canvas on the whole wall - this will visually increase the volume and height of the room. Expand the space will help images with perspective: a path in the forest, a lane of the city, a park alley. To increase this effect, you can use the backlight above the wallpaper.


Kitchen wall papers are classified by:

  • Smooth surfaces. Such wallpaper to the touch resemble plastic. Quite dense, moisture resistant, but do not like the roughness on the wall. As a result, various irregularities can spoil the overall appearance.
  • Textured surfaces. Unusualness in the relief surface with a variety of textures.

The image is applied also on a self-adhesive film. This option is also in demand.

You can paste wallpapers not only on the walls, but also on the kitchen door or furniture.

In general, wall-papers in the kitchen - a spectrum of limitless ideas, creative solutions and actions.

Modern 3D wallpapers for the walls: for the kitchen

3D wallpaper - the perfect choice for a small kitchen 3D wallpapers - the perfect choice for a small kitchen

3D-sized wallpapers allow creating an atmosphere of bulk, reality and depth. The gluing of them is the same as that of the usual wallpaper, but they are more dense and more fire resistant. Such wallpaper on the walls perfectly camouflages flaws and unevenness, and also visually change the space.

Today we know two types of 3D wallpapers:

  • Conventional. Ordinary wallpaper with a thin or solid base. Visually, in addition to bulk, do not stand out.
  • Fluorescent. Such 3D wallpaper glow in the dark, create an atmosphere of magic and fairy tales.

The only drawback of wallpaper with a three-dimensional image is a higher price. All other characteristics are more than acceptable.

To achieve the effect of reality and presence with 3D wallpapers, it is possible only in a kitchen with a large area.

Wallpapers of dark and dull tones glue opposite the window, the sun's rays fall on the picture and make it more expressive.

Actual wallpapers to the red kitchen

Red color is very risky, but at the same time an elegant way to paint your kitchen Red color is a very risky, but at the same time elegant way to paint your kitchen

Red color is excellent for charismatic and temperamental personalities. However, the excessive dominance of such paints can quickly get tired. The main thing is to know the measure!

Red color is contraindicated in hypertensive patients. It can provoke an increase in blood pressure.

Neutralize and minimize the impact of such paints with the help of properly selected photo wallpapers.

Alternatives to red color:

  • Cream tones;
  • Creamy tones;
  • Bedding tones;
  • Ivory;
  • Beige tones.

The most luxurious version of the red kitchen - white wallpaper with a non-calling figure. Such a classic and stylish combination can be a '' berry with cream ''.It is important to choose the right proportions in combination with the volume of the room. Pretty nice will look red - white paint in combination with various elements of the interior of black color. For a harmonious and cozy environment, tender and milky colors will be winning.

The should not be neglected by the recommendations of psychologists and designers about the combination of colors in the interior of the room, especially if it is a kitchen. The color of furniture, curtains, curtains, utensils, household elements - all these items have a huge impact on the appetite. If you want to increase it, it is better to choose warm shades: gently - red, yellow, orange, peach or beige. Someone from the family suffers from excess weight, then the preference should be given to cold tones.

When choosing wallpaper or wallpaper for the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the general theme of the interior of the room, the area, the height of the walls and the illumination.

The theme of the general interior style of the kitchen plays an important role in the choice of wallpaper.

The most common styles of design of the kitchen are

  • Classic. The simplest and most widespread style of decorating the kitchen. Compositions of fruits, a basket with products, all kinds of baked goods, jars of jam, all kinds of sweets - these subjects have a calm character and evoke pleasant emotions. The only drawback of such compositions, in their appetite. Those wishing to have a slender figure should choose a wallpaper with a neutral pattern. Wall-papers in a classical style - a win-win option.
  • High-tech. The most modern and interesting style, implying the display of 3D images with 3D technologies. These are all sorts of abstractions, animals and plants, macro photography, space, mysterious structures, etc.
  • Country. Means the use of natural landscapes. Such photo wallpaper identifies harmony and peace of mind.

Wall-paper to the kitchen on the wall( video)

A photo wallpaper with a picture of shelves with kitchen utensils, or a niche with various utensils is quite an interesting option. Such drawings visually complement the interior of the kitchen. Recently, photography with nostalgic black and white images is very popular. You can copy and order a photo of your own photo or family.

With the help of photo wallpapers it became possible to create an outrageous and original - fashionable interior in the kitchen. Today it is the best option with ease and taste to make the kitchen more stylish. Create an atmosphere of harmony, peace and romance. Correctly chosen colors and pattern, pasting only one wall in the kitchen, will radically change the interior and breathe new life into it.

Photo wall-papers on the kitchen on the wall( photo)