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Suspended ceiling - aesthetic, reliable and relatively inexpensive option of finishing the ceiling space in the house Suspended ceiling is an aesthetic, reliable and relatively inexpensive option for finishing the ceiling space in the house. Inexpensive ceilings are gluing, painting and, of course, whitewashing. But even the most ideal for the implementation of economy-work does not equal the capabilities of the suspension system. And in hruschevke, and in the apartments of modern buildings, both residential and public, suspension structures are used today - beautiful, practical, modern.

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ProsAnd cons of suspended ceilings

First, the main thing that you get is a perfectly smooth and smooth surface. And this is the main and determining requirement for the ceiling. If the repair is done qualitatively, the decorative finish will not be required soon, and a new ceiling will have to be installed in fifteen years.

Finally, such practical and decorative ceilings are easy to care for. And they are excellent sound and noise insulation, which is very convenient in "thin-walled" houses, where you can say "be healthy" for each neighbor.

Important details - the decorative possibilities of ceilings. In fact, any theme is embodied in reality, as, for example, the plasterboard ceiling, thanks to the properties of the material, can take any forms - therefore the final design depends only on your imagination.

Plasticity of gypsum board makes it possible to give the ceiling the necessary geometric shape Plasticity of gypsum board provides the possibility to give the ceiling the necessary geometric shape

And the stretch ceiling can transfer almost any photo-sample by photographic printing to its canvas. And the quality of printing, the brightness of the color will not fade with age. Today, the color scheme of suspended structures is impressive, and the texture and speed of erection of some of them.

Well and a minus of such systems, perhaps, objective only one. And we are not talking about the fact that they are harmful to health. Quality stretch ceilings are no more harmful than synthetic clothes that you wear. No, about what minus we are talking about, it's about "theft of height".This deprivation of the room more than a couple of centimeters is possible only in a room with high ceilings, especially when it comes to multi-tiered structures.

Types and purposes of suspended ceilings

Suspended or stretched ceiling is now considered to be an integral part of not only houses and apartments, but also offices, shopping halls, office spaces and so on. And besides the decorative function, it often allows you to create a good acoustics and a favorable microclimate in the building.

Types of modern suspended ceilings:

  • Plasterboard or gypsum boards;
  • Cassette;
  • Glass;
  • Mirror.

Each type of ceiling has its own distinctive properties.

Design features

  • Plasterboard ceilings. They consist of plates or sheets, which are enclosed by a metal frame. The design, especially if it is not single-level, has considerable dimensions, so the height of the room should be large. But in the inter-ceiling space you can conduct communications - cable laying, ventilation, lighting system, everything will be hidden from view.
  • Cassette ceilings. Sometimes such a system is called a raster ceiling, sometimes a rack. And although the cassettes and slats differ from each other, the principle of the system is similar. Perforated cassette ceiling is more common in the office, but there are some options that will look organic in the apartment.
  • Glass and mirror ceiling is a definition of the same cassette, just the type of material is different. Regarding operation, we can say that the mirror and glass are close to galvanized metal and aluminum.

Cassette ceilings have a high water resistance, so they are ideal for rooms with a high level of humidity Cassette ceilings have high water resistance, so they are ideal for rooms with a high level of humidity

It is very important that in case of self-repair you purchase a certified product that meets the GOST.

Modular suspended ceilings: which one to choose

Modular ceiling system is a high-tech and quick-assembly system that can hide uneven rough ceiling, wire, ventilation, etc.

Composed of a structure of a load-bearing frame, to which are already fixed individual ceiling elements, called modules. In the design there are special hangers, which allow to mount the frame to the base ceiling. Since the length of the hangers can be different, we can talk about any distance between the draft ceiling and the modular, determining the height of the final ceiling.

Main features of the modular ceiling

  • Thermal insulation - warm air in the room will be preserved, the ceiling serves as a barrier to heat leakage;
  • Sound insulation - ceilings can serve as a sound barrier;
  • reflective abilities - the ceiling is made lighter than the walls, as it reflects the falling daylight;
  • Moisture resistance - differs resistance to all moisture drops, and this is important.

Roof ceilings have a mirror-reflecting effect, which allows you to visually expand the room in 2 times Roof ceilings have a mirror-reflecting effect, which allows you to visually expand the room in 2 times.

Modular ceilings are of the rack, cassette and honeycomb types. The rack ceiling is assembled from special racks( the Bard ceilings are very popular), the cassette ceiling is made of slabs that are laid in the profiles, and the honeycomb represents the surfaces from the metal lattice through which the interior space will be seen.

Suspended or seamless ceiling

This is a tensioning design that has become especially popular in recent years. From the film ceiling, once the tissue differed precisely in the absence of seams. Today, manufacturers have tried, and already the PVC ceiling and fabric can be seamless. But, it is necessary to say that the maximum length of the fabric seamless ceiling is 5 m, and the film length - 5,5 m.

The seamless ceiling does not differ from the suture in installation.

The original ceiling decor, which does not require significant material costs, is possible thanks to the fabric hanging structure The original ceiling decor, which does not require significant material costs, is possible thanks to the fabric hanging structure

The fabric ceiling, moreover, is installed quickly and without the use of a heat gun. Among the shortcomings of the fabric can only be called the fact that under the influence of a large head of water in case of flooding, the cloth will break out of the fastening profile.

Moisture-resistant suspended ceilings Armstrong

Ceiling moisture-resistant panels are manufactured by Armstrong, and for 20 years as the production volumes of these products have grown significantly.

These ceiling slabs are made of calcium silicate hydrate, and they are considered to be practically ideal for rooms with a temperature difference - this is a basement, a veranda, and unheated rooms.

To the pluses of such ceilings can be attributed to the fact that they are easy to clean, and they can be used in a room where there is a risk of injury to the surface.

Today Armstrong ceilings are used:

  • In offices and shopping centers;
  • Accommodation;
  • Schools;
  • Hospitals;
  • Gymnasium;
  • Hairdressing;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Production facilities, etc.

Suspension system and "Armstrong" - the most common variant of finishing the ceiling space in office premises and trading halls Suspension system and "Armstrong" - the most common option for finishing the ceiling space in office buildings and trading rooms

Since the mineral fiber material of which the plates are made has a high density, Armstrong is resistant to water vapor, Vapors of chlorine and perfectly cleanses.

Suspended ceiling: height and what affects it

There are several reasons that will affect the total height of the suspended ceiling.

Height Depends:

  • From the lighting system. If the ceiling tension, you need, by the way, mortgages. These are plastic rings with a hole of a certain diameter. In any case, the suspended ceiling is lowered at least to the height of the housing of the lighting device, and the thickness of the coating itself is taken into account.
  • Furniture. This also affects the height of the ceiling, the furniture should not be too high. And if you also make a new floor, this fact becomes especially important.
  • Warming. The insulating layer, or rather its styling, requires space. The insulation must not influence the skin.

Suspended ceiling affects the appearance of any room, so you need to be very cautious about choosing the color of the walls and the design of furniture Suspended ceiling influences the appearance of any room, therefore it is necessary to be very cautious about the choice of wall coloring and furniture design

Also worth noting is the fact that the suspended ceiling will change the microclimate in the room. Yes, it will change slightly, but the temperature and humidity will still change a little. And if you have a small room, the ceiling and so was not high, it is possible that there will be a shortage of air.

Where to use the suspended ceiling

The apartment has almost no room where the use of a suspension system is excluded. Judge for yourself:

  • In the bedroom, this ceiling will be an excellent soundproofing;
  • In the living room it will become both a zoner and an important interior element with an original lighting system;
  • In the kitchen and in the bathroom it is possible to use lath and modular ceilings that are not afraid of the effects of water;
  • And even on the balcony a good solution is the rack ceiling - and looks neat, and mounted simply.

Especially worth noting gypsum plasterboard ceilings with their ability to zonate the room. Different lighting system or use of several levels, you can select a sofa area, a dining area, a working area( if the living room is combined with the office), etc.

Types of ceilings( video)

Suspended ceilings are one of the symbols of time, if we talk about the interior. This is not the cheapest way to decorate the ceiling, but it can not be attributed to hyper-cost. And the opportunities that they provide to the interior of the room are great - especially if you play at levels( longline), lighting, color and texture.

Good choice!

Types of suspended ceilings( interior photos)