How to insulate the ceiling on the balcony with your own hands: insulation of the ceiling on the loggia, video with foam and polystyrene foam

Materials for the insulation of the ceiling on the balcony may differ in thickness, shape and color ceiling insulation materials on the balcony can differ in thickness, type and color insulate ceilings on the balcony is not only possible, but necessary. First, in this way you can save a significant amount of money, and secondly, it will help to make the balcony or glazed balcony warmer, which will allow using this room even in winter. In some cases, the balcony is insulated to combine this space with a living room, which can now be found quite often.

    • Warming of the balcony: the ceiling
    • How to insulate ceilings on the balcony
    • Proper insulation of the ceiling in the loggia
    • We provide thermal insulation of the ceiling balcony foam
    • Guide: How to insulate ceilings on the balcony with his hands( video)

Warming of the balcony: the ceiling

Warming loggia ceiling is held by: drawing up the plan, selecting the optimal material, budgeting and procurement of the necessary adaptations. The work itself is carried out consistently. If the balcony is not glazed, then the ceiling insulation will be completely meaningless. And because of the ennobling of this space, you must first glaze the balcony, and only then proceed with the subsequent work.

Thanks to the foam it is possible to significantly improve the thermal insulation properties of the ceiling on the balcony Thanks to the foam can significantly improve the thermal insulation of the ceiling properties on the balcony

In this case there are no problems, and windows should trust the professionals, because special equipment is required for mounting frames, and also to carry out the installation of structures at a heightCan only a professional with safety ropes and assistants.

You should not choose cheap options, because at a low price you just can not see the quality. The next step is to conduct waterproofing. It can be done by eliminating cracks, cracks and lumens, through which heat can escape and water, moisture and other effects of atmospheric precipitation arrive. The presence of cold and moisture in a short time will lead to such a far from pleasant problem as mold and fungus, which is especially terrible for human health.

Special attention should be given to the waterproofing of corners, joints of frames and floors, since it is there that contains a large number of lumens that you can simply not notice with the naked eye.

How to insulate ceilings on the balcony

Even if the highest quality frames will be installed on the balcony, it will not save on the balcony: the cold, frost and drafts. What to do in this situation?If the floor is made of concrete or bare brick, then warming it, it will not be possible to influence too much the presence of drafts and cold. Requires insulation throughout the perimeter of the balcony space.

In particular, you need to sew a wall heater, ceiling, floor and all kinds of surfaces. If we consider it consistently, we first conduct the insulation of the ceiling coating, then the floor, installing the lags, and then the walls.

Before buying materials for the insulation of the ceiling, you must perform all measurements and write them on paper Before buying materials for thermal insulation of the ceiling need to perform all the measurements and write them down on paper

Installation of wooden lag is not much lift the floor, but would pave the thick insulation and to make it as warm and enjoyable to use. If there is no possibility to lay logs, it is possible to glue foam or expanded polystyrene foam and pour it all with a screed made of cement. Further, you can lay any finishing cloth, for example, laminate, linoleum and the like.

How to insulate walls?First you need to install a skeleton from the metal profile, and only then begins the laying of the pre-selected material and the outer lining. Filling the space between the frame racks can be carried out with foam, polystyrene foam, mineral wool and not only.

Competent insulation of the ceiling on the loggia

Today in the construction market you can find completely different types of finishing materials and heaters. How to make a choice?What should I look for?When buying, be sure to pay attention to: cost, service life, complexity in installation, parameters, preparatory work, installation method, the level of heat and noise insulation.

Among the most popular distinguish :

  • Mineral wool;
  • Expanded polystyrene;
  • Polyfoam.

Each material is good in its own way, but preference is given mainly to foam. It's easy, it's easy to work with and it will not take too much effort, and also the effort to finish.

An excellent solution is the insulation of the ceiling with the help of blocks of foam, located between the metal profile An excellent solution is to insulate the ceiling with foam blocks located between the ASD15 ASD

metal profile. In addition, it has a high density and is non-hygroscopic. It is used for wooden and concrete balconies.

Specialists in the field of building and finishing materials choose the foam as a thermal insulation, as for its fixing, no mortar or adhesive compound made on the basis of cement is required. It directly adheres to the ceiling and does not need to install a metal or wooden frame. After the canvas dries, the reinforcement is mounted and mashing is carried out.

We conduct the insulation of the ceiling of the balcony with foam

As already mentioned, it is a pleasure to work with a penoklex, since it is light in weight, simply cut, quickly mounted. Despite the fact that the foam is seemingly porous in appearance, in fact it does not let a single draft pass through it, and even if a 10 mm thick sheet is used, there will be no wind blows in the room, provided it is installed with quality.

Polystyrene foam is available in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, so it is not difficult to choose a product in its own way.

In general, for the insulation of premises use expanded polystyrene, which has an additional foil layer, which provides a vapor barrier. To cut foam it is possible to use a hacksaw or a clerical knife. The canvas is pliable, practically does not crumble, and therefore it will not be necessary to fill large spaces between the laid slabs. If necessary, it is as simple as possible to make a depression or hole. Thus, with ease when decorating the balcony, you can cut out slabs laid on the sides, if uneven edges near the walls or you need to frame the window frame. After installation and complete drying, the foam is perfectly processed, for which it is possible to use a plane on a gypsum board.

Fix the foam on the ceiling can be, using a mounting foam Fix the foam on the ceiling using a mounting foam

Important!If the insulation is carried out with a foam without a foil layer, then a layer of reflective cloth must be additionally installed to prevent the accumulation of condensate, which, over time, can lead to the destruction of the foam and to the formation of mold.

Insulation of the ceiling of the balcony is carried out in stages: :

  • The foamed polystyrene foam is cut, cut into small sheets, for easy installation.
  • Fixing of the webs is carried out by polyurethane adhesive.
  • Sutures can be glued with a special metallic tape.
  • The usual foam is also laid, also cut into pieces.
  • The installation of foam is carried out using glue and dowels.
  • The sheets are laid as tightly as possible so that there is not even a millimeter of clearance.
  • If there are defects in the form of openings between the canvas, they are filled with mounting foam.
  • If an additional foam layer is required, a crate is required.
  • Then put the foamed polystyrene foam.
  • Finishing is carried out.

Instruction: how to insulate the ceiling on the balcony with your own hands( video)

All the above steps to insulate the ceiling on the balcony will not take more than a couple of hours if all the necessary materials, inventory and the most important desire will be in place. Such warming, made by themselves, will last a long time and will not cause problems in the form of drafts.