Grout grout: CE 40 and colors, Ceresit tile palette, gamma how much dries for seams, photo in bathroom

The color scale and the quality of the grout are suitable for all conditions of use color scheme and grouting quality suitable for all applications In construction and assembly work grout "Ceresit" is used for the surface treatment of any texture. The application of tiles or various decorative elements requires obligatory alignment and surface preparation. Here you need to focus on the fact that the manufacturer has developed a variety of compounds, suitable for their physical parameters for all kinds of surfaces.

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Benefits for grouting tiles Ceresit

ceramics, mosaic, tile - flooronly a partial list of surfaces for which suitable products of this brand. Depending on the characteristics of the material to be applied and the texture of the wall, the required composition is selected.

In addition, a potential buyer can make a choice based on the expected operating conditions.

This means that for a high humidity or in places with long vibrational loads, a separate substance has been developed. From a practical point of view, this reduces the likelihood of breach of integrity, for example, laid tiles.

The type of the mixture is selected taking into account the conditions of operation of the room mixture selected type according to the operating conditions of the premises

addition, grout "Ceresit" has a number of other advantages:

  • wide range of colors;
  • matter, laid tile in areas with high levels of humidity, such as in the bathroom or the toilet basin, or in the kitchen, where the constant heat source is present, the guaranteed service life of at least 5-7 years;
  • Ability to work with different widths of the processed seam;
  • Economical consumption of substance per unit area.

Universal, economical and convenient - three component parts of the grout, widely used for installation works of any complexity. In order not to have to redo everything, it is necessary to carefully study the characteristics presented on the Ceresit packaging. There it is always indicated, for what type of surface and operating conditions this substance is developed.

Characteristics of grout Ceresite CE 40: colors and palette

In order to better navigate in the field of application of the substance, you need to understand the types of products on the market. Opens this list CE33 Super, used for processing joints between tiles.

The maximum width of the machined surface is 0.7 cm. In addition, it can be used to seal external walls.

You can buy this grout in a white or silver version. Another type is the trademark CE 35. In contrast to the composition already described above, this formula allows to process effectively welds, whose thickness ranges from 0.4 mm to 1.5 cm.

When choosing a grout pay attention to the maximum allowable thickness of the joint When selecting grouting pay attention to the maximumSeam Thickness

The following development of the company has a wider color variety:

  1. CE 45 Super strong is characterized by increased strength and the ability to seal seams from 0.2 mm to 2 cm. Moisture proof grout suitable for marble and glazed tiles. In this regard, the mixture is available in green( and its shades) color and all sorts of variations of a gentle glaze.
  2. CE 45 Aquastatic - thanks to its performance, it is used in rooms with a large temperature difference and humidity level. For example, you can treat the surface of a bath, kitchen or toilet. It's not difficult to guess that colors from neutral-marble to grotesque red are available for sale.
  3. 25 is a silicone variety designed for sealing joints between tiles, the width of which does not exceed 3 cm. The mixture dries quickly enough, so it has proved itself well in shower cabins and a swimming pool. The only restriction is the ban on the use of grout in the kitchen.
  4. CE 79 Ultra pox is an epoxy type developed for processing seams of various thicknesses. Due to the use of a two-component structure, the substance is resistant to abrasion. If the instructions are observed in terms of operating conditions, the manufacturer guarantees at least 6 years of successful service. As in the case of CS25, the retail network presents a wide range of colors.

The developer has ensured that the potential buyer always had the opportunity to select the desired mixture. This is done on the basis of two criteria. In the first case it is a question of the expected operating conditions, and in the second - about the type of the surface being treated. Regardless of the chosen variety, it is possible to make a choice in favor of this or that coloring.

Frequently Asked Questions: How dry the trowel for

tiles Builders with experience can not always give an unambiguous answer to this question. While some place their own experience in the application of tile grout, others rely on the manufacturer's recommendations. To some extent both camps are right, but the truth, as often happens, is in the middle.

Use of a premise with a dry trowel may cause its cracking Use of a premise with a dry mortar can lead to its cracking

It is possible to determine the technically correct time for how much the substance will dry out:

  • After application to a stone or marble it is forbidden to exert any physical effect on the surfaceWithin 72 hours;
  • The appearance of lighter areas indicates that the process of solidification has begun;
  • The maximum strength level is reached within 7 days;

The more accurately the builder knows how long it takes to completely dry the material, the fewer problems will arise at the stage of practical operation. It is recommended to add 15% more to the dates indicated on the packaging.

Calculating grout "Tserezit" consumption

Beginning builders often complain that they lack 1-2 packs of grout to complete the work. This happens because not everyone is bothering himself with the preliminary calculation.

It's meaningless to talk about the significance of this stage, because without the presence of even approximate figures, it makes no sense to go to the store of construction goods.

Mathematical operations are not as complex as it might seem at first glance. For this, the type of surface, the type of material and the operating conditions are taken into account.

For the correct calculation of the flow rate, there are proven formulas For the correct calculation of the flow rate, there are validated formulas

Depending on the combination of these factors, the following results are obtained:

  • Variety CE33: 0.4 to 0.5 kg / m2;
  • CE35: 0,4 - 1,2 kg / m2;
  • CE40: 0.2 - 0.5 kg / m square;
  • CE43: 0.9 - 1.5 kg / m square;
  • CE79: 1.0 - 1.3 kg / m square;
  • CS25: 25-100 kg / m square.

Another way to determine the consumption of a substance is the mathematical formula. Having combined the length( A) and the width( B) of the surface, the resulting result must be divided into a product of length( A) and width( B).

The resulting result is multiplied by the thickness of the tile and the width of the seam. The result is a value, measured in kg / m square.

Avoid unnecessary financial waste will help preliminary calculation of the required amount of grouting. You can do it in two ways. The simplest way is to rely on the comparative table provided by the manufacturer. Approximate values ​​are given on each package. A more laborious option involves the use of a mathematical formula.

Beginners on the grout "Ceresite": instructions for use

The rules for the use of epoxy varieties are based on mandatory thorough mixing of the composition. According to numerous reviews, the smaller the clumps, the stronger the adhesion to the surface. To connect the two active components, use a construction mixer at maximum speed. In the process of work, you must always look at the clock, because after 90 minutes the substance quickly freezes.

Before working with the trowel, be sure to read the instructions Before working with the trowel, be sure to read the instruction

For other variants, the rules for working with it are as follows:

  • The mixture with the maximum adhesion force requires mixing of the components in a manufacturer-specifiedProportions;
  • Silicone grout provides mandatory use of paint tape to protect surfaces.

The more precisely the manufacturer's recommendations are followed, the firmer the coating goes. For each variety of grout there are rules based on its physical and chemical characteristics. Before using the substance it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with these substances.

Possible problems with the trowel Ceresit

Do not give up if the first pancake was a lump. This happens even with builders with experience. Many admit mistakes in the palette selection phase. For example, the fact that under the influence of an excessive amount of moisture or temperature the material can change the natural color is not taken into account. In addition to color inaccuracies, errors occur at the time of sealing seams.

An extension, as this procedure is called builders, is based on the observance of the conditions prescribed in the instruction. If you use the mixture at your own peril and risk, the problems will not take long.

Grout is well established and is present in almost all construction shops Grout is well established and is present in almost all construction stores

In addition, there are other common mistakes :

  • Incorrect determination of the consumption of Cersanite;
  • The citizen did not want to see what preparatory work needed to be done;
  • The minimum required technical requirements for operating conditions are not observed;
  • Tenants began to use the surface treated by Cersanit before the due date.

There is no additional( secondary) sealing system.

Advantages of the grout "Ceresite"( video)

The use of grouts in the construction industry is pervasive. They are selected taking into account the characteristics of the surface and / or planned operating conditions. Special attention should be given to the process of studying technical recommendations and determining the minimum required amount of a substance. Pharmacy accuracy in this case will help to save a budget well.