Carpets on the floor in the hall photo: what room to lay with a corner sofa, how to choose an oval to the apartment, which is better

The carpet on the floor gives a room of comfort and coziness The carpet on the floor gives the room a comfort and coziness As you know, in every joke there is still some truth - a huge amount of carpets in the room is completely useless. But one properly chosen, is able to give the room a completely different look. Before buying, you need to think carefully about whether you need a carpet in the house. But a cozy atmosphere is absolutely impossible without additional accessories.

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Carpet in the hall: its necessity

The carpet is still an amazing element of the interior. Even his main defect turns into dignity. Everyone knows that the carpet is prone to picking up dust, so you should always wash and clean it. It turns out that the carpet serves the benefit of its owners, because the dust attracts and settles on the fibers of the carpet, and not in the lungs.

In addition, the carpet has many other advantages:

  • Increased noise insulation;Increasing coziness in the home;
  • ;
  • Indicator of taste and well-being.

To the table legs in the hall did not scratch the floor covering, you need to put a carpet on the floor To ensure that the table legs in the room do not scratch the flooring, the carpet should be laid on the floor.

The correctly selected carpet can make the room too bright, or even merge with the situation. The pile drowns out the steps, which can not but please the neighbors from below. And real, hand-woven carpets, are incredibly expensive - knowledgeable people just need to look closely, and then the material well-being of the owners will be evident.

In addition, the carpet is a master of disguise. Especially if the drawing is colorful. Even if you drop something on it, you will not see it. In addition, he can hide flaws in the finish, both on the walls and on the floor.

To the shortcomings of carpets can be attributed high fire hazard and odors. In the first case, if suddenly there is a spark on the carpet, it will flash instantly. A synthetic accessory will also poison the smoke. In the second case, it is worth remembering that the carpet will always smell. Smoke, a neighbor's sour cabbage or wool - it does not matter. No cleaning, washing and vacuuming will not save.

Types of carpets on the floor in the hall

If the carpet in the room still want, then it is worth paying attention not to the material from which the accessory is made.

There are two types of materials:

  • Synthetic;
  • Natural.

The first kind can be attributed products made of viscose, nylon threads, as well as fibers made of acrylic and polyester. Natural carpets are made of different fur, wool and animal skins, most often - from sheep's wool. And each type of material has its own list of advantages and disadvantages.

For example, synthetic carpets are rarely environmentally friendly. In addition, the unpleasant smell of synthetics is difficult to kill.

It is recommended to buy carpets made from natural materials, since synthetic ones can be hazardous to health It is recommended to buy carpets made from natural materials, because synthetic ones can be hazardous to health.

But they are almost allergic, they are very durable and do not lose their colors under the influence of the sun. Yes, and are produced in all possible color shades, for example, as gymnastics mats for exercise therapy. But natural carpets have a huge number of shortcomings. They have a tremendous degree of allergenicity, instantly get dirty and absorb odors, and also contribute to the formation of static electricity.

And the advantages, alas, these shortcomings do not overlap. Woolen carpets are warmed in cold weather, but in a hot weather - they cool a little. But carpets made from natural silk can not be exploited at all - just admire. Incredibly beautiful colors and drawings often make you accept the lack of any sense, except admiration.

If everything is already decided with the material, then it's worth paying attention to the coloring. In addition to personal preferences, it is advisable to pay attention to the advice of professionals. If the room or furniture is colorful, bright, pleasing to the eye with an abundance of colors, then the carpet should be chosen with a calm, neutral shade or with a single color, but having the same color as any one part of the interior, for example, upholstery of a chair.

On the dark floor, the light carpet looks amazing. This rule can be applied and vice versa, using on a light floor a dark palace. Do not be afraid of experiments with contrast and color. It is best to combine carpet and curtains in one color.

If the living room is filled with warm colors, then the carpet should also be warm. Then it will look harmonious. But in the tone of the walls do not buy a carpet - the whole interior will merge and become boring. It is better to pick up something with a geometric pattern that echoes with a touch of furniture.

As with the wallpaper, the strips can change the perception of the room. The horizontal stripes on the carpet visually make the room wider.

Structure of carpets on the floor for the hall

It is equally important to choose the structure and shape of the carpet. Thanks to modern technologies, it can be absolutely any - oval, square, in the form of a flower, wave or simply abstract. You can choose an option that repeats the shape of the table or combined with a corner sofa. Another thing is the structure of the pile.

For the hall is ideal carpet, which has a low pile, because it is easy to care for A carpet that has a low pile is ideal for the hall because it is easy to care for.

There are several types of carpet structure:

  • Composed of twisted yarn sheared pile( saxony);
  • Loop, where all the villi are the same length;
  • Loop, but with loops of pile of different length;
  • Velor, velvet-like, cut pile that creates a smooth surface;
  • Twisted and high villi( frize) look very strong;
  • Combination of high cut pile and low loops( cut-loop).

For the living room it is better to choose a carpet that has a low or medium pile. This increases their strength. In addition, they are not so noticeable carved places from furniture.

The next point to pay attention to is the density of the carpet. The higher it is, the better. A carpet with dense pile extinguishes the sound of steps perfectly, which is simply necessary if there is a child in the house. Children are always active, and the carpet is much easier to lay than to listen to the complaints of neighbors from the bottom.

The size of the carpet must be selected according to the size of the room and the style of decoration. For example, if the interior itself is bright, then the huge carpet attracting looks will be out of place there. Medium-sized carpets just will be in place in the hall, especially in the studio apartment: the carpet is great for zoning space. But small mats - it's just a flight for imagination. They should be bright( not necessarily the same color), and there may be more of them. They will help to allocate some one part of the interior, for example, a table. Or just add bright colors to a calm room.

Buying carpet in the hall on the floor: photo

It's interesting that carpets are already stepping in step with technological progress. For example, for quite some time now they have been producing heated mats. This is an excellent find for those who have cold feet. In addition, a warm cover is sure to appreciate pets and, of course, children.

Carpet in the hall must be placed in the event that the room has a cold floor The carpet in the hall must necessarily be made if the room has a cold floor.

But even more interesting are carpets that can process unpleasant odors, for example, from cigarettes or food. Special catalysts, which are introduced into the carpet, help the sun's light to split all unnecessary substances into harmless components. Such a carpet is recommended to all who monitor their health, especially those who suffer from various types of allergies. Even though such people are advised to reduce textile accessories in the interior to a minimum.

When buying a carpet, you need to pay attention to a few things:

  • If the base is visible through the pile, then the density is small, and this leads to rapid deterioration;
  • The wrong side should completely repeat the pattern from the outside;
  • Handmade carpet pattern may be slightly asymmetrical, and the signature of the master( signature) must necessarily be behind;
  • From the new carpet at first drop villi, even if the carpet is incredibly expensive and quality;
  • Carpets should be treated with different formulations against odor, dirt and insects, including moths.

Still worth noting European carpets with soft nap and interesting grooves - they imitate sand, and very, very similar. It is worth a lot of pleasure, but it allows you to create an interesting beach interior.

Is it possible to do without carpets in the apartment

You can easily replace the carpet with other coatings.

Among the available alternatives to the carpet is the carpet Among the available carpet alternatives, it is worth noting the carpet

For example:

  • Cork cover;
  • Carpet;
  • Laminate, tiles, parquet;
  • Whole animal skins;
  • Marmoleum;
  • Natural coatings( eg bamboo).

This is especially true for carpets - in properties it is no worse than carpet, or even better. For example, a damaged tile can be replaced, but the carpet will have to be thrown out.

Beautiful carpets on the floor in the hall( video)

You can create a unique cozy and warm atmosphere in other ways, especially since a good carpet is really expensive, especially for handicrafts. Do you need a carpet in the apartment - it's up to the inhabitants of the living space to decide. Leave the exact decision that the carpets are good( or bad, depending on the point of view) can not. Evaluate objectively, and let the house be cozy first of all for you.

Design room with carpet on the floor( interior photos)