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Solid wood furniture for the living room is graceful, refined and beautiful Solid wood furniture for the living room is graceful, exquisite and beautiful. At all times, one of the main features of a good taste of a person reflected in the interior of his house was the living room, but not simple. Almost everyone dreams about a drawing room from a file of a rare and expensive tree. Someone prefers mahogany, some special breeds of oak or other wood.

    • Why we choose living rooms from solid wood
    • Solid wood furniture: types of materials
    • Interior of the living room: solid wood furniture and its varieties
    • New items of solid wood furniture for the living room: trends of 2017
  • They were appreciated by consumers and producers. It is believed that the living rooms of the solid wood are the most reliable and ecological, which means that they will suit any home, even where many children live. In such a living room, even the smallest member of the family will be safe and cozy. Do not lose sight of the fact that in such a living room it will not be a shame to receive important guests who will immediately note the good taste of the owners of the house.

    It is rightly believed that furniture made from solid wood will serve longer and more to please its owners with functionality and characteristics than furniture, whether it is a wall for a living room or some other, the basis of which is a veneer, that is, thin woodSheets.

    Furniture from natural wood will always be relevant Furniture from natural wood will always be relevant

    Solid wood furniture is not only beautiful, which can not but be noted, but also durable - this is achieved due to the physical characteristics of the tree from which the living room is made. But not only does this affect the performance of furniture made of wood, the brand of the manufacturer is also important.

    To begin with it is worth considering the options for materials for furniture in the living room.

    Solid wood lounge furniture: types of materials

    For the manufacture of furniture can use a variety of tree species, as we are familiar, such as birch or pine, and more precious and expensive. It all depends on what kind of furniture it will be: a closet, chairs, a table or something else, as well as from the manufacturer and what kind of array prevails in their production, under which breeds technologies are calculated for one or the other producers.

    Some of them prefer expensive breeds of trees, someone is primordial to the Russian tree - birch, cedar, alder.

    Choosing this or that furniture, people can start from the options of the price policy of any company, out of their own wishes, and also focusing on their own style and image of the desired interior of the future living room. In addition, it is important to decide which furniture to give preference to are the nuances of the living room itself: high humidity, bad air and the need for its purification. All this is solved, basically, still at the preparatory stage of repair.

    Furniture made of natural wood can give the living room a truly homely feel, filling the room with warm light Furniture from natural wood can give a living room a real home, filling the room with warm light

    For furniture, arrays of such trees can be used:

    • Oak;
    • Pine;
    • Birch;
    • Beech.

    Each of these tree types has its own nuances, its own special characteristics. For example, a tree such as a birch tree is in itself a powerful air filter, so furniture made from a birch massif will be an excellent assistant in rooms where the air is not the cleanest, because it will promote air purification, which means that such a living room will performA sort of protective barrier, it will not be scary to leave children behind. If the room of the future living room is characterized by high humidity, then a good solution will be the use of pine furniture in the living room. This tree has the ability to absorb excess moisture in the air.

    Interior of the living room: solid wood furniture and its varieties

    Types of furniture made for living rooms and houses from the array of trees, vary only from the functional living room and the desires and ideas of designers and home owners.

    Mainly, from the array of trees are manufactured:

    • Tables;
    • Chairs;
    • Cabinets;
    • Sideboards;
    • Cabinets;
    • The main parts of armchairs and sofas;
    • One-piece walls for the living room.

    The wall of the array serves as the basis for the interior and stores many things in itself The array wall serves as the backbone of the interior and stores many things

    Basically, preference is given to solid walls made for the living room. It may be some standard models, but there may be design walls designed specifically for a certain room, in accordance with the wishes of customers. In addition, the walls not only contain the best qualities of the wood from which they are made, but also allow you to place more things than separate cabinets or cupboards, this is a big plus for modern home furniture, where it is necessary to arrange as much as possible in a small areaItems such as books, dishes, figurines or something else. Also, almost all models of such walls assume the presence in their design of a special place for the TV, which at the expense of all this will fit into the interior of the living room.

    Novelties of solid wood furniture for living room: trends of 2017

    Fashion extends not only to clothing, machinery, cars and other elements of our life, furniture is also fashionable, but it is ordinary.

    Solid furniture has always been and will be fashionable and desirable for many years to come.

    Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a single living room at once, that's why they buy one product at a time, this can be a table, a cabinet or some other item made from solid wood for the interior of the house, in particular, the living room.

    Modern interior replaces the meaningless decor, which can be the furniture itself, its shape, texture and color Modern interior replaces senseless decor, which can be the furniture itself, its shape, texture and color.

    . People who are following fashion and new trends in furniture design have long begun to get acquainted with the new products of 2017.Famous designers in the field of furniture creation do not hide their novelties, showing them not only at profile exhibitions, but also in photos in specialized magazines and not only.

    Tree Breeds

    Now more and more designers and furniture manufacturers resort to using such types of wood as oak and beech in their furniture, they are the ones that best meet the trend of naturalness. Such rocks, with a certain kind of coating, reveal the full potential of their wood. A variety of coatings used by manufacturing companies, emphasize all the veins, cracks and strips of the structure of the tree, which make up the uniqueness of a particular species and type of tree.


    Color solutions also change with time, this year preference is given to natural dark gamma shades. This makes the interior of the living room more expressive, clear, sometimes strict, sometimes classically elegant. Also, small, unobtrusive decor elements, or combinations of lighter and darker species of trees, are often used. This combination also makes the furniture and the living room more comfortable, emphasizes elegance. Although, it is worth noting, many still prefer a one-color dark natural furniture colors.

    Solid furniture: how it is made( video)

    Modern furniture should meet the demands of comfort and style, which is what happens. Thanks to designers, living room furniture meets this demand with all its forms, whether it's smooth transitions or, conversely, angularity, but it's all played out to fulfill the main trend of modern furniture.

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