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As a rule, living rooms of 18 square meters have a rectangular or square shape As a rule, living rooms of 18 square meters have a rectangular or square shape. The room of 18 meters can not be called very small, but still it is not a huge space, so when you design this room you will need to use many different tricks. The living room of even one size can have a different shape. The most common forms of the room are a square and a rectangle. When decorating a square and rectangular room, you need to know where to begin repair work.

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Living room 18 squares: design 2017

Design concept begins with the choice of flooring. For a floor it is better to choose a monochrome material on which there will be very bright spots attracting special attention. It is best to give preference to natural shades of wood when choosing a linoleum or laminate for flooring.

There are many nuances that help to properly design the living room, moreover popular not only in 2017:

  • If a dark covering is created on the floor, then the room will acquire the required depth, but it is important to remember that the dark floor will be combined with light walls;
  • Having made the ceiling lighter by one or two tones, you can visually raise the ceiling and enlarge the room;
  • For the same purpose, the increase can be used wallpaper with vertical stripes or floral ornamentation, directed upwards.

To get the perfect and finished design of the living room, all elements of the interior should harmoniously blend with each other In order to achieve the ideal and finished design of the living room, all elements of the interior should harmoniously fit together.

In 2017 it became popular to make a combined wall covering when one wall is decorated with wallpaper, while others simply show a light background.

On what the living room interior is built 18 sq. M

The interior of a small room will be able to get a winning position under the right lighting. If you need to visually expand the space of the room, it is best to give preference to the point light location.

It's best to focus on the functionality of the apartment, trying not to use unnecessary decorative elements. The main role in this case belongs to accessories, or rather the absence of their extra elements. It is a mistake to assume that if you arrange various accessories throughout the apartment, it will help to give it a special style. The main rule is the ability not to pile up an important space, giving preference to only important and necessary things.

Most designers advise living room space to use functionally and correctly, do not put extra room in this room Most designers recommend that the living room space be used functionally and correctly, do not put extra items in this room

If the room is small in space, then it is important to design it in a minimalist style, paying special attention to exotic styles.

It is believed that it is better to place one large, but important and necessary thing than clutter up space with dozens of things and furniture that are completely unnecessary and do not carry any benefit. The right arrangement of furniture will help decorate the interior in the right direction.

Living Room Design 18 sq. M: Zoning Ideas

If the apartment is not so large that you can easily allocate a whole room to the living room, in this case, modern designers suggest using a way of zoning and redevelopment. The modern design of such a plan allows you to allocate a few meters from the living space to organize a place for the reception of guests.

By the way of zoning it is possible to divide a rectangular room, separating the space under the cabinet, the children's room, thereby separating the working area from the rest zone.

Zoning can be carried out with the help of decorative construction of walls from plasterboard or thanks to modern cabinets and shelving.

Sliding partition - great for dividing the living room and bedroom Sliding partition - great for dividing the living room and bedroom

For example, in the studio apartment you can put a corner sofa, which will serve as a method of separating the bedroom from the kitchen. In the same way, there can be a dressing room from the living area.

The method of redevelopment in an apartment is a very simple and quick way to increase the number of rooms in one apartment. For example, one large room can be divided into several small squares, each of which will serve as a new small room. This method is often used in the nursery, when one room with time needs to be divided for two different-sex children.

If the living room is a communicating room, where it is also necessary to place the bed, then without visual zoning it will also not be possible to divide the room into zones, assigning each functional part its place.

Simple living room interior 18 sq. M: stylish and comfortable

The layout of the living room plays a very important role in the comfortable placement in this room. Rational is the standard placement of furniture on the walls of the entire room, which allows you to leave the entire middle of the room free.

To increase the useful space, you can organize repairs by yourself, supplementing the room with additional levels, on which you can later arrange books and various things.

Typically, the furniture in the living room is placed along the wall to leave space in the middle of the room Typically, furniture in the living room is placed along the wall to leave space in the middle of the room.

You can arrange the room either independently or with the help of designers, which will help create a simple but very comfortable interior. Recently, built-in closets, sliding doors have become popular, which allow to save space due to the fact that the door is left aside and it does not need a place to open it.

You can increase the space due to the combination of the room and the kitchen, but in a panel house to realize this kind of ideas will be much more difficult.

Ideas for the living room 18 sq. M

There are various options for how to decorate and modify the living room of 18 square meters. But before you choose a more suitable option for a particular apartment, you need to determine what functional tasks are assigned to this room. For example, the living room can be furnished with a bed, cabinets, armchairs, if this room also serves as a bedroom.

If the living room serves as a dining room, then in addition to the sofa and TV, it should accommodate a table and chairs where all guests invited to the house can sit.

Most design decisions regarding the style of the living room combine simplicity, freedom and originality The majority of interior design solutions combine the simplicity, freedom and originality of

The real living room designs interest modern young people with their simplicity, originality and freedom. The modern concept of living room arrangement is based on comfort and space. It is important to ensure that functionality is combined with beauty and style.

It is important that things fit together and fit into one design and style. It remains only to choose this style and adhere to its components.

For example, considering the classical style, the following should be taken into account:

  • Parquet;
  • Expensive wooden furniture;
  • Velvet upholstery;
  • Mirrors in frames;
  • Decorative columns;
  • Fireplace;
  • Textile wallpaper.

The presence of even a few of these elements will make the living room in a classic style.

Interior design of the living room 18 sq. M( video)

The main thing in every living room is not only the right choice of style and its exact embodiment in the interior. Important will be comfort, which will be realized in the end.

Living 18 square meters( photo)