Spacious corridor: large entrance hall, interior ideas for an apartment, project and design, photo layout and walls

A large corridor in an apartment or house must necessarily be cozy and functional Large corridor in an apartment or house must be cozy and functional Modern houses are built with apartments of a large enough area, which also provides for a large spacious corridor. The same people who themselves build private houses, also provide for a large corridor or even a few that will allow you to feel comfortable.

    • Large hallways: interior and design
    • Ideas for a large hallway
    • Projects of large hallways: general tips
    • Competent design and materials used in a large hallway in a private house
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    • Design of a large hallway( interior photo)

Large hallways: interior and design

The main purpose of the hallway is the meeting of all incoming guests, and, if space permitss hall, that is, it is big enough, you should consider its design, and subsequently zoned space.

Zoning a spacious hallway follows several main zones:

  1. A zone for storing everyday clothes and a zone for storing seasonal clothing and footwear. For this, on one side of the hall there are hangers for clothes, bedside tables for shoes, and on the other hand a large multi-functional built-in wardrobe should be installed.
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  2. Also the hallway is divided into the entrance area and the zone of the hallway itself, the zoning of these two areas is performed by different floor coverings, as well as the color range of not only the floor, but also the walls.

Before starting repairs in a large hallway, you should think carefully about the interior of the room Before starting repairs in a large hallway, you should think carefully about the interior of the room

Once you have defined the zoning of the hallway in the apartment, you should consider what materials to use when decorating the premises. Optimal in the entrance area to use a tile, and then a wooden covering, a laminate or commercial linoleum. The walls can be finished with wooden panels, high-quality wallpaper or artificial stone, etc., the main thing is that the color of the finishing materials for the large hallway should be selected in a darker and more saturated color than the main rooms of the apartment.

Finishing materials used in creating the necessary interior of the hallway can be of different price segment - from cheap to elite. Everything depends on what kind of repairs are in the apartment itself, as well as on the financial possibilities of the apartment owner.

As for the country house, it is best to trim the entrance group of rooms with a tree for the general style of the house, and various design solutions, such as wicker baskets, wooden benches will create a cozy atmosphere not only in the hallway, but throughout the house.

Ideas for a large hallway

In order for an apartment or a private house to create a pleasant impression during the first and subsequent visits to people, you should pay attention to the design, the decoration of the hallway, and also to the rational use of its area. For all this there are a number of different ideas for decorating a large hallway, but when using them, it is worth considering the overall design of the room or at home, as well as the rational use of the hall area.

There are several tricks:

  1. Embedded storage systems are one of the most common storage options, while choosing the style of such a storage system. For a country house, the best option is the style of eco or country.
  2. If the apartment is renovated in light colors or even white, you can also decorate all the walls and ceiling with white panels, put a white cabinet and the same small cabinet for shoes with a seat. In this case, it is desirable in this hallway to get by with minimal amount of furniture and any accessories.
  3. If a person wants to create any modern design for decorating a spacious hallway, modern decoration materials should be used, as well as the decoration of the hallway with any artworks, statuettes that would later stand on shelves and in niches, and even a small artificial fireplace, Built into the wall.

To date, there are many ideas for arranging large hallways To date, there are many ideas for arranging large hallways

Also, to improve the entire hallway, it is worth considering and lighting, a good idea is to install spotlights. Placed in the right places, and evenly, they will give a good effect, besides, if it is possible to include them separately, it will be wonderful.

Any design of the hallway, if done well and qualitatively, creates comfort in the room and coziness.

Projects of large hallways: general advice

Before planning and subsequent repairs of large hallways, you should determine what materials will be used for finishing walls, ceilings and floors. It is worthwhile at this stage to think over and decor the whole hallway, which should be in harmony with the corridor and with the rest of the rooms, to think about what style the whole person wants to get when decorating the hallway.

In doing so, one should adhere to certain tips when choosing a hallway design:

  • If the hallway is large, and this is a whole room, then you should think of a project like dividing it with a partition into two rooms. In one, with a larger area, there will be directly the entrance hall itself, and the smaller one, as an auxiliary one, in which you can leave the curb with the seat and one hanger.
  • When designing a hallway, if it has a more square shape, furniture should be provided for. The best option would be to install cabinets from floor to ceiling in the corners of this hallway.
  • Angles can be not only internal, but also external, when creating a project, it must be taken into account, and choose the appropriate furniture that will be most rationally used if there is an angular layout of the hallway.

In the large hallway, you can divide the space into several zones In a large hallway it is possible to divide the space into several zones

When creating the hallway design, you should take your time, and do everything carefully, the same goes for repairs, as a mistake in the design, as well as repair, Can be expensive, and all will have to be changed, which is fraught with loss in time, as well as in finance.

Competent design and materials used in a large hallway in a private house

To the halls that are located in a frequent house, there are slightly different requirements than those located in the apartment, since the house is most often located outside the city, on shoes inRooms can be filled with more dirt.

In a private house, the hallway should be made of easily cleanable materials

Therefore, the entrance hall can be divided into two parts at the stage of construction of the house: an entrance hall and the main part:

  1. In one small part in the hallway, Place in order that it could leave dirty shoes, as well as clothes, umbrellas, etc.
  2. The second part of the hallway in the private house will be the main one, where you can undress easily, leave clothes and other things.
  3. It should also be borne in mind that a house can be built not only for a large family, but a large number of guests can come and that there is enough space for all, the layout of the entrance hall is large in this case.

As for the finishing materials, since the house is located outside the city, the materials used for finishing should have greater strength, resistance to abrasion, moisture, as well as to a variety of chemicals used in cleaning. If, for example, a wall is supposed to be finished with wallpaper, you should choose vinyl, and the walls before the label must be treated with a special primer. You can decorate the walls with MDF panels, and also apply liquid wallpaper. As for the floor, the best option is laying the tiles, or you can use commercial linoleum.

How to decorate a spacious corridor( video)

It is not a bad idea to make a hallway with a window in a private house, which will allow you to avoid artificial lighting in the daytime. Furniture in the hallway is best placed, made of MDF or chipboard, as furniture from natural wood can quickly break down from high humidity. The color solution of the hall, with its large dimensions, can be anything, based on the general idea and design of the whole house.

Design of a large hallway( interior photo)