Entrance hall in Khrushchev interior photo: narrow design with wallpaper, small repair by own hands, furnished apartment

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With the help of design solutions, you can increase the space in the hallway and make it more functional With the help of design solutions it is possible to increase the space in the hallway and make it more functional In the house, which is called "Khrushchevka", instead of the hall there is only a corridor or a vestibule. But, despite the narrow space, any owner of such an apartment wants to see in his house a special and unique design that would be practical and beautiful. The hall in Khrushchev, its interior can be significantly transformed, it is only necessary to ask about its change, see a photo of the repair that will suit, or read articles giving practical advice.

      • We change the design of the hallway in Khrushchev: photos and examples
      • Narrow hallway in the Khrushchevka: design, photo and materials for the floor
      • Furniture and repair in the hall of the Khrushchev: photo
      • Choose wallpaper in the hallway:Photo Khrushchev
      • Compact hallway in Khrushchev: interior( video)
      • Design of hallway in Khrushchev( interior photo)

We change the design of the hallway in Khrushchev: photos and examples

The owners of Khrushchev's fortunetelles can not be called:Kie room, uncomfortable hall. In such an apartment neither turn around, nor feel freedom. In such houses, the outer walls were not more than 40 cm thick, and the thickness of the bearing wall between the apartment walls was only 20-30 cm. However, not everything is as sad as it seems.

To make the hallway more compact and practical, you need to take into account some points:

  1. Selection of the right elements and colors for painting walls must be done correctly. Preferably choose light colors;
  2. It is possible to place a closet on a long corridor wall, if the dimensions of the hallway contribute to this;
  3. Under the ceiling you can build mezzanines to save space, and below put the lights. Visually the space becomes wider;
  4. The whole room should be well lit.

Mirrors and stretch ceilings in the hallway will create the illusion of increasing space Mirrors and stretch ceilings in the hallway will create the illusion of increasing the space

Instead of installing the cabinet, you can hang shelves, put clothes on the hooks, so much space will be freed up. Clothing in a small hallway is best kept for the season - the one that is currently used.

Changing the design of the hallway usually begins with the drawing up of a plan. You need to consider all the wishes and size of future furniture. When choosing materials, do not use gypsum board, wood and plastic panels, artificial plaster and stone. The ideal is painting and wallpaper from vinyl and non-woven fabric. Photo gallery will help to beautifully decorate the walls in the hallway. You need to choose one color, but different shape and size of the photo frames. They are placed photos, and the finished version is placed on not wide tabletops, installed along the walls.

Narrow hallway in Khrushchevka: design, photo and floor materials

In narrow hallways, reflecting on the interior and design, you should stop the choice of minimalism. A large number of details clog up an already small space. When the corridor has the form of the letter G, you can change the interior by installing corner cabinets. Inside, you can place shoes, hang clothes, and everything will always be at hand because of the size of the cabinets. Choosing materials for the floor, you need to focus on the most appropriate. They should be of high service life, since the hallway is the most passable part of the house.

These materials can be:

  • Ceramic tiles - easy to clean with a damp cloth. Such a floor will last long, is resistant to various influences and is very beautiful;
  • Parquet;
  • Linoleum - practical in use, but less durable than tiles;
  • Carpet - it's better to choose with a short nap;
  • Board made of solid wood;
  • Laminate - easy to install and has an expensive appearance, but if it gets wet quickly spoils.

The use of photo wallpapers with perspective widens the narrow sections in the hallway Using wallpaper with perspective extends narrow sections in the hallway

The main problem in creating an interior in a narrow hallway is furniture, or rather its placement. The question of long walls should also be resolved by dividing into zones. Zones are separated by using multi-level ceilings and a combination of wall and floor coverings.

Replacing the doorway with an arch, you can fine-tune the area of ​​a narrow hallway.

Fixtures should be placed in the center, this will create a partial shadow on the side walls, which visually shortens the length of the room.

Furniture and repair in the hallway of the Khrushchev: photo

The first impression of the Khrushchev - it is inhospitable. Decoration and design of a small hallway will not take much money, effort and time, but it will improve the image of the whole apartment. Repair should start from the ceiling. Ideal is the option with a white ceiling color and light wall shades. If you paint the ceiling with acrylic enamel, you will need to carefully level the main surface, since the oblique light will show all the irregularities, but this option will be the cheapest. Equipping the hall furniture, you need to think about how to arrange all things, because they are not suitable for storage in other rooms.

The interior of the hall is divided into:

  1. A practical option - you can put a lot of things. Placement of wardrobes, cupboards and chests of drawers;
  2. Variant of rest - chairs and armchairs;
  3. Various additional furniture - the presence of shelves and tables for small items.

In the hallway it is practical to place a wardrobe with mirrors that visually increase the area and save space In the hallway it is practical to place a wardrobe with mirrors that visually increase the area and save space

The entire arsenal of furniture does not accommodate a small hallway, so the emphasis is on the functionality of the furniture. In small hallways, there is no need to emphasize furniture, it should not stand out, it is better to select it in the color of the walls.

You should also buy an ottoman or stool for the hallway, for example, a folding one. Inside such furniture, you can store small items, such as a brush for shoes and clothes.

We select the wallpaper in the hallway: photo of the Khrushchev

The walls in the hall finish the style of the whole room, visually increasing the space and bringing comfort. Ideas for expanding the room include selecting a wallpaper pattern from small strokes or dashes arranged horizontally. Another idea that designers use to expand the space is that the distant wall of the corridor is covered with wallpaper with a background that is darker than on long walls. The coverage pattern should be the same.

Wallpaper dark colors for the hallway is well combined with wallpaper light colors, which will help to hide the unevenness of the walls Wallpaper dark colors for the hallway is well combined with light-colored wallpaper that will help to hide the unevenness of the walls

You can make your own drawing on light wallpaper with a picture using fluorescent inks. In the absence of lighting, the picture will be visible and revive the hallway.

For walls are most suitable:

  1. Wallpaper of vinyl - withstand mechanical damage, but very simply glued;
  2. Liquid wallpaper is the best option, as they are extremely practical;
  3. Panels made of PVC and MDF - their thickness is longer, they are durable, but installation takes a lot of time than wallpapering the walls.

Compact hall in Khrushchev: interior( video)

Khrushchev's hallways - a difficult case for thinking over the interior. In Khrushchev, as in Brezhnevka, there are very few places, we have to come up with various clever ways to improve the space in order to beautifully equip the house and furnish it with furniture so that there is room for life. It does not matter what kind of real estate a person has: a three-room apartment or in its location there are two or two, interesting design options can always be thought over so that the compact interior details will co-exist with designer solutions.

hallway in Khrushchev Design( Interior photos)

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