The living room with a wardrobe: a photo of the wardrobe in the hall, with two and without, with a large and narrow, inexpensive

To date, the market provides a wide range of furniture, including the walls for living rooms To date, the market provides a wide range of furniture, including the walls for living rooms The walls for living rooms are striking in the breadth of their range. Some models serve for the location of TV, others for placing books, figurines or even dresses and outer clothing there. The most important thing is to choose a product that will exactly meet the requirements and decorate the room. About what criteria to guide in choosing and will be discussed further.

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wall into the living room without a closet

walls of the enclosure without, as a rule - it's small and compact design.

They are used for:

  • Services;
  • Small accessories;
  • Layout of TV with speaker system.

It is not difficult to choose such designs, and they do not require a large space in the room, which is extremely important for many.

For a small living room you can use a wall without a cabinet, so you can save space For a small living room can be used without a wall cabinet, so you can save space

Furniture factory offers a huge selection of wall, which can be purchased as ready-made products, and under the order of the individual designing.

Wall with wardrobe for living room

Modern walls are original designer products, and mostly modular. They not only won the hearts of people around the world, but also became an integral part of many interiors.

Modular construction:

  • Practical;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Universal;
  • Convenient.

Lately, customers have become increasingly preferred to large walls with a wardrobe for clothing. Do not think that the designs of this type are too bulky and require a lot of space, as designers manage to create cabinets as compact as possible and at the same time very capacious. Fill cabinets inside you can a variety of shelves, drawers or just make a compartment where things will hang.

Modern designers have tried to surprise the functionality of the walls for living rooms Modern designers try to surprise functionality walls of living room

mainly for hall walls consist of elements such as:

  • TV Stand;
  • Wall cabinet;
  • Wardrobe;
  • Showcase.

Some prefer to purchase inexpensive mini-bars in addition, but this is a private matter for every person. If space allows, then it can be filled with a chest of drawers or a conventional curbstone in the same style as the wall. With regards to the appearance of the modern wall, then arrange it can be standard along the wall or in the shape of the letter U and G.

Modular design with corner cabinets have become the most popular, because they mask the irregularities and corrects defects.

As already described, the walls are modular and unified. A single structure is fastened with screws and corners, thus it is impossible to remove or move any of the elements. Modular walls can be transformed with the time of operation. For example, it is possible to outweigh the lockers or move the wardrobe. Suspended elements can be installed on the bracket, but you need to take care of its quality installation, in order to avoid an accident due to collapse.

Living room wall with two cabinets

Choosing a wall with two large wardrobes can bring a lot of trouble.

It will require:

  • prepare more funds because either there are no low-cost construction of large format, or they are sold out of low-quality material;
  • Determine with dimensions;
  • Much more space for their location.

In addition to these characteristics it is necessary to decide on the style of furniture. For a room decorated in the style of hi-tech, the wall with a decor of metal, glass and moldings is perfect. The minimalism style has one distinctive feature - the total absence of extra items and accessories, among others. That is why for such a living room it is necessary to select a wall with closed shelves and a minimum of elements.

The wall into the living room with two cupboards is an excellent choice for those who need to place a lot of things The wall in the living room with two cabinets is an excellent choice for those who need to store a lot of things

Designers believe that the best option is to buy a wall for an order, because you can play with color, choose a specific material, And also combine the various elements together.

Excellent strict and elegant walls on the sides, in which there are two wardrobes and a print on the facade. Do not be afraid to confuse what seems impossible. For the Art Nouveau style, closets-walls with smooth lines and laconic form are perfect. The design should not be heavy and cumbersome in appearance, which will create comfort in the room. The conglomeration of premises is far from fashionable and it is now preferable to leave as much free space as possible.

Naturally, the wall should not only be attractive, but also be combined with a common interior. In this case, it is quite real that the hall will be ideal in appearance and will correspond to all design recommendations. Upholstered furniture can be combined with the wall, and maybe its contrast. For example, a very unusual looking chocolate sofa and cream set. Do not need a large number of accessories, magnets, cups and other items, as they will create an effect of disorder and bad taste.

What can be the facade of the cabinet in the wall

People of the new generation do not like monotony in the interior, boring colors and standard furniture. That's why you can often find such designs as walls with cabinets for dresses and at the same time cabinets will be a coupe type, with a decor on the doors.

Now there are many options for finishing the walls, so everyone can find for themselves what is closer to him Now there are many options for finishing the walls, so everyone can find for themselves what is closer to him

With regards to the finish then the options are just mass and sometimes the choice is not so simple:

  1. Photo printingIs the easiest way to decorate the facade of cabinets. The application of the image to wood is carried out by a process such as UV beam polymerization. Modern technology allows you to apply the pattern clearly and without streaks, and besides, even after several years and with daily care, it will not lose its proper appearance. You can get a quality and juicy print, if you entrust the finish professional.
  2. No less popular are mirror facades. With their help, you can create a visual expansion of the room, which is required for small and narrow rooms. The method can be approached and if you need to draw a narrow corridor, but it is in the living room that it will come in handy.
  3. The glossy or lacquered facade of the sliding-door wardrobe is used for exactly what is mirrored. The assortment of such coatings is almost unlimited, because you can choose a film, polymer coating or plastic panels. Some simply prefer to immediately order doors covered with varnish.
  4. The glass facade is usually used for walls with display cases, but in the wardrobes the doors consist only of some of the glass linen, because there is nothing to open to the guests all that is stored inside the wall.
  5. Now it is very fashionable to install carved doors on the walls in the hall. Such products are processed manually, they are far from cheap and at the same time you can order a wide variety of designs to your taste. Equipment in modern factories allows you to create the most unimaginable and creative products that can surprise everyone who sees them.

Modern walls in the living room( video)

Do not be afraid to buy something new for your home. This is what can become the beginning of a new life or allow you to love your home, which has become more comfortable and attractive. I wish you success!

Variants of walls for the living room with a wardrobe( photo in the interior)