Bedroom interior 15 sq. M.M photo: design real and modern, rectangular layout of the living room, dressing room

Even in a small bedroom you can create an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and comfort Even in a small bedroom, you can create an atmosphere of comfort, peace and comfort To create a design idea for a room, you need to think carefully about what you want to see in your bedroom. Use the room only for rest or also as an office?Do I need a desk, a double bed, curbstones, cabinets?Do you want to make the room visually more or use bright and unusual decoration materials?In general, it will take a long time to think. Below, we will discuss in more detail how to properly design a bedroom and create a project, as well as pick up finishing materials and arrange furniture.

    • Bedroom design 15 sq. M.M
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Bedroom design 15 sq. M.M

After all the issues are solved, it is necessary to develop a project, a scheme. Then the turn for the finishing materials. In 2016, various light building materials, as well as parquet, are in fashion. Do not forget about the curtains or blinds, as well as various decorative elements.

It is necessary to solve and the question of furniture, on the diagram it is necessary to depict it as ideally want to see it in the bedroom. Perhaps it is better to buy a sofa instead of a bed?And where to store things?In the dresser or closet?All the nuances need to be considered and painted.

If possible, a bedroom of a small size is better not to be piled up with furniture If possible, a smaller bedroom is better not to be piled up with furniture

Further furniture must be selected. If there are a lot of things, then it's better to pay attention to the closets. Otherwise, it is enough and a chest on which it is possible to arrange various decorative elements, cosmetics, a mirror. Furniture should be chosen from the style of the bedroom. More about them - below.

What style to choose for a bedroom

The real interior of a bedroom should not be very different from the overall design of an apartment or house. It is better if all rooms are made in the same style, for example in the classical or modern.

The area of ​​15 meters is quite suitable for creating the interior of the following areas:

  • Minimalism;
  • Classics;
  • Fusion;
  • Modern;
  • High-tech.

You do not need to make repairs in the style that is now in the trend, you can create an interior that you prefer to see in your bedroom. At the moment, the most popular destinations are minimalism and modernity, which are focused on comfort and convenience, the room should also be light and spacious. You can stop and choose any of these interiors, especially if you want to create a cozy and bright atmosphere.

For modern styles, you need to choose light wallpaper and floor, it is better to pay attention to wood.

Now quite popular are the styles of modern and minimalism Today, the modernist and minimalist styles are still quite popular.

Furniture should be functional, comfortable and also better if it is made in light colors: gray, white, beige. A large amount of light must be provided either by using a wide window with light curtains or using various luminaires built into walls or ceiling, as well as unusual lamps. Modern interior trends generally like a variety of unusual design elements, bright lamps, vases, tables of strange colors and shapes, all perfectly combined with neutral finishing materials.

The classic interior is dominated by rich deep tones, a beautiful expensive dark wood bed, soft furniture of chocolate and burgundy tones, monophonic wallpaper or with symmetrical interesting patterns. Cabinets are also better to choose traditional shapes and colors.

For people who love brightness, you can use the fusion style. Wallpapers of juicy tones, for example, orange, red, yellow, should contrast with light furniture. You can install in such a bedroom an ordinary double bed without any bloat and patterns, so as not to overload the room.

The layout of the bedroom is 15 sq.m. M: photo, rectangular shape

A rectangular bedroom measuring 15 m2 is standard for most new buildings. In such a room all the necessary things, a bed, cabinets, you can even put a coffee or a writing table, chairs, chairs. You can place some items from the nursery, such as a crib or toys. The bedroom can also be, like the dressing room, you can put in a modern bedroom coat rack or hide all things in the closet.

In the bedroom of a rectangular shape, you can conveniently place furniture In a rectangular bedroom, you can conveniently place furniture

Bed in a rectangular bedroom is better to put the headboard against the wall, it is undesirable to install it to the wall with a window. Dressing table as it is better to put closer to the window, so that the light falls at the most convenient angle. A closet or chest of drawers with things is best placed near the front door or in the corner. Armchairs can be put against each other, between them to put a small coffee table. Instead of chairs you can take and ottomans, inside of which you can hide pillows.

Instead of a bed, you can buy a sofa, depending on the model, you need to install it in either a corner or a wall.

How to glue wallpaper in the bedroom: a fashionable room

Depending on the chosen interior, you should choose wallpaper. Different wallpapers are glued in different ways. In such styles as fusion, modern, high-tech, minimalism, you can use modern unusual materials, for example, liquid wallpaper. You can even use in one bedroom different shades and textures of liquid wallpaper.

The easiest way to glue wallpaper is to place beautiful or patterned materials at the head of the bed, and use simple monophonic wallpaper in the rest of the room. It's great if the monophonic wallpaper is the same color as the patterned wallpaper. If the room has stretch ceilings, then highlight this effect will help highlight.

Wallpaper in the bedroom should be selected based on the interior of the room Wallpaper in the bedroom should be selected based on the interior of the room

However, you can simply paste over the entire room with monophonic or patterned wallpaper, and hang on the wall at the head of the picture, photos, shelves.

Living room-bedroom 15 sq.m. M

In a room of 15 m2 you want to combine a living room and a bedroom, for example, if the apartment is a one-room apartment.

There are several variants of planning in this case:

  1. In the room, put a bed and a small sofa. TV hang on the wall to save space. Instead of a sofa, you can arrange an armchair in the bedroom or several ottomans.
  2. If you do not want to put a bed, then you can replace it with a convertible sofa. In the room you can also arrange another sofa for rest, and the second one is used for sleeping.
  3. In the bedroom-living room you can install and folding armchairs, tables, cabinets.
  4. You can zoned the room, for example, in the living room part of the room to spread the carpet on the floor, to paste other wallpaper.
  5. You can decorate the room as a normal bedroom, but add a wall-mounted TV and a wall.

If the bedroom and living room are in the same room, then it is best to divide the room into zones If the bedroom and living room are in the same room, then it is best to divide the room into the

. Attention should also be paid to the models of the sofas, they can be either angular or conventional, but with different decomposition methods: a book, Retractable, etc.

Design bedrooms with a small area( video)

In conclusion, it should be said that creating a design and layout of the bedroom is a fascinating, but also difficult, it is necessary to pay careful attention to details, to choose the right materials and furniture. If you approach the issue of repair in a complex and not hurrying, you can eventually get a beautiful and, most importantly, a cozy bedroom that will please you for a long time.

Bedroom interior 15 sq. M.m( photo)