Novelties bedroom suites 2017: photo and modern design, super style

The bedroom design in a modern style is based on the interrelation and thoughtfulness of all the details The bedroom design in a modern style is based on the interrelation and thoughtfulness of all the details. If you follow what the fashion offers, you need to take for the rule - the bedroom is now not just a place to sleep and rest. Practice and aesthetics - this is the best union of 2017.But the main requirement for the bedroom - it must necessarily distract from everyday burdens. It is a place of relaxation, a zone of comfort, in the creation of which there are many trifles. And a lot depends on the design of bedroom sets.

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Modern bedroom set: color solution

If you are attracted to the classics, you should stop on a pastel scale. But no one calls you a conservative, pastel shades are always modern. Bright accents are used only in details, the bedroom should not be flattered, otherwise it will not fulfill its function.

In favor white color. It would seem that the fashion for it should already subside, but not one modern catalog presents novelties of headsets, design concepts in white color. White is universal, suitable for a room of any size and layout.

Bedroom set in white colors perfectly matches with any shades Sleeping set in white colors perfectly matches with any shades

The modern headset is a union of gray and white. In tandem, these two shades create an atmosphere of appeasement, and, importantly, do not strain the eyes at all. Gray color should not be very dark, otherwise the bedroom will be unnecessarily strict.

Another fashion feature is the combination of white and natural wood. And here you can add a bit of gray, this will be an excellent solution, since it will repeat one of the best natural combinations. And, as you know, there is no more talented designer than nature.

Bedroom set 2017: shapes and materials

The passions on the loft do not cease, because pretty rough exterior models of bedroom sets still appear in fashion catalogs. They are quite ascetic, they can be massive, a little rough. Sometimes the headset remains simple, close to the classics, but at the head of it - a wall of rough woodworking or brick.

The main condition when choosing a bedroom set - it should fully meet your desires The main condition for choosing a bedroom set is that it should fully meet your desires.

Other variants tend to repeat retro motifs:

  • Beds with curved walls at the headboard that can be found in the interior 60-x;
  • Streamlined, smooth forms without floridity and without the usual elements, for example, the legs of the bed and other small details will not be visible;
  • The bedroom set increasingly includes a retro table on the thin legs of unexpectedly bright colors or in the aesthetics of the shebbie-chic( with exquisite attrition).
  • The beds with forged walls are not out of fashion. Today you can find super-models of this plan - forged walls mimicking a fragment of a mall, a sketch for a mosaic, etc. But such a wall should only be at the head of the bed, the second simply does not.

An example of a fashionable headset 2017

What can be included in a modern fashionable headset?Usually this is a complex that perfectly equips the bedroom - you do not need anything else. Immediately worth noting, modern designers do not leave room for a closet in the bedroom, believing that it loads the room both literally and psychologically.

Bedroom set in a modern style should be comfortable and practical in use Bedroom set in a modern style should be convenient and practical to use

Therefore, the most common set today is:

  • Dressing table. Very often it is a low rectangular table in color walnut, made from American poplar, with three drawers. The table is not laid out, on metal legs.
  • Mirror. Also rectangular, of the same material, with a height of 90 cm and a width of 60 cm.
  • Console for TV. The depth of this console is usually 40 cm, and the height is half a meter. The console has drawers, stands on legs.
  • Large double bed. The depth of the bed is 2 m, and the height is 1 m, the width is 160-165 cm, the double bed is gray with linen.
  • Bedside table. Has two drawers, high legs, a height of 56 cm. The depth of the cabinet is 35 cm. Materials and color are the same.

Everything else you might need in such a bedroom is a carpet or a small bedside table, a floor lamp, a TV, and, perhaps, an atmospheric picture on the wall.

What are the advantages of the

bedroom set? Very often, furniture in the bedroom is purchased separately. But kits usually buy more profitable, their elements are initially combined with each other.

Buy a bedroom set entirely, because it is much more profitable than buying furniture individually Buy the bedroom set as it is much more profitable than buying furniture individually

Usually one set includes:

  • Bed;
  • One or two bedside tables;
  • Wardrobe( not always);
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Dressing table;
  • Mirror.

If all this you buy on a separate basis, the overpayment can be from 40 to 60%.

Bedroom set from the manufacturer, which is aimed at the buyer of average solvency, involves the use of furniture from wear-resistant materials. Usually at a bed a headboard with a carving, a coach-coupler or silk-screen printing, rather high. Also made out chest of drawers, wardrobe, bedside tables. This is a headset, gravitating towards the classics, which will not go out of fashion for a long time.

Bedroom design in 2017( video)

The bedroom set is already made by designers in perfect combination, it makes the image of the bedroom solid, convincing, perfect. And you only need to find each piece of furniture your place, and successfully equip the bedroom.

Successful purchases!

Novelties bedroom sets 2017( photo)