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The bedroom in the classical style is particularly luxurious due to the beautiful furniture, volumetric chandelier and paintings with a wide frame bedroom in classical style is particularly beautiful because of the luxury furniture, chandeliers and paintings volume with a broad frame Making destinations we spend differently. Some in the interior of bedrooms prefer a minimum number of objects, others like bright, contrasting solutions, and lovers of classics are not so few. Classics today also adhere to the trends of comfort and coziness. The situation in the modern classic bedroom gives an opportunity to relax after a hard day. Yes, it is from the arrangement of a sleeping room that a healthy, full-fledged sleep depends, it's not a living room. Before you design a bedroom you should think through all the details, you can not make a mistake.

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«classic» bedroom in pastel colors

It is important to take into accounte criteria area of ​​the room, the shape of the room, the design of the other rooms. Also, when drafting a bedroom, the lifestyle of the owners of the house, preferences in style directions are taken into account. At the very first planning stage, you must select the color gamut. The idea for classical style provides neutral pastel colors, however modern design can be bright.

It is important to observe, sense of proportion and choose only those colors that like.

Pastel colors are appropriate to use in the classic bedroom, as they positively affect a person Pastel colors appropriate to use the classic bedroom, because they have a positive effect on the psychological state of a person

making repairs in the bedroom, and going to arrange it in a classical style, many people prefer to choose a bright color palette, muted, neutral colors. This applies not only to the finishing of walls, floors and ceilings, but also furnishing the premises, textiles, accessories. On a light background, not even bright interior objects look beautiful and attract the eye. Warm, gentle shades, for the bedroom coming up the best.

room, decorated in a classic style, promotes:

  • relaxed;
  • Peace;
  • Calm down.

However, it is not necessary to make a room completely pastel colors, eyes need focusing. The mood and style of the room will give bright accents.

These bright spots can become:

  • pillows;
  • Curtains;
  • Panel;
  • Lamps.

If the bedroom is small, it is recommended to apply white shades during registration, which visually increase the room If the bedroom is small, it is recommended to use white shades in the design that visually increase the room.

The accent may be furniture or even a window frame. Often designers suggest creating an interesting bright headboard by the bed, making the main accent in the room on this. Attract antique antiques, a picture, beautiful photos. Against the backdrop of light colors, they will look great. Light wallpaper perfectly in harmony with furniture in natural light colors.

Solid wood furniture can be used in design arrangement. It can be a sofa, a coffee table, armchairs, chests of drawers, bedside tables.

It looks interesting in the interior furnishings in wenge color. Take on the role of accent can be aged interior items, mirror frames, surfaces under bronze or copper. On a neutral background, they will look chic and interesting. The elite chandelier produced by China will also be able to focus on itself. White sconces, designer floor lamps from China or from a favorite manufacturer, too, will not leave the household indifferent. Above the bed you can hang a bright panel or a beautiful mirror. Accent in the bedroom aged in light colors can be and a floor covering. Dark laminate tiles will look spectacular, and the bedside mat will give the interior a cozy and warm atmosphere. Designer hits provide in the interior of the device of an old chest, it is not just an original object, but also a roomy chest of drawers for bedspreads and bed linen.

Classical elite bedroom, accented wall

The accent wall is usually executed in a different color and texture. Not infrequently an accent wall is executed in color, which is something in between the contrast tone and the main color palette of the room.

You can make an accent wall in a classic bedroom using wallpaper framed, which will stand out against the background of the primary color Make accent wall in the classic bedroom, you can use wallpaper, decorated in a frame that will stand out against the background of primary color

achieve harmony is possible, if you add a color accent walls in the textile elements:

  • bedspreads;
  • Bedding;
  • Decorative cushions.

The wall-accent gives the room a special grace and refinement. In the bedroom for a girl, a girl, a boy, a man or a couple, the accent wall always looks presentable.

Brightness and charm - the modern idea of ​​a classic


The bright design in a small or large bedroom is a trend of our time. Today it is very popular to decorate the walls with bright finishing materials. If before paint could only be seen in accessories, then today's brightness is just in the decoration of the walls. The most fashionable color was the color of the ripe plum. Picking up a deep, but at the same time gentle shade can create a cozy place for a full sleep and rest.

If the walls are made in purple, then it must be present in all the textiles of the bedroom.

In the classic bedroom is often dominated by a golden color, which gives it a chic The classic bedroom is often dominated by the golden color that gives it a chic

From bright colors elegant suit - rich, sunny, blue. Blue is elegantly combined with crimson and white. Lead should be blue, but the other two colors should be present in textiles or accessories. This combination is ideal for a girl's room. Teenage bedroom, sustained in an incredible harmony of emerald color like everyone. A competent selection of textiles, accessories and interior items will help finish the non-trivial image of the living room. Interesting and original design will help create a combination of several cool tones. The light concise atmosphere of such a room is ideally located with comfort and rationality. Style and passion bedroom can give not only the decoration of the walls, but also the elements of the decor in contrast.

Get positive can be added to the interior of the room:

  • Bright head of the bed;
  • Textile active colors;
  • White accessories.

The bedroom does not have to be in pastel colors. But, if the repair is done by yourself, without the help of the designer, it is better not to experiment with brightness, it is better to give preference to natural shades.

Classic bedroom design in a classic style - a bright wallpaper

Classic style many years ago provided for the use in the decoration of wallpaper bright colors. But, after decades the classics became more strict, the wallpaper became monophonic and light. Today the wallpaper with the picture is again in vogue. They are glued and glued to the children's walls of the living room and bedroom. If not so long ago, wallpaper with a pattern pasted only the accent wall, then today it is possible to arrange all vertical surfaces.

For a classic bedroom is not to choose a monotonous wallpaper, and bright with a pattern for classical bedroom is to choose not monotonous wallpapers and bright patterned

Today colored finishing materials revived and more people prefer to decorate the walls with wallpaper:

  • Drawing;
  • Pattern;
  • Print.

It is only necessary to cover the walls with wallpaper with a coin, as the room instantly changes. It is important to remember one rule, if the wallpaper is sufficiently intricate coloring, with a saturated print, then the floor and ceiling must be consistent in one color.

Neighboring wallpaper should with quiet accessories and interior items. Wallpapers with print will cause an unforgettable impression.

Chandeliers in the bedroom in the classic style

In the classic bedroom it is important to properly arrange the lighting. Many people imagine a classical chandelier in the form of a hanging bulky lamp, with horns or shades-flowers. However, with suspended chandeliers, the choice of a lamp in the bedroom is not limited. Classic style in the bedroom suggests a luxurious, solemn room decoration. Each object in the room is magnificent in its own way, and together they create a harmonious composition.

The lighting fixture in such a room should not only be beautiful and appropriate in style, but also functional, giving a sufficient amount of light.

The main attribute of a classic bedroom is a three-dimensional chandelier The main attribute of the classic bedroom is a bulky chandelier made in the old days

The chandelier should be located in the central part of the room. If the ceilings in the room are not high, then you need to take models under the ceiling, if the height allows, then you can choose the original pendant light.

In addition to the chandelier, there must be local lighting in the bedroom, for this purpose it is necessary to arrange indoors:

  • Floor lamps;
  • Bra;
  • Lamps.

It is better not to use spotlights in this style direction. Before choosing a light in a classic bedroom, you need to carefully consider the lighting scheme, the room should not be very bright, the light should be warm and calm, in the bedroom everything should be to rest, to a healthy sleep. Today the market has a huge assortment of lighting devices created in the classical style, so there should not be any problems with the choice.

cozy bedroom in a classic style( video)

If we approach the design of a bedroom with a mind with awe and patience, even without spending a lot of money, you can get a nice, nice room, which bude nice to read, take a nap or to gain strengthBefore the next fruitful working day. We all remember that it is our quality sleep that determines our psycho-emotional state. Arranging the bedroom can not be forgotten and about the furniture, the main element of the bed should be comfortable, all other furnishings should be made of their good wood.

bedroom design in classic style( interior photo)