Bedroom in oriental style: interior design, furniture and colors

Eastern interior is a luxury and an abundance of expensive fabrics Eastern interior - it is a luxury and an abundance of expensive fabrics Interior of bedroom in eastern style gained popularity in recent years. This was promoted by the Turkish series. Many women, having looked at them, wanted to recreate in the sleeping room an atmosphere that evokes associations with the mysterious East.

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The elegance and luxury of this style can dramatically transform the room, making it inviting and charming. The traditional color of the East attracts many. This interior is reminiscent of a fairy tale, famous around the world: about Aladdin, Ali Baba, Scheherazade. .. In each of them there is a description beautiful quarters with luxurious furnishings, beautiful palaces and caves with treasures.

You can implement the elegant design of the bedroom yourself. Here are recommendations for the room to become luxurious and fabulous.

Particulars of

As a rule, the floors in the eastern bedroom are made of natural stone Usually floors in the east bedroom is made of natural stone

Oriental style has a number of inherent features only to him:

  • Floors made of natural stone;
  • Walls finished with plaster;
  • Lots of carpets and drapes;
  • Large furniture with carving.

Many Muslim countries have always been attractive for residents of Europe and other countries. Traveling to these countries, tourists remember original design ideas and embody them at home.

Oriental style is a luxurious design with an abundance of expensive fabrics. Among them:

  • brocade;
  • Silk;
  • Velvet.

The floor is usually covered with handmade carpets. Effectiveness and style add tables inlaid with mother of pearl.

Another design solution - add to the interior of gilded dishes, vases, weapons of the Middle Ages and many small decorative elements.

In a city apartment to design this style is difficult, does not allow ceiling height and room dimensions. It is important that the furniture does not occupy the entire area, but only a small part of it, there should be a lot of free space. However, small rooms can be decorated with an original oriental charm.


Most often cold colors are used, but there are also warm, for example, sand color most commonly used cool shades, but there are also warm, for example, sand color

to Middle East interior is characterized by shades of red, purple, blue and pink. Designers prefer a cool color scheme. Fans of warm colors can choose a sand tint. Golden color is able to emphasize the color of the East.

Wall, floor and ceiling

For many, the combination of red and gold is associated with luxury, the room in this coloring looks rich. But the main thing is that the owners feel comfortable in the created atmosphere. After all, they need to rest here, and the stimulating red color does not help it. Light colors will suit the walls much better. Wall decoration can be different - they can be painted, decorated with decorative plaster, glue wallpaper with silk-screen printing, drape with a cloth.

Eastern design assumes the presence of various niches in the walls. They can be located at any height. Designed niches for clothing, vases, lamps.

For the ceiling, the classic white color is actual. But you can decorate it in blue shades resembling the sky, add drawings of stars.

The floor in this style is wooden, stone or laminated. The finished coating is carpeted.


In the eastern interior there are no wardrobes. For this, there are chests of drawers or chests with bizarre ornament. Outer clothing is placed in special niches, which are closed with curtains. Furniture is made of natural wood with carved patterns.

In the eastern bedroom, in almost every element, one can find a characteristic ornament In the eastern bedroom almost every item can meet the characteristic pattern

The bedroom with a fabulous design aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed. The tale of a thousand and one nights will be a part of your life.