Design room two bedroom zones photo: zoning, how to fence a bed in a one-room apartment

Separation of the design of the room into the bedroom and the office allows zoning space Separation of room design into bedroom and cabinet allows zoning space It is possible to divide the bedroom design into two zones for various reasons. For example, if you want to fence off a place to rest, as well as to receive guests. Zoning can not be done without preliminary preparation of the project, because each element must be in its place. The main purpose of dividing the room into two parts is that it should be, not only equipped with a wall or screen, but also be cozy and comfortable for both households and their visitors.

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Zoning bedrooms

to create the project need to implement technical froze the bedroom or hall as well as to put an accurate functionalityhydrochloric task of each of its parts. In a large space it is much easier to realize your ideas and arrangement of furniture, which can not be said about rooms with small dimensions. The most important thing is not to be afraid to experiment, because sometimes this can be the right decision, which can change the room beyond recognition.

Zoning of the bedroom makes it possible to use the room for different purposes Zoning bedrooms enables the use of rooms for different purposes

Catching division bedrooms, should be guided by specific requirements - is the creation of comfort for relaxation and sleep:

  1. undesirable separation of the room into two zones, if the area is less than14 m2.
  2. Designers believe that to divide a bedroom or a room in a one-room apartment can be in a ratio of 1: 1, which will fully utilize both parts without discomfort.
  3. If you want to divide exactly the bedroom into a sleeping and working area, then the bed should be as far away from the lights, desk and computer.

How to separate the sleeping area in a studio apartment

If you plan to share the bedroom and living room in the house, originally worth paying attention to finish with wallpaper that is simple enough. Beautiful finishing materials will serve you more than one year and will please your proper appearance.

The sleeping area in a one-room apartment can be highlighted with wallpaper of a different color, which will be combined with the main shade of the walls sleeping area in a studio apartment can be distinguished wallpaper of a different color, which will be combined with the main shade of the walls

With regards to the choice of wallpaper, you should choose:

  • Beautiful;
  • Quality;
  • Not cheap.

Such products can really meet expectations, but the main thing is that they come to the style of the room. At the moment it is very popular to combine different types of wallpaper, both in color and texture. It is perfectly permissible to use three different shades, but on condition that they do not contradict each other. Often on sale you can find collected sets of wallpapers from several types, capable of forming a single composition and harmony in the room.

It is very advantageous to buy them, as only the finishing process itself remains.

Zoning features

The functional purpose of a room from two zones can be created independently, it is only necessary to study the zoning features:

  1. It is not recommended to use two bright colors.
  2. It is not advisable to apply contrasting tones.
  3. You should not use large photo wallpapers for one zone.

The combination of white and brown in the interior of the bedroom looks very noble combination of white and brown color in the interior of the bedroom looks very noble

Organic separation of space will be the use of wallpaper beige and light brown color or yellow and orange, green and light green and the like. To assemble a composition is not difficult, you just need to penetrate the atmosphere of the room and understand what you want to get from the created interior. Having combined design recommendations, as well as your own preferences, a room even from two parts will become truly attractive.

Functional zoning bedrooms

Due to the fact that in the majority of apartments often do not have enough space to have a personal wardrobe, bedroom, living room and study - that it becomes far from simple problem. Avoid too much discomfort and confusion in the room can be through the arrangement of the right functional areas in the bedroom. Even if you want to combine the office and the place to sleep, then it is quite realistic, and so that when resting on the bed there will be no irritation from the lighting from the work area.

Mini-cabinet in the bedroom - this is a very convenient solution for those who often work at home Mini cabinet in the bedroom - it is a very convenient solution for those who often deals with work at home

for proper distribution of space designers recommend:

  • Make a list of where all the action will be described, forWhich will require a room;
  • Highlight the most important ones;
  • Give one of them their preference, and it will be biased in the design of the interior.

other words, if it is essential in a room and work and rest, the two areas should be equal, and if the person more time to work, study and self-improvement, and recreation area does not play a big role in the room at all instead of a bed canBe a sofa, unfolding if necessary.

presence of mini-cabinet, combined with a sofa or even a bed was to organize many of the new generation of people, because this cozy and native atmosphere helps a lot better to focus on work.

Separating the living room and bedrooms

room, divided into two parts, can sometimes look more attractive than one small room. Why?Because to the design and repair has been carried out an individual approach. Now you can meet a lot of ways, jewelry and products, through which the division of space.

Separation of a drawing room and a bedroom gives the chance in one room not only to have a rest, but also to receive visitors separated living and bedroom enables the same room, not only relax, but also to receive visitors


  • Plasterboard;
  • Green hedge;
  • with fireplace.

Green fence is naturally appreciated by lovers of nature and vegetation. It consists of a narrow vase, in which the same green screen, which separates one part of the room from the other, is planted. It is worth noting that the installation of the flowerpot should not just be across the room, but only on a small space of the transverse line.

In this case, the room will remain airy, light and its area will not be concealed, which is important.

Some designers prefer to zonate rooms using a fireplace. Do not confuse such a fireplace with the usual installed in a private house and with a large chimney. In fact, we are talking about an electric fireplace, which is considered completely safe, original and most importantly affordable. By placing a fireplace in the middle of the room, you can visually divide it into two parts. And due to the fact that some designs can exude heat, there will be additional heating in the room.

unusual way dividing the room

Some believe that a room with two areas - it is uncomfortable and is not attractive, but it is such finishes are the most popular. Now it is fashionable to build semi-partitions and podiums.

Semi-partition with niches is a very unusual and practical solution Poluperegorodka with niches - a very unusual and practical solution

Such products in the interior have several meanings:

  1. They serve as decoration space and make it more stylish and modern.
  2. They zoned space.
  3. They can be used as compartments for clothes and small accessories.

Hardly anyone can refuse to purchase a multifunctional and universal screen that will make the room attractive and allow you to get rid of annoying bedside tables and shelves. Semi-partitions perfectly cope with the task of dividing the room into a zone for sleeping and receiving guests, as well as for placing pots with flowers, figurines, cups and photographs.

How to divide a bedroom into two zones( video)

How to decorate them depends only on the owner of the house and on his imagination, which means that there are hundreds of thousands of options for creating comfort and comfort. It is worth remembering that the semi-partition consists in a partial division of space, rather than full.

Zoning bedrooms( photo)