Bedroom of two colors photo: interior design of the room, 2 color combinations

When decorating a bedroom, you should choose the right colors so that they harmonize with each other Making the bedroom, you should choose the right colors so that they harmonize with each other Each person has their own ideas about beauty, and some designers did argue that it is impossible to arrange one room in several ways. But everything is possible, you just need to!

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Do not blindly take two colors and paste to paint their room or as a decoration is necessary to approach the most correct and pre preparaBy the way. Basically, the zoning method is used to divide the space into two parts, for example for sleeping and working, for rest and wardrobe and not only. Separation of the room in several tones is great for visually hiding the shortcomings of the room, and also focus on the object or color.

The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom

The combination of several colors in the interior allows creating a harmonious and comfortable view of the room, where you can relax.

Designers do not recommend:

  • Selecting too bright colors;
  • Use of wallpaper with catchy patterns;
  • Rough materials, such as natural stone or its imitation.

The ban on them is not categorical, but there should be few, and also only in a certain place of the room. From bright colors and unusual finishes, you can easily accent and distract attention from defects and room missteps.

For a bedroom you should choose neutral shades, while one wall can be decorated with bright wallpaper and decor for sleeping room should be selected neutral shades, with one wall can be decorated with bright wallpaper and decor

right color choice for bedrooms

choose colors for the bedroom stands for:

  • Dimensions premises;
  • Lighting;
  • The shape of the room.

Light influences what kind of shades are cold or warm. The choice of soft and light color is suitable for a room with insufficient lighting, but dark colors will perfectly fit into the bedrooms with large windows located on the sunny side. The main mistake many of those who prefer to self-furnish a room is the refusal to choose a particular style. If you decide on the style, it will be much easier to specify what tones, interior items, color of furniture and even what patterns on the walls will be chosen.

The first thing to pay attention to your own preferences as well as the choice of fashion, but not lying to shade the soul is likely to irritate than delight, that will cause the breakdown and inability to relax.

Interior of the bedroom in two colors

To combine color solutions, it is worth paying attention to a number of aspects, thanks to which it will be possible to avoid missteps and ridiculous appearance.

Pick up wallpaper you need the same color, but with different shades To select the wallpaper must be the same color, but with different shades

main aspects:

  1. Shades should be uniform intensity, as if on the wallpaper in several places repeats the same color, he mustBe of the same tone.
  2. It is not advisable to use wallpaper on which there is a high-frequency drawing, which first of all presses on the psyche. It is much better to use monochrome and texture coatings.
  3. If you want to use a coating for walls with graphic elements, then you need to apply the same composition, rather than several, which will create a messy effect.
  4. The best option for creating a dilute environment is the use of white and beige patterns on canvases.

How to use the tone

To the room was a pleasure to be, when repairing you need to use certain advice from the masters.

Using a combination of two different wallpapers you can achieve a visual increase in space in a small bedroom Using a combination of two different wallpapers you can achieve visual increasing the space small bedroom


  1. no need to combine the bright and saturated hue with contrast. The second component should be a softer and lighter tone.
  2. If the design will be carried out with the help of wallpaper of different colors, you need to design the work in advance and try to focus on the merits of the bedroom.
  3. If the bedroom is small in size, then you must visually expand it when decorating it. This can be done through a combination of light colors, as well as contrasting and realistic wallpaper with a panorama.

Features of the room decoration

The combination of colors has become very popular lately, just like a combination of materials. Such decor can be called a non-standard, but universal way of decorating the bedroom. Depending on what color palette the preference will be given, the effect may differ.

If competently approach to the repair, you get:

  • unusually decorate the adjacent wall, hiding all the shortcomings;
  • To decorate both walls and ceiling with the help of colored wallpaper;
  • To decorate one wall with different shades;
  • Decorate the opposite walls with the same colors, but different in tone.

Properly selected design for the bedroom will help to hide all the shortcomings of the room well-chosen design for the bedroom will hide all the flaws of the room

If no exact skills pasting room wallpaper in two colors, you can use plain fabric but with colorful designs. Harmonious color scheme - a pledge of the excellent appearance of the room. Modern designers prefer to create accent walls, which is pretty creative in any room. During the decoration, attention is focused only on one side of the room, distracting from others.

Important!Create an accent wall is much more beneficial where the head of the bed is located. To design such a part of the room, you do not need to trim the entire wall to the ceiling, it's enough to half or even to draw this very accent with the help of a pattern, molding or photo wallpapers.

Color accents in the bedroom

The use of several colors in bedroom decoration is required in order to create functional areas.

Implement zoning is not difficult, it is necessary only to decide on the purpose for which the need both parts of the premises, as well as:

  • Where should be located the bed;
  • How to set the lighting;
  • Do I need a wardrobe.

Two-tone wall decoration will help to make zoning in the bedroom correctly two-tone finish of the walls will help to make the zoning in the bedroom

recreation area must necessarily be light and delicate, but for the working of the room should be fine colors like yellow, blue and green. If the room is designed for a child, in particular a student, then the shades should be juicy, invigorating and energetic, so that the kid is always in high spirits. Accent in the room can be a bright ceiling. Now it is very popular to install bright glossy ceilings that not only decorate the space, but also visually expand it. Ceiling can be in the form of wallpaper, but in this case, the hand of the master is required to carry out the design finish without gaffes. The choice of bright wallpaper is not acceptable, because a matte and too pretentious canvas will reduce the height of the walls and will exert pressure on the psyche.

It is much better to choose a material that is more light in texture, and also light in color.

popular color combination in the bedroom( video)

In conclusion, the typical combination of the two colors on the walls is to use wallpaper in which opposing geometric patterns. For example, vertical and horizontal lines. Vertical stripes are a unique decoration, as they externally increase the height of the walls. It would not look bad to use two types of wallpaper, one of which is monophonic, for example, light green, and the other in a striped background, which is white, and stripes are green. Thus, you can perfectly divide the space into two zones, and to the sleeping area, as well as to the working or reception area.

bedroom in two colors( photo)