Doorway from plasterboard: how to make a wall and sliding doors, photo as your own, how to decorate, install and finish, how to fix

Quickly and easily enough to transform the interior of the room can be done with a gypsum cardboard doorway Quick and easy enough to transform the interior of the room is possible by means of gypsum doorway change the layout or divided into separate rooms existing premises there is no difficulty. To do this, you can call a team of repair specialists or do everything yourself, subject to the availability of certain knowledge and skills. Most often for interior partitions, doorways made of plasterboard are used. The process of installing such a design must be thought out to the smallest detail, since its quality and stability depend on this.

    • How to make a wall of plasterboard with the doorway own
    • How to install sliding doors of the drywall in interior walls
    • Set the doorway of plasterboard with their hands
    • How to make a door made of plasterboard with their hands
    • In what order is the plasterboard wall with the door
    • installed? How to dry the drywall doorway correctly
    • How to install the doorway from the drywall
    • Doing their own hands doorway of plasterboard( video)
    • Making doorways of plasterboard( photo in the interior)

How to make a wall of plasterboard with the doorway own

quality and practicality of the drywall to use proven long ago. It is used not only as a material for finishing the walls, but also as a foundation for structures and partitions that separate the room into several rooms. Each such wall must have a hole under the door, which greatly complicates the installation process. It is important to remember that the doorway must have a certain stiffness in order to put a door frame, facing materials, slopes in it. If the door is not originally planned, in the future such a need may appear. Qualitatively installed doorway will allow you to mount the door without much trouble at any time.

Before installing a drywall wall and a doorway, you must pre-make the carcass layout Before installing plasterboard wall and a doorway kindly make a layout frame

installation process plasterboard walls:

  • frame markings;
  • Mounting the frame;
  • Wall cladding with plasterboard.

In the beginning of work it is necessary to draw a plan of walls in order to avoid shortcomings and further alteration. The future doorways and width of the partitions should be marked on the drawing. The first stage of the wall installation is the transfer of all elements from the plan to the floor and ceiling of the room.

The availability and location of electrical wiring and electrical appliances should also be considered in advance.

For the installation of the frame, the guide metal profile is installed, which serves as the contour of the partition. Mounting is carried out by a perforator or dowel-nails. Next, vertical racking profiles are mounted, after which the frame is filled with soundproofing material and is stitched with sheets of gypsum board.

How to install sliding doors in plasterboard interior walls

sliding doors in drywall take up little space and are ideal for small spaces.

Beautiful and modern in the interior will look sliding doors from plasterboard Nice and modern in the interior will look sliding doors made of plasterboard

to install a door will need to conduct the following activities:

  • Calculate the height of the mounting rail and the size of the opening;
  • Fit the partition frame;
  • Install the door guide;
  • Install travel stops;
  • Carry out the carcass plasterboard with plasterboard;
  • Carry out the flooring of a clean floor;
  • Hang the door leaf;
  • Install the trim pieces.

When installing a metal frame, jumpers are used that connect the walls of the structure to increase the rigidity. Also, double vertical stands are installed, because in the space where the door will be hidden the jumper can not be put.

We install the doorway from gypsum cardboard with our own hands

Door apertures are made using guide profiles according to the pre-marked markings. The size of the door block significantly affects the final width and height of the doorway. Before calculating the height of the opening, you should pay attention to the lack or presence of floor covering.

The shape and size of the gypsum cardboard doorway, as a rule, depends on the size and design features of the room The shape and size of the drywall doorway usually depends on the size and design of the room.

The installation process for the drywall partition with the door opening includes the following steps:

  • Installation of rail and rack profiles;
  • Marking and forming the structure of the doorway itself;
  • Fastening of gypsum boards to the finished doorway structure;
  • Installation of the plasterboard duct for the duct.

Before starting the finishing work, the wiring must be checked. To improve sound insulation, you need to fill the gap between the profile and the boards.

The racks along the edges of the door opening are strengthened with wooden blocks, which correspond to the profile in size. The presence of a wooden block significantly improves the quality of the door installation in the partition from the plasterboard with their own hands, and also improves the rigidity of the structure. Self-tapping is used to fix the bars to the profile.

How to make gypsum board doors with your own hands

The process of manufacturing and installing gypsum cardboard doors is not complicated, but the final result largely depends on the planning of the structure.

An obligatory step in the installation of the doorway from gypsum board is the design planning The required step in the installation of the gypsum cardboard door is the planning of the

. In the process of manufacturing gypsum board doors, the following work is required:

  • Install the door frame;
  • To trim the door bridging;
  • Fix cracks;
  • Carry out soil and shpaklevochnye work;
  • Carry out the final wall decoration.

For a skeleton the cut profile on which fastenings are fastened for increase in durability of a product is used. The frame is covered with plasterboard of any size and even remnants, as the finished fabric eventually succumbs to the primer and putty. All the cracks and chips that appear as a result of the skin must be sealed. After that, painting or gluing doors with photo wallpapers, tiles is done.

In some cases, the insulation of the door structure is made with foam, glass wool, foam, insulation, or polystyrene, and the material is laid in an empty space and fixed with glue.

In what order is the plasterboard wall with

installed? For isolating the passage room, it is possible to use interior partitions for which a material with different characteristics is used: moisture resistance and fire resistance.

As the material is very fragile, work with it carefully and carefully to avoid damage.

In order to avoid damage and properly install the opening, you must carefully perform repairs, paying attention to the smallest details In order to avoid damage and to properly install the opening, it is necessary to carry out the repair work carefully, paying attention to the smallest parts.

Steps for installing the partition:

  • Preparatory -Preparation of materials and tools;
  • Assembly - the process of installing the profile, forming a doorway and installing drywall;
  • Finishing - treatment of the wall surface with various impregnations, application of paint, tiles, wallpaper.

Immediately before installing the door, it is necessary to divide the material into separate elements by preliminary boundary marking. The cut line should be aligned with the edge plane. The frame is sheathed on both sides by plasterboard with the help of self-tapping screws.

How to Dry the Drywall Doorway Correctly

Before walling it is necessary to cut the drywall sheets with a construction knife. To obtain even boundaries, place the sheet on a horizontal solid surface and mark with a marker the line along which it is necessary to separate a part of the material. The top layer of gypsum board must be slightly incised. After that, the sheet is shifted to the edge of the support and is broken. At the end it needs to be turned over and repeated the above actions again, as a result of which it will be possible to separate the desired piece of drywall from the sheet.

Experts recommend choosing high-quality gipspokartonnye sheets to get a reliable and durable construction Specialists recommend choosing high-quality gypsum cardboard sheets to obtain a reliable and robust construction

The sheet and frame are connected using self-tapping screws. Initially, you need to fix the edges of the sheet, but only after that the middle. Between the fasteners, a distance between 10 and 25 cm must be maintained.

It is important to screw the screws completely into the plasterboard so that the hats do not protrude above the level of the wall.

The work is carried out in the following order:

  • The first sheet is fastened;
  • Measure the distance to the ceiling and cut out a piece of plasterboard of the appropriate size;
  • In places where it is necessary to fasten a sheet to another piece of plasterboard or ceiling, it is necessary to form a chamfer;
  • After the first row, entire sheets are installed under the ceiling, and the missing part is attached to the bottom.

How to install a doorway from a drywall

During the redevelopment of an apartment is very popular solution for finishing the doorway with plasterboard. In this case, it is not necessary to make it rectangular. Now unusual and curved doorways are in fashion, and with the help of gypsum cardboard it became real to realize any design idea.

Gypsum cardboard doorway will help stylishly and beautifully decorate almost any room Gypsum plasterboard doorway will help stylishly and beautifully decorate almost any room.

In the beginning of work it is necessary to dismantle the old door: remove from the hinges and remove the platbands, the jambs on the floor.

The installation of the doorway from gypsum board is carried out in several stages:

  • Installation of a rigid frame for fastening sheet sheathing;
  • Installation of the upper cross bar for fixing the upper dimensions of the opening;
  • Measurement of the box parameters according to the width and height of the door opening;
  • Preparation of materials for installation of a doorway and soundproofing;
  • Gypsum board marking;
  • Fixing sheets of gypsum board on self-tapping screws;
  • Pasting of joints with a ribbon-serpyanka;
  • Puttying and priming of the doorway;
  • The final decorative finish.

Doing your own hands with a doorway from gypsum board( video)

A doorway made of plasterboard can be a highlight of the right design. The partition with the door of the compartment is especially relevant in the modern interior. The main advantage of this design is the ease of assembly. Due to this, there is no need to pay money for installing such a wall and preparing the material, because doing it yourself is very easy.

Making doorways of plasterboard( photo interior)