Wallpaper with birds for the walls: with flowers and birds, American

Wallpapers with birds will create in the room an atmosphere of celebration and good mood wallpaper with birds in the room will create a holiday atmosphere and good mood Figures vegetation paradise birds successfully blended into one canvas. For a small size of rooms, wallpaper with flamingo birds, a nightingale, a canary are well suited. It is very good when bright flower buds are combined with small size ptahs. Bright, colorful colors are better placed in spacious rooms, otherwise they will press on the space, will clutter it. Designers recommend that when decorating one wall with wallpaper with flowers and birds, do not place pictures or other elements of design art on it, it will be superfluous. Wallpapers with birds are stylish and appropriate in the hallway. Wallpaper in the corridor should be chosen with an average pattern, because large drawings will reduce space, and small ones will get lost. Very modern and stylish in the interior will look like a drawing of swallowing swallows.

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wallpaper with birds for walls: types and characteristics

bird symbolizes freedom. The image of the feathered leads to dreams of travel, move to freedom of choice. The room will be light, airy and original if there are phoenixes, tits, swallows, firebirds or peacocks on the surface of the walls. The image of the birds will refresh the room, add sophistication and style.

In the style direction wallpaper with birds can be divided into 3 types.


Such wallpapers save external realistic data of birds. The background of this type of wallpaper is neutral, calm, sustained in one color.

Wallpaper with birds is quite a self-sufficient accent, so lovers of romance need to pay their attention to them wallpaper with birds - quite self-sufficient emphasis, so romance fans need to bring them to his attention

As the picture commonly used figures of birds English drawings XVIII-XIX century.at. They are made of different wallpaper such material may be paper, vinyl, non-woven, etc.


Such wallpapers are designed in Eastern style and are usually made of vinyl or paper. Background in this case, the bed tone or opposite bright mottled. Tones stand out due to shine or mother-of-pearl.


These wallpapers feature a simplified modern drawing of funny, paradisiacal birds.

Such wallpapers are bright and original, and the bird can fly on them, sit on tree branches or in cages. Which birds to choose depends on what effect is expected from the premises.

In a luxurious interior it's good to put peacocks or flamingos. And to create a romantic atmosphere suitable gentle white swans.

Birds in cages are often used in decorating the walls of a bedroom or living room. However, this is a matter of taste, because such a drawing can cause negative associations. The best room for decorating walls with wallpaper with birds is still considered a living room. Flying birds on a calm monophonic background visually expand the space, fill it with air and light.

Wallpapers with birds in the style of the chinoiser - it is always attractive and fashionable, colorful and meaningful wallpaper with birds in the chinoiserie style - it is always attractive and fashionable, colorful and meaningful

In small rooms make good use calm tones with fine print. But the bathroom will give a refined accent in the form of flamingos. In the children's room you can paste wallpaper with funny "cartoon" birds. Well, if the drawing is applied in the technique of a pencil or watercolor. For the smallest children, the gulls floating on a white background are suitable.

Wallpapers with birds and flowers for the walls: flower motifs

Wallpapers with flowers - it's a classic of the genre. Flower motifs are suitable for almost any room style. Flowers in the interior contribute to creating a comfortable, harmonious environment, raise the mood.

Designers give several recommendations for decorating rooms with wallpaper with a vegetable print:

  1. Floral wallpapers are often used to decorate a room in the English style. In this case, the walls are completely arranged with wallpaper of the same tone with a pattern of colors of pastel colors.
  2. Classical style direction involves the use of wallpaper with flowers. Usually in this case, the wallpaper is glued to the top, and from the bottom are panels or moldings. You can also use curbs and slats.
  3. Modern styles also allow the use of wallpaper with vegetation. But in this case, the accent falls only on one of the walls of the room.
  4. The style direction of Provence does not do without wallpaper with flowers. It is better to use small floral motifs and complement them with furniture, accessories, interesting details.

Wallpaper depicting exotic birds will not only revitalize the interior, but will also add elements of personality and style to it wallpaper with the image of exotic birds not only liven up the interior, but also will make it the elements of individuality and style

Going paste room new decoration material it is important to maintain a balance. Brightness should be combined with neutrality, only then you can achieve harmony and avoid vulgar busting.

Modern American wallpaper with flowers and birds

As the wise saying goes, home, and walls help, so the choice of material for finishing must be treated carefully. Thinking that the wall with wallpaper is just a background, people are deeply mistaken.

properly decorate walls help make the room:

  • comfortable;
  • Functional;
  • Visually change the space.

American wallpaper with flowers and birds perfectly cope with these tasks. Wallpaper for walls with floral ornaments, with birds or a combination of these elements make the home atmosphere more gentle and romantic.

wallpaper with birds for

hall or living room - a room where the family gathers and guests at home, so it is important that the situation was appropriate in the main room of the house. Today, the market can be found a huge number of wallpapers.

American wallpaper in the style of country - a simple and interesting option for finishing the premises, which is ideal for decorating modern interiors American wallpaper in country style - simple and interesting version of decoration, which is ideal for the decoration of modern interiors

But designers and a service technician is recommended for living to choose the following types of wallpaper:

  1. Vinyl.
  2. Non-woven.
  3. Liquid.
  4. Wall Mural.

All these types are considered to be the most durable and reliable. Drawing on them does not burn out, and besides there is a rich choice of colors, patterns and styles.

Everyone can choose for his living room wallpaper, suitable for the general style of the house.

Select wallpaper in the bedroom: floral prints

wallpaper in the bedroom should be also selected very scrupulously. The whole atmosphere in this room should have a full rest and quality sleep.

Transform the interior of any bedroom capable of non-woven or vinyl wallpaper with a picture of flowers or birds transform the interior of any bedroom or capable of non-woven vinyl wallpaper with a picture of flowers or birds

Bedroom - a special room of the house, there should be comfortable, relaxed and calming.

Experts recommend the bedroom wallpaper glue the following:

  1. Paper.
  2. Vinyl.
  3. Fabric.
  4. Non-woven.

You should also carefully select the tone and storyline of the wallpaper.

In the bedroom it is better not to glue the dark and bright wallpaper, preference should give gentle, neutral tones bed. Flowers and birds in the wallpaper image just fit well.

wallpaper with floral patterns in the interior( video)

In conclusion, we note that the image of birds and flowers are used in small amounts and require careful selection of furniture and details. For example, if the wall of paradise motives, it must be transferred to the elements and furniture. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Bird wallpaper for walls( photo)