Combined wallpaper for the kitchen in the interior photo: design, how to paste with different combinations, how to highlight the zone

A combination of wallpaper will decorate your kitchen, make it light and cozy A combination of wallpapers will decorate your kitchen, make it light and cozy The combination of wallpaper - this is original, and beautiful, and stylish, and yet practical. It's about the fact that combining wallpapers can zonate the room, which is especially important for the kitchen. For example, with wallpaper, you can select a dining area or a bar area, etc. A combination of wallpaper can start from the corridor, and paste the wallpaper there, which will be repeated in the kitchen.

      • Design kitchen wallpaper: combined and harmonious
      • Combine the wallpaper in the kitchen: the rules of the combination in the kitchen interior
      • How to glue the kitchen with different wallpaper: horizontal division
      • Rule accent wall
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Design of wallpaper for the kitchen: combined and harmonious

The combination of wallpaper in the kitchen a lot of pluses, For example, it makes it possible to hide some defects in the layout. Visually, the combination of wallpaper can too high ceilings to reduce, low - stretch, expand the space, etc.

You can combine wallpaper in adjacent rooms to visually combine them. In addition, such combinations give an opportunity to become brighter interior, to deprive it of monotony.

You can also visually one of the walls pull out, and make it the central wall of the kitchen.

To hide the defects in the layout, you can decorate the room using a combination of wallpaper To hide layout defects, you can decorate the room using the combined wallpaper

One of the most common methods is the vertical striping:

  • This technique allows you to "lift" the overhanging ceiling or a narrow, More proportional;
  • You can make a symmetrical division - on the center of the room on both sides to cover the walls with wide, bright enough stripes of wallpaper, often it is done by wallpaper of contrasting colors;
  • Asymmetric - one of the walls is covered with a wide saturated strip in the center, in the far corner of the opposite wall you need to stick bright stripes different in width( this method makes the kitchen more dynamic).

If you want to highlight a certain zone with contrasting wallpaper, be careful not to make an obsessive, aggressive overlap. In this case, refer to the classics: black and white, blue and gold, black and red.

We combine the wallpaper in the kitchen: the rules of the combination in the kitchen interior

. Whatever original ideas you do not visit, you need to connect each other only suitable wallpaper to each other. Combining wallpaper in the kitchen, do not forget to take into account the design of the kitchen and its color scheme.

. The rules of wallpaper combination:

  • Although it's obvious, but still - do not combine elite wallpaper and cheap, preferably andDo take wallpaper from one manufacturer;
  • For combination, it is better to choose wallpaper of the same thickness, so that there are no problems in matching and selection of the edging;
  • Choose a wallpaper with the design elements in common - one style of the ornament, or different shades of the same color;
  • Floral ornament perfectly combined with woody themes;
  • Geometric motifs are perfectly combined with abstraction;
  • Bright, saturated colors should be combined with neutral muffled ones.

Well, of course, no less important is the wallpaper to emphasize the functionality of the kitchen. The impression should not be deceptive, yet the kitchen is not a living room, there are many cooked there, it is necessary to clean up more often, etc.

How to glue the kitchen with different wallpapers: horizontal division

If the room has too high ceilings, then the walls can be divided horizontally. Two or three strips that alternate, visually balance the vertical plane. This technique is inherent in all styles.

Today, designers often turn to this method - to combine wooden or cork panels with ordinary wallpaper, often just wallpaper for painting.

For tall kitchens, the wallpaper is good, which are separated horizontally by color strips For tall kitchens, the wallpaper is well suited, which are separated horizontally by the color strips

Traditional horizontal division:

  • Bottom in fine print( not necessarily floral), striped top, with large pattern or monograms;
  • Striped bottom + monophonic top or very small pattern;
  • Bottom with a large floral ornament, or a bottom with monograms, which is supplemented with a monophonic top.

The horizon can be "tied" to the height of the window sill, which will facilitate your work. The lower part of two-thirds of the height of the kitchen is appropriate for a room with a very high ceiling. You can combine wallpapers and close shades, and also contrasting. This technique works with wallpaper of different textures.

At the joints as a decorative line is placed molding, curb, or the dividing bar.

The rule of the accent wall

This reception today, one might say, is at the peak of its popularity. Bright, elegant only one wall - this is a good solution for those who love bright colors, saturation, but do it all with a taste.

However, remember all the nuances of this decor. For example, highlighting one of the walls with juicy wallpaper, you can make an imbalance in the composition of the room, and it will seem skewed. To restore balance, you can correct the disturbed proportions in the following way: at the opposite wall you can use decor elements and furniture, which in color coincide with the accent wall.

If you want to create an original kitchen, then decorate one wall with unusual colorful wallpaper If you want to decorate the kitchen in an original way, then decorate one wall with unusual colorful wallpaper.

For an accent wall, wallpapers are usually selected for saturated, bright, fashionable colors that are strong enough psychologically. Yes, they will influence the mood. For example, red wallpaper can and tone, and stimulate, and can and destroy, suppress. Scrupulously choose the color, always ask to roll out the tube, so that the impression is not deceptive.

If the kitchen is very elongated and it has a "tram effect", this defect is corrected by turning the far wall into an accent one. So visually the length of the room is reduced.

For example, in a white kitchen( referring to a white kitchen set), you can make a black wall. Today, the black slate wall is increasingly being made, which can be decorated indefinitely.

A selection of combined wallpapers for the kitchen( video)

The combination of wallpaper in the kitchen is always out of the box, interesting, bright and stylish. However, all this with a reservation, if the wallpaper is combined according to all the rules and with taste.

Successful repair!

Combined wallpapers for the kitchen( photo)