Partitions from plasterboard: GKL and gipsobeton, erection and repair, technology of the device, a heater

An excellent option for a quick separation of space is the drywall Sometimes you want privacy, isolate yourself from the world and external stimuli, but how to do it in the open space?To help come the solid constructions of gypsum plasterboard sheets( GKL).Of these, builders can create as a small partition, and a full interior wall.

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Gypsum plasterboarderegorodki

To get started is to figure out what is the drywall. It is a layer of gypsum, which is covered on both sides by layers of solid cardboard. Used, as a rule, for finishing, because this material is ideal for leveling the hilly surfaces for further finishing.

Experts recommend choosing gypsum boards because they are characterized by quality, ductility and availability Specialists recommend choosing gypsum boards because they are characterized by the quality, ductility and availability of the

Thanks to modern technology, the buyer can purchase the required material depending on the purpose of the room to be trimmed.


  • GKLV( with protection against water);
  • GKLO( with protection against fire);
  • GKL( ordinary sheet).

Special properties of the first two types of drywall attach special substances that are introduced during manufacture. And also, the gypsum inside is subjected to high heat treatment, which increases the strength of the material several times. This makes it possible without fear to use this seemingly unstable material for the construction of complex structures: interior walls and even multi-level ceilings.

Partitions made of gypsum board are also convenient because the sheets are manufactured immediately large sizes, which simplifies installation.

In addition, it's not terrible to spoil it - despite all its remarkable properties, the price of the GKL remained acceptable, and such material can afford everyone.

Partitions from GKL

If for the device of a partition the plaster board was nevertheless chosen, it is necessary to familiarize with its merits and demerits.

The advantage of drywall is that it allows you to make the surfaces even and beautiful Advantage of drywall is that it allows to make surfaces smooth and beautiful


  • Surface leveling;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Light;
  • Masking of communications;
  • Easily cut;
  • Allows you to make curly designs;
  • Allows you to place under yourself a heater and soundproofing;
  • Environmentally friendly materials;
  • Further finishing required;
  • Can not withstand mechanical stress;
  • Even GKLV will not withstand a long direct exposure to moisture;
  • Storage only horizontally;
  • Convenient and easy to use.

Unfortunately, the wall of gypsum board can not stand if it is supplemented with heavy hanging shelves. Therefore, this design will be purely decorative in nature and perform only one function of the partition - separation of space. If it's not scary, then it's worth noting that gypsum board is very easy to use, so erection of the partition is possible even with your own hands.

For further finishing, you can choose anything. GKL it is possible to paint, paste wallpaper, decorate with polyurethane moldings or tiles or even lace with cloth, all for the choice of tenants.

What is a gypsum-concrete partitions

There is one more material for erecting monumental interior partitions - gypsum-concrete panels( GOST 9574-90).

As a filler here:

  • Sand;
  • Sawdust;
  • Gypsum;
  • Limestone( shell rock);
  • Slag;
  • Tuf.

In the interior of almost any room, a stylish and original gypsum cardboard partition will perfectly fit in In the interior of almost any room, the stylish and original gypsum board

perfectly fits in. These materials provide additional soundproofing of the room. Gypsum concrete sheets are used mainly for wall sheathing and as roughing( leveling).This material is very fragile, can not withstand the ingress of water - it will deform and warp.

As gypsum is considered to be airborne binders, the sheets with this component are used for interior walls and for non-load bearing partitions.

Interestingly, the manufacture of gypsum-concrete panels is exactly the size of the apartment. That is, the sheet will be solid, with cut openings under the doors and windows. Also, this material can be reinforced, that is, add reinforcement impregnated with special means against rust. Strengthened in this way, the structure will become much stronger and last longer.

Gypsum concrete will help to keep heat in the house and increase noise insulation. The weight of this material is small, which simplifies its transportation and installation of partitions. Due to the low price it becomes available to everyone, and it is possible to find gypsum concrete practically in any construction shop.

Technology the device of partitions from GKL

Drywall is a highly capricious material, and requires strict adherence to the installation technology taking into account all construction norms and rules.

Before you start working with gipsokartonnymi sheets, you should first familiarize yourself with the instruction and advice of specialists Before starting work on drywall sheets, you should first familiarize yourself with the instruction and advice of

specialists. This technology includes:

  • General;
  • Technical requirements for materials;
  • Instructions for transportation and storage;
  • Requirements for noise insulation and fire resistance;
  • Requirements for installation technology;
  • Requirements for setting up communications;
  • Notes on the installation of sound insulation;
  • Information on the installation of GCR;
  • Requirements for the quality of partitions;
  • Guidelines for finishing the GCR;
  • Safety provisions.

This manual details all the requirements and instructions for installing partitions from gypsum board in accordance with GOST.Of course, no one forbids doing what the owners want, but the rules are not in vain invented. GOST is a guarantee of quality. That's why it's worth to get acquainted with the technology, especially when it is supposed to be repaired by oneself. All actions are described in order, so they can be guided during the work. Observing the technology, it is guaranteed to obtain an excellent result, which will serve not for one year.

is used for the erection of partitions from gypsum plasterboard. For those who enjoy re-planning, plasterboard will become an irreplaceable material. The construction of the partition in the apartment is not too difficult, so you can try to make it yourself, without the help of professionals. Of course, you can not bother, and just attach the sheets to the frame, getting an absolutely straight and straight surface, and you can create something like an arch.

This is the reason for the drywall finish and deserved the positive feedback from the masters - without unnecessary effort, drywall allows you to make wall arch structures, so beloved by the people.

You can install gipskortonnuyu design independently, the main thing - in advance to acquire all the necessary tools and materials for work You can install gipskortonnuyu independently, most importantly - in advance to purchase all the necessary tools and materials for the work

Tools and materials that will be required to build the partition:

  • GCR;
  • Sewage and guide profiles;
  • Dowels;
  • Level;
  • Sealant( tape);
  • Tape for seams( serpent);
  • Roulette;
  • Knife for drywall;
  • Hammer;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Scissors for metal;
  • Rotary hammer;
  • Self-tapping screws for metal;
  • Putty and spatulas( for corners and seams).

First you need to perform the markup. The scheme is simple - to retreat from the wall the necessary distance, put notches on the side walls and draw two vertical strips. They need to be connected on the floor and ceiling. If the partition is not solid, then you can count according to the rule of the "Egyptian triangle", which states that if the aspect ratio is 3: 4: 5, then the angle between 3 and 4 is 90 degrees.

Then the guiding profiles are attached to the ceilings and the floor, but on the walls you can use any profiles. They need to be glued with a sealant. It is worth remembering that if the doorway is supposed to be, then under it, too, profiles are needed with reinforcement, for example, from a bar.

The profiles are then mounted in steps of 40 cm along the guides. It turned out a vertical canvas, on which the GKL will be attached. Between the sheet and the ceiling you need to leave a gap of half a centimeter, and between the floor and the sheet - a centimeter. You can only join the gypsum board on a profile, so you may need to attach additional profiles. Step for screws - no more than 15 cm. If you unscrew the screws on one side, you can put soundproof materials in the formed emptiness. Then the seams are treated with putty and the septum can be decorated further.

Insulation for partitions from GKL

There are situations when inside the house or apartment, too, requires warming, for example, in the nursery. And just gipsokartonnye partitions will help with this problem to understand. The heater is placed inside the structure and perfectly serves the occupants of the room. It remains to choose the right material.

For warming gypsum plasterboard, experts recommend choosing polystyrene foam For insulation of gypsum boards, specialists recommend choosing foam

Manufacturers provide a small selection:

  • Polyfoam;
  • Fiberglass wool;
  • Mineral wool.

Someone will be surprised, but the partitions are warmed not so much to keep the heat as much to increase the sound insulation. For example, polystyrene extinguishes sounds perfectly. It is also available, refers to the budget category of materials, does not burn, but only melts. True, such a heater is a paradise for mice - to drive them out then it is almost impossible.

For this reason, experts recommend choosing from mineral wool material. It really keeps the heat perfectly, has a high noise reduction factor, is environmentally friendly and will also be affordable for most of the population. It's true that you need to work with him very carefully, with gloves and a medical mask, and then thoroughly wash the room and knock out the fabric covers. Security is above all!

Repair of a partition from a drywall

In a life happens everyone, therefore the partition can demand repair. Well, if it's only about finishing, for example, the wallpaper has become unusable, but it's a completely different matter if it's about replacing a drywall sheet.

Repair the gypsum board construction will not be difficult even for a beginner Repairing the gypsum board construction is not difficult even for the beginner

Repair of the partition can be required in two cases:

  • Mechanical damage;
  • Correction of installation errors.

A small hole in the GCR can be sealed with a patch. The hole expands to a square. With the help of paper, a template is made, through which a square of a piece of plasterboard is cut out. To fix the resulting piece, two small blocks are inserted from inside the partition, which are slightly longer than the hole. They are screwed with screws, as well as the patch itself. The seams are treated with putty.

Dents are corrected using the same filler. The surface is primed, and then shpaklyuyut so many times until it becomes even. Sandpaper the roughness with sandpaper, and the surface is ready for finishing.

Correct the cracks in the seams as follows. The crack widens and deepens. Then it is ground and shpaklyuyut. But this method is suitable only for local repairs, and to completely get rid of the problem, you will have to do a large-scale repair. Priming the entire wall, pasting it with a mesh after drying, and then plastering at least twice. Then, with fine sandpaper, carefully remove irregularities, ground the wall and are already engaged in further finishing.

Varieties of plasterboard partitions( video)

A plasterboard partition is a necessary thing if you need a personal space. Make it is not difficult, and decorate in a room style. Correct observance of the instruction is a pledge of good and high-quality work for many years. Examples

curved walls of plasterboard( photo)