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Swedish wallpapers have long established themselves as one of the best solutions in the field of decor Swedish wallpapers have long proven themselves as one of the best solutions in the field of decor After a hard day's work it's so nice to go home. I want peace and comfort. But how to create it?To create a unique design will help us wallpaper.

          Advantages of Swedish wallpaper
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You only need to go to a store specializing in wall decoration, and you will get lost in them. Modern stores are full of wallpaper. Wallpapers of a variety of colors, quality, size and producer countries. And people are simply lost, do not know what to choose. But, it is Sweden that sets trends in the global wallpaper market.

Wallpapers in Sweden are made by hand, which increases the uniqueness of the wallpaper. All patterns on the wallpaper are applied manually and carefully checked. A whole staff of designers is working on creating unique models that will emphasize and complement the design of modern houses, will be the highlight of any stylish interior.

Advantages of Swedish wallpapers

The manufacturer of Swedish wallpaper is interested in the buyer being satisfied with the purchase even after many years. Therefore, the wallpaper is covered with a special film, which protects them from burnout and damage. That allows them to save their original appearance years later. And production is subjected to the most careful control over the quality of products.

Reviews of designers and consumers say that Swedish wallpapers are recognized as one of the best in the world.

Swedish wallpaper is produced by a unique technology and covered with a special film that protects them from damage and burnout Swedish wallpaper is produced using a unique technology and covered with a special film to protect them from damage and burnup.

What allows them to keep the mark on the world market:

  1. Quality. The wallpaper is covered with a special film, which allows you to retain color for a long time and protect from external influences. In addition, they are able to suppress noise, do not absorb odors and retain heat.
  2. Uniqueness. The creation of wallpaper design is done by the most famous specialists who set the style all over the world. Buyers will be pleased with the rich choice of wall coverings.
  3. Environmentally friendly. By purchasing Swedish wallpapers you can be sure that they are environmentally friendly. Swedes are adherents of eco trends. In the production of Swedish wallpaper, only natural raw materials and water-based paints are used.

Manufacturers of Sweden have for many years kept the brand and set design trends in the world market, that's why they are very scrupulous about their products and support the standard at the height.

Variety of Swedish wallpaper

Even the most fastidious buyer will be able to find wallpaper to your liking. Swedish wallpapers differ not only in appearance, but also in the material of manufacture.

On sale you can find both classic paper, and more modern Swedish wallpaper, for example, non-woven On sale you can find both classic paper and more modern Swedish wallpaper, for example non-woven

Swedish wallpaper can be:

  1. Paper. The most simple and affordable wallpaper, but not inferior in attractiveness to others.
  2. Vinyl. They are also called detergents because of their resistance to moisture. Very durable. Vinyl wallpaper is rich in texture and texture.
  3. Flizeline. Made of non-woven material from a mixture of polymer with cellulose fibers. Most nonwoven wallpaper non-woven. They can be dyed without loss for the quality of the wallpaper.
  4. Liquid. Consist of natural components that have a neutral charge, which provides antistatic properties of the wallpaper, and they do not collect dust. Well mask the defects, and fill the cracks. No seams.
  5. Wall-papers. In its structure, glass pane is reminiscent of fiberglass fabric, which is made by weaving. For the production of glass walls use only natural materials, which increase their wear resistance.

You can choose Swedish wallpaper for every taste. The choice depends only on the design and premises, which are going to decorate with Swedish wallpaper.

Quality of Swedish wallpaper

The quality of Swedish wallpaper has become a brand. And factories for the production of wallpaper very jealously follow him. Special departments have been created that monitor the quality of products from the moment of establishment to unloading in retail stores.

Swedish wallpapers are famous, first of all, for their impeccable quality and environmental friendliness Swedish wallpapers are famous primarily for their impeccable quality and environmental friendliness.

The quality of Swedish world-class wallpapers confirms that they are:

  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Able to suppress noise;
  • Do not absorb odor;
  • Hygienic;
  • Flameproof;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Durable;
  • Durable.

New models of increased resistance are being developed, therefore it is mandatory to check the quality and environmental impact of the material itself in special laboratories.

Swedish wallpaper is a sign of quality.

Swedish wallpapers: design and exterior features

Designers have developed models in a variety of styles that are ideal for any interior and will help create a unique design. Whichever type of Swedish wallpaper you choose, the design will be at the height of

Swedish wallpapers combine two directions - simplicity and maximalism:

  1. Print. It's never boring, even if it's a classic style. In Swedish wallpaper there is always a local flavor, which gives them a special charm.
  2. Embossing. Solid wallpaper at the expense of rich in texture and relief, which make them play with colors.
  3. Children's wallpapers are very special in the Swedish wallpaper and give the children's room a unique look.
  4. Photo Wall Mural is a wallpaper for creative people who will underline even the most daring idea.

Swedish wallpapers are now at the height of popularity. And Scandinavian and original motives cast a special charm. Swedish wallpapers can rightfully be called a work of art.

Swedish wallpaper in the interior: where to use the

Swedish wallpapers are suitable for any room in the house. Each room with them will become unique and with an interior "zest".ASD10ASASD Given the variety of colors and drawings of Swedish wallpaper, you can easily find the right option for any room Given the variety of colors and drawings of Swedish wallpapers, you can easily choose the right option for any room.

Swedish wallpaper will make your guest rooms chic amazing even the most imaginative imagination and emphasize the taste or create harmony and coziness in the house.

Wallpapers from Sweden are environmentally friendly, so they are hypoallergenic and safe. They are suitable for finishing the bedroom and most expensive for us - children's rooms. Very practical for kitchen and bathroom, which require constant care. Office and production facilities will also not be left without Swedish wallpaper. They will emphasize the business and strict style that will work. And for creative people, a whole series of wallpapers has been developed that will help create stylish interiors.

Swedish wallpapers( video)

Wallpapers have long been an integral element of design. Stylish Swedish wallpaper will make the interior of any room unique and permanently remain in perfect shape.

Design Swedish wallpaper( photos)