Quartz heater: monolithic battery for home, infrared heating heater, sand elements

Quartz heaters are economical and efficient Quartz heaters are economical and efficient Every once in a lifetime I encountered the fact that on some cold winter night you stay without heating. There are many reasons for this: the pipes broke, technical breakdowns, unscheduled preventive works, breakdown of neighbors and much more. And what to do if this happened?It is possible to be heated by gas, which in itself is not safe or cheap, it is possible to bask in a warm bathroom, unless, of course, hot water is not turned off with heating. But the easiest and most effective means of fighting the cold in an apartment or house is the work of a heater. Many people know what a wonderful device it is for heating a room, and you can use it not only at home, but also at work.

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Practical quartz heaters for home: view

As is known, quartz heater runs on electricity, which is why in recent years it is gaining great popularity and love of the people. Use such a heating element can be even in those parts of our country, where no gas is laid.

Quartz heaters can differ in design and size Quartz heaters can differ in design and dimensions

Actually, in the conditions of high competition in the modern market of equipment, in particular heaters, types of thermal elements, there are many:

  • Quartz;
  • Oil;
  • Silicon;
  • TENOVA( the so-called TENs);
  • It is possible to distinguish a thermal convector and a ceramic heater.

We will consider only quartz heaters. Specialists propose to allocate 2 main types of quartz heaters - a monolithic type, outwardly such a device is more like the texture of a battery, but it does not exceed 2.5 cm in thickness. The panels of which the heater consists are themselves flat. Infrared heater type - a distinctive feature of such heating elements is that in such heaters there is a glass tube. Before proceeding to a more detailed description of each type of heater, it is worth to tell about why quartz heaters for heating the house and dacha were called quartz heaters?In fact, everything is pretty simple.

This type of heating device is created using conventional sand, which is part of various parts of the heater.

For example, the infrared heater tube in which the heating element is located is made of quartz sand, and monolithic electric heaters consist entirely of sand, because it is a part of which the heater panels are cast in factories. That's why sometimes you can find another word combination "sand heaters" instead of the usual phrase "quartz heaters".

Monolithic quartz heater:

characteristics This monolithic air heater in a wooden house or in a dacha is a parallel connected module. The basic equipment also includes equipment for the regulation of air temperature.

It is worth remembering that the smaller the room in which a monolithic type quartz heater is used, the fewer modules should be selected.

Choosing a monolithic quartz heater follows, based on the dimensions of the room The choice of a monolithic quartz heater follows from the dimensions of the room

Such heaters can be installed both on the floor and on the wall, while they are completely fireproof. Now consider all the pros and cons of this type of heating apparatus. As for the negative properties, we can safely say that the disadvantages of this heating electrical apparatus are not noticed, even after numerous various checks and experiments.


  1. High heat capacity.
  2. Manufacturers guarantee that the heating appliance will last a long time, and all this time it will reliably heat the house.
  3. As in principle the work is laid down an easy scheme, consisting in the direct transfer of electrical energy into heat, there can be no doubt that to spend electricity just enough for the heating of the room.
  4. According to experts, one medium-sized monolithic quartz heater can easily heat the room, the volume index of which does not exceed 15-16 m3.
  5. A unique alloy using quartz sand allows the device to emit heat for a long time even after disconnection from the network.
  6. Safety in use is explained by the fact that quartz monolithic heaters can not be heated above 90-95 ° C;

A special case of monolithic heating devices is a quartz battery, which also has numerous positive feedback from both specialists and the general population.

Description of quartz batteries Teplako

Like all batteries, though quartz from other brands of manufacturers, although the usual classic batteries of system heating, a monolithic Teplexo battery is attached to the wall of the house. The principle of the device is quite simple, which made it possible to avoid various "pitfalls" during the use of the device.

In addition, it has allowed to negate the negative effect on the electric heater of such conditions as sudden jumps in air temperature, strong changes in the moisture index.

The device itself is reliable, which was repeatedly noted by the buyers, it is for this reason that the heater for the heating of the premises is in great demand. In addition, the increase in demand is affected by certain characteristics.

Quartz batteries are easily installed on special mounts Quartz batteries are easily mounted on special fasteners


  1. Long-term warranty for the operation of the heating element. This is possible due to the fact that the heating element does not come into contact with the air, and therefore can not begin to oxidize under the influence of oxygen.
  2. Relatively fast heating of the quartz battery. Thanks to the long experience of using such batteries, as well as numerous studies by specialists, it was possible to calculate that the optimum temperature is reached by the heater in less than 21 minutes.
  3. Easy to install and fasten to the wall surface.
  4. Safety of use.
  5. No loud noise, simply speaking, the quartz batteries do their work almost silently.

Thus, when choosing a monolithic heater, it is best to pay attention to the number of modules, and also should initially decide where the heater will be installed.

Use quartz infrared heaters: disadvantages

As with other types of quartz heaters, infrared radiators are versatile in use, economical in energy / heat ratio, in terms of duration of use are almost durable.

Quartz heater includes a special unit, equipped with a special heating element - a spiral, located in a tube of quartz.

It is these structured radiators that distribute the thermal rays of infrared radiation into the room. The basic set of the heater also includes a reflector, due to which the housing surrounded by the lamp is protected from overheating.

Thanks to modern design quartz heaters look good in the interior, made in the style of Art Nouveau Thanks to modern design quartz heaters look good in the interior, made in the style of Art Nouveau Thanks to the modern design, quartz heaters look good in the interior made in the modern style.

There are some disadvantages:

  1. The heat flow goes in one straight line, everything that goes beyond this line is not heatedSo intensely.
  2. It does not look very aesthetically.
  3. Do not install directly for children.
  4. For large rooms, 1 quartz infrared heater will be small.

And yet, the presence of certain advantages of infrared heaters negates the disadvantages, and all manufacturers try to make their products as convenient and safe to work for a long time period.

Manufacturers of fireproof heaters

Quartz heaters of any type, whether monolithic or infrared, are absolutely safe for use in a house or apartment, even in a wooden building, for example, a dacha. Heating appliances may vary in size, volume, appearance and country of origin.

In the modern market you can find quartz heaters of such countries as:

  • Russia;
  • Germany;
  • China;
  • Japan et al

An excellent solution is to choose a quartz heater that is made in Germany An excellent solution is to choose a quartz heater that is manufactured in Germany

The greatest demand among buyers has recently been used by heating quartz devices of domestic manufacturers, as well as Chinese for home and cottages. In order to ensure fire safety for heating appliances, the company manufacturers are taking certain steps.

For monolithic quartz heaters, a maximum thermal value of 95 ° C is set, and the average temperature for ignition can not be less than 100 ° C, that is, if there is insufficient heat for the ignition, even if it is attached directly to the wooden surface.

Monolithic quartz heater( video)

For quartz heaters there is a system for preventing overheating of the housing, as well as for monolithic appliances, the temperature of the radiated heat will be insufficient. In addition to all this, heaters using quartz are safe for residents of apartments and pets, because when radiation of heat, there is no allocation of any harmful substances. To achieve this safety became possible because manufacturers, when manufacturing quartz heaters, do not use any chemicals that can harm living creatures. Examples

quartz heater( photo interior)