Wallpaper in the bedroom photo in the interior: wall-papers light, beautiful classics in Khrushchev, liquid and painted

The bedroom should be cozy and warm, so all the decor elements here must organically complement each other bedroom should be cozy and warm, so all the elements of decor here should organically complement each other task arrangement of bedrooms - make a cozy, warm place where nothing will interfere with rest and relaxation. Of course, the design of the walls a lot on this affects. In a small bedroom, or in a fairly spacious wallpaper should be the connecting link of the whole appearance, bedroom style. They can be both colored and white. Someone calms only light walls, and someone likes to create a twilight.

    • wallpaper in the interior bedrooms: types
    • Natural wallpaper in the bedroom
    • Light wallpaper for the bedroom in the interior: an option for Khrushchev
    • wallpaper in the bedroom: combined version
    • Classical: wallpaper for bedroominterior
    • How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom( video)
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wallpaper in the interior bedrooms: types

If the claim you have one - a beautiful and modern, get acquainted with the characteristics of theOperational properties. And then orient the choice of decorativeness.

types of wallpaper:

  • Paper - eco-friendly and cheap, but not very practical. True, you can take a compromise version, for example, paper wallpaper with a glossy finish, which, moreover, moisture-resistant.
  • Liquid .Very beautiful, light, textured. Do not miss the sounds, which is especially important in the bedroom, do not burn out. When applied to the wall, no seams are left. The damaged area is easily adjusted. In addition, many make this wallpaper with their own hands.
  • Vinyl .Can be on paper, and can and on a non-woven basis. However, more often it is advised to decorate the hall or living room with such wallpaper, but not the bedroom. This is explained by the fact that vinyl does not allow access to air.
  • Textile .Look chic, original, durable, safe. But not worth a penny. Do not take such wallpaper, if at home there is an animal that can shove their claws.
  • Non-woven .This "breathing" wallpaper for painting. They are resistant to mechanical influences, they can be repainted several times. They just stick to the wall, they fit perfectly.

There is a huge amount of wallpaper, which differ in texture, color, patterns, and most importantly - quality There are plenty of wallpaper, which differ in texture, colors, patterns, and most importantly - quality

should also be said of the natural wallpaper in the bedroom.

Natural wallpaper in the bedroom

And this is really a godsend, because it's like wallpapers, but their texture is such that you just can not understand it at once. They can decorate all the walls of the bedroom, and you can select, for example, the central wall.

It is gratifying that you can combine wallpapers with each other, and with other types of cover. Natural wallpaper uniquely bring to the interior freshness, richness of natural structures and colors. They have the necessary ecological safety, because they can decorate the walls not only of the bedroom, but also of the nursery.

Natural wallpaper in combination with the usual perfectly suited for the design of a bedroom Natural wallpaper in combination with conventional perfect for decoration dormitory

Varieties natural wallpaper:

  • Vegetable ( jute, sisal, nettles, reed, etc. .);
  • Cork - cork veneer is adhered to the paper base, such wallpaper will significantly increase the soundproofing of the room;
  • Bamboo - made from natural bamboo, they are characterized by increased moisture resistance, made on a strong fabric basis.

In addition, you can buy wallpaper from natural veneer, wallpaper using mica, etc.

Light wallpaper for the bedroom in the interior: option for Khrushchev

This, of course, does not mean that such wallpaper can only be in Khrushchev. Just for these apartments, white color is a real salvation. With skillful work with them, white and other light colors and shades literally expand the walls( of course, only visually, but still).

You can visually increase the size of the bedroom due to the wallpaper:

  • White;
  • Dairy;
  • Coffee with milk;Lightweight beige and so on
  • .

    Light wallpaper is a real salvation for small and medium sized bedrooms Light wallpaper is a real salvation for small and medium sized bedrooms

    If we talk about fashion shades, today in favor a lemon with milk, pale blue, faded purple.

    But if the bedroom window faces the north side, the light one should not be cold. Light beige is quite suitable, but the light blue is, more likely, not quite.

    Wallpaper in the bedroom: a combined version of

    In most cases, combining wallpaper, allocate one wall - one that is closer to the head of the bed. And this wall may well be dark, but with a large pattern of a different color. A classic floral ornament, quite large, a bit vintage - for example, an ashen-green wall with a pearl pattern.

    For combination, it For combination, it is best to choose wallpapers of the same color, but with different shades or patterns.

    The colors should preferably be adjacent: blue and blue, brown and beige. But this is not an axiom, you can experiment. Often the wallpaper is taken in one color, but with different texture. For example, on some violet wallpaper there will be a strip, and on others - large flowers. It turns out that the background is one, and the patterns are different.

    Classics: wallpaper for a bedroom in the interior

    What is a classic wallpaper for a bedroom, and do we represent them, forming in the head an image for this query?

    So, classic wallpaper for the bedroom:

    • Laconic, discreet drawing;
    • Calm and pacifying shades;
    • Wallpaper in a flower( both small and large enough);
    • English stripe.

    In this case, the classics include imitating wallpaper. These are the coatings that are stylized for this or that material - stone, brick, plaster, wood, etc.

    Original decorate the bedroom can be using simulating wallpaper, which can easily be stylized for any material The original wallpaper can be decorated with imitating wallpaper that can be easily styled for any material. ASD59DD ASD59DD

    The classic wallpaper, in one way or another, has an association with elegance, aristocracy, but with restraint. Bright and saturated colors in the classics are rare. They can be convincing, but then the drawing or print should be traditional, and the bedroom certainly should not be small.

    As for the manufacturer, then do not leave the tops of the top-rated Italian wallpaper. There is also a design from professionals with a worldwide reputation, and high quality, and diversity. In each collection there are several types of drawings and background wallpapers. That is, even one collection does not set a rigid framework, allows you to combine wallpapers and so, and so.

    How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom( video)

    The wallpaper in the bedroom should not violate the function that you put in this room as the primary. Relax, refresh, invigorate, soothe - one of the tasks can be performed due to color, print, wallpaper texture, etc.

    Original wallpaper in the bedroom( photo)