The design of the walls is a wallpaper of two colors: views in one room, photo finishes, how to combine design, double in the interior

Two-color wallpaper is a sought-after type of decoration Two-color wallpaper is a sought-after type of finish Well-thought out beautiful and unique interior of the room is a competent combination of all its components, in particular: the ceiling;Walls;Furniture;Sex. Combine with this as a variety of textures, and colors. The most popular type of decoration is pasting them with two-colored wallpaper. The construction market is widely filled with a huge variety of this type of material. However, it is worth noting that the more variants of the wallpaper is presented, the more difficult it is to make the right choice. Manufacturers produce such wallpaper collections, which are widely represented wallpaper-companions. They are mainly united by texture and some specially selected color scheme.

    • How to combine two types of wallpapers in one room
    • Stylish wall decoration with wallpapers of two colors
    • How to combine wallpaper of two types to create a judiciously designed interior
    • How can two-tone wallpaper be emphasized by design

How to combine two types of wallpapers in one room

To achieveЬ the most interesting creative interior solution, you need to know certain required rules for combining wallpapers of two and several colors.

Wallpaper with vertical stripes visually increase the space Vertical stripes visually enlarge the space

In order to create a clever design of the room with creative wallpaper of two colors, it is necessary to remember that:

  1. Vertical stripes visually slightly enlarge the room;
  2. Horizontal stripes help to expand the space, but at the same time make the ceiling lower;
  3. The wallpaper with a rather large pattern is ideal for large rooms, because in a small room they will somewhat reduce the space;
  4. The fine pattern is ideal for small rooms;
  5. For small rooms and rooms with insufficient amount of lighting, you need to choose a wallpaper of light enough shades, which should be somewhat lighter than the floor;
  6. By gluing walls with wallpaper selected from different collections, you need to take into account their thickness, it should be almost identical, because the sheets are glued evenly to the back;
  7. Selecting two shades of wallpaper for one room, you need to consider their compatibility in the interior.

For a competent combination of several colors of wallpaper, it is necessary to select several different options competently, which will help to create the ideal design of the room.

Stylish decoration of walls with wallpaper of two colors

Well-designed decoration of walls with wallpaper of two different colors, allows to make the room much more stylish and refined. Using wallpaper of different colors or a beautiful pattern, you can distribute the room into two or more separate zones. Double wallpaper will help to designate a recreation area, working and play areas in the children's room. With the combination of two shades, it can be advantageous to emphasize a significant part of the living space of the room.

Strips and drawings on wallpaper should be the same color scale Strips and drawings on the wallpaper should be the same color range

To competently compose wallpaper of two types, you need to rotate the wallpaper between each other. Strips can be made in only one color scheme and differ only in pattern, or create a certain contrasting alternation of fairly dark and light inserts.

In modern interiors, horizontally glued striped wallpaper looks beautiful that help create a certain dynamics in the room. However, it is worth remembering the visual effect of horizontal strips, because they expand the space, but at the same time somewhat understate the ceilings.

The classic is always in fashion, so for lovers of classical interiors, horizontal dividing of walls by two types of wallpaper using a certain border is best.

It can be made of:

  • Paper;
  • Tree;
  • Polyurethane.

If the ceilings in the room are not high enough, then the wallpaper of darker colors should be glued from below, and the light ones at the top. This will help visually make the ceilings higher. For rooms with high ceilings, you need to use the strictly opposite option.

How to combine two types of wallpaper to create a judiciously thought-out interior

The clever design of the walls, made with wallpaper of two colors, gives an excellent opportunity to emphasize the individuality of the interior, and also help make it more comfortable and harmonious.

Two colors wallpapers will help to correct the imperfections of the layout Two-color wallpaper will help to correct the imperfections of the layout

To bring your zest to the design of the room and adjust the imperfections of the layout, you just need to competently combine two-tone wallpaper. In addition, this combination will help add room space and volume.

Decorative wall finishing should be carried out only after careful leveling of the surfaces. When leveling surfaces, it is not always possible to properly mask the deficiencies, which can become noticeable already in the process of work. Hide weaknesses can be with the help of wallpaper dark shades. Against this background, dents and protrusions will be less noticeable.

If the dark shades do not fit into the overall design of the room, then you can remove the existing shortcomings with the help of a variety of types of textured wallpaper. To make the interior more refined, you can combine different shades, choosing the most interesting options. When choosing the most suitable shades and textures, it is worth remembering that the choice of color and type of wallpaper should be based directly on the features of the room.

A well-chosen combination of shades of wallpaper will help to correct the incorrect lighting. Areas where the bright light gets to, it is necessary to cover with dark colors strictly with matte surfaces. If there is insufficient lighting in the room, then you need to use wallpaper with a glossy reflective surface.

How you can emphasize the design of the

with two-color wallpaper Using one or several color scales, you can emphasize the individuality of any room design. In the interior of the room it is very important to choose the right shades of wallpaper, which will favorably affect the degree of comfort and harmony of the house.

The stylistic design of wallpaper of two shades conveys the special saturation of the room The stylistic design of the wallpaper of the two shades conveys the special saturation of the room

Given the variety of styles, accessories and furniture options, it is not always the use of a single shade of wallpaper to completely convey all the details and individuality of the design of the room.

In addition, you can combine the color in your own discretion.

The stylistic design of the wallpaper of two shades helps to convey the special saturation and individuality of the room, which is especially important in the rooms intended for the reception of guests.

With a competent combination of colors, you can significantly transform the room almost beyond recognition. Thus, it is possible to visually correct the shape and dimensions of the room. When using wallpaper of two shades, you can decorate the walls in any style. To give the individuality of the room, you can fill the interior with bright and bright colors.

Two-color wall wallpaper design( video)

The basic shades are to use no more than three colors to help you play on the key and decorate the room. However, when choosing wallpaper, you need to select only one texture or color scheme.

Design wall wallpaper two colors( photo)