How to remove quickly wallpaper from the walls: old tear off with no extra effort, washable unglue, a tool with their own hands

To give the living room a unique color will help the new wallpaper, but before they begin to be pasted, you need to remove the old coating The new wallpaper will help to give the living room a new color, but before starting to paste them, you need to remove the old cover. Repairing an apartment or a house is a long and painstaking exercise that requires considerable effort, finances, time and nerves. At the same time, the bulk of the time is spent preparing for repair work - you need to remove furniture, prepare( clean) the surface, buy and bring all the necessary building materials and much more. Naturally, it is quite problematic to reduce finance costs in these situations, it is also extremely difficult to reduce nervous tension - people are always nervous and repair( stress) only increases tension. However, you can not spend unnecessary efforts in preparing for the performance of repair work, especially if the repair is done by yourself.

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    • How to quickly remove old wallpaper from the walls
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How to remove the switch for wallpapering

One way to save time and effort is the ability to quickly and accurately( to bare walls) to peel the wallpaper. This is an important stage in the interior decoration of rooms - old wallpaper can not be left, because they can be inspected through new ones, forming creases and wrinkles on the new wallpaper layer, this makes the appearance of the room not attractive, and also does not allow painting the walls( if there are such plans).Therefore, it is extremely important to remove the old layers completely, without leaving a small strip, which then will look like an ugly fold.

You can start removing wallpapers only after removing electrical switches and sockets, to avoid injury during work The wallpaper removal can be started only after the electrical switches and sockets have been removed, in order to avoid damage to the work.

Below, we will consider various ways how to easily, cheaply and without serious effort remove old wallpaper, Walls and damage room.

It should always be remembered that any work must be prepared in advance.

An important point is the "leveling" of the wall surface, removing from them all possible "irregularities" in the form of decor elements and fasteners for them( screws / nails for paintings, etc.), as well as removing such elements as switches and sockets.

It is worth remembering that it is difficult to remove the switch or the outlet, unlike the same pictures and other ornaments. Another difficulty is added by the fact that switches with power outlets are under tension, which is extremely dangerous for human life( with improper or inaccurate handling).Therefore, it is extremely important to properly remove these potentially hazardous objects and fulfill several conditions for preventing workers from being electrocuted while performing construction work.

Preparing walls for wallpapering involves not only removing the old coating, but also sealing the cracks and leveling the surface Preparing walls for wallpapering includes not only the removal of the old coating, but also the sealing of the cracks and the leveling of the surface

The work itself does not cause any complications and can be divided into several stages:

  1. CarefullyThe outer part of the switch / socket is removed. For new( modern) switches, the outer part should be fastened with plastic fasteners and enough effort should be applied. To remove them. For the analysis of Soviet switches, most likely, you will need a screwdriver - they use screw fasteners.
  2. Carefully disconnect the cable / wire. The contacts in the switches / sockets are fixed with a screw connection, so a screwdriver with a handle made of insulating material should be used. Disconnect the wires one at a time, after disconnection, they must immediately be isolated with the help of insulating tape or special heat shrink tubes.
  3. After disconnecting the contacts, remove the switch / socket from the receptacle. To do this, you will also need to use a screwdriver.
  4. The last step - it is necessary to cut out of rubber, or other insulation material, circles whose diameter is equal to the diameter of the juniper. After that, this material is covered with a hole( flush with the wall).

After this preparatory stage, you can proceed directly to the removal of wallpaper.

How to quickly remove old wallpaper from the walls of

Many people often wonder whether it's worth to shoot the wallpaper. The answer is unequivocal - it is necessary to do this. Otherwise, there are options when old wallpaper will spoil the appearance of the room, as described above, or there will be other, more serious consequences.

To remove washable wallpaper from the surface, it is necessary to treat the blade with a serrated roller To remove washable wallpaper from the surface, it is necessary to treat the blade with a toothed roller

For example, many modern wallpapers are stretched as the adhesive mixture dries, thus old layers can break new ones, or bubbles begin to formWill lead to a backlog of wallpaper.

Therefore, for the performance of quality repairs, cleaning of the walls with their further preparation for the gluing of new wallpaper must be carried out. In this case, the process of wallpaper gluing will go more quickly and qualitatively.

Modern tools

Recently, a widely used knife for "scratching" the wallpaper. Outwardly it represents a 3 - 5 beam star, in each ray a knife is inserted from the working side, and on the back there is a convenient handle. Usually such tools are equipped with special stickers, on which their purpose is indicated. Such knives leave deep scratches on the wallpaper, cutting them into small pieces, which in the future can easily be torn off.

The entire procedure for removing wallpapers takes several hours for a room of about 15-20 square meters. The only drawback of this product is that the knives are dull quickly, especially if they work on concrete or brick walls. This disadvantage is compensated by the cheapness of the tool itself and replacement knives, which can be bought separately.

Without problems, a special liquid will help to remove the wallpaper from the walls, completely dissolving and washing away the old coating Without any problems, a special liquid that completely dissolves and removes the old coating

will help to remove wallpaper from the walls. Domestic industry after the European, began to produce its products, which has the same functions as the knife described above. The most common domestic version of the tool, which simplifies the removal of wallpaper - nozzle for a roller with "needles."It allows you to quickly shoot the wallpaper on the same principle as the knife, but the needles do not so quickly blunt, the nozzle itself is cheaper than replacement knives, and it is not harder to remove the wallpaper with it than with a knife. Additional advantages include the ability to easier to clean the wallpaper in hard-to-reach places( compared to the knife).

Another option is to purchase and apply a special tool that is designed to remove old wallpaper. In this case, a special substance dissolves the wallpaper, which decomposes the glue, as a result - the wallpaper is then easily torn off.

Means for removing wallpaper from walls: reviews

Most of all positive reviews have chemical means. This is quite understandable - it does not take much effort to cut the wallpaper before cleaning it. Therefore, these tools are better used - they save much time and energy.

Spatula is the most effective tool for removing old wallpaper from concrete walls The spatula is the most effective tool for removing old wallcoverings from concrete walls.

Knives or rollers are recommended to be used in any case - they may be needed for cutting before removing( you have to catch something for something!).Comments on these adaptations are contradictory - you can use a sharpened spatula or a construction knife.

However, many people are skeptical about such novelties, preferring the old "grandfather" way to remove wallpaper.

How to clean walls from old wallpapers

The most famous way of quickly removing old wallpaper is to moisten them with water. The water, in this situation, plays the role of a glue softener, as a result of which it swells and the wallpaper becomes easy to rip off. To wet the wallpaper you should use sponges or spray. The entire area of ​​the wall is treated with water several times, after which the minutes are left at 15-20.After that, you should take a spatula( preferably ground) and start tearing off the wallpaper, damaging them beforehand in several places( you need to cut them).

This method is considered one of the most hygienic, since the wallpaper is removed, the room does not have dust, and the glue particles do not enter the respiratory system.

How to remove wallpaper from concrete walls

Often people need to remove old wallpaper from concrete walls, since the latter are prepared for painting. In this case, it is extremely important to remove not only the wallpaper itself, but also the remnants of glue from the wall.

The very process of removing wallpaper is almost the same as described above, the only difference is that after removing the wallpaper, the wall is treated with special solutions that decompose the glue.

How to remove washable wall paper quickly

Washable wallpaper tearing is much more problematic - they are not afraid of moisture and do not allow liquids to penetrate to the glue. In fact, they have 2 layers - the top( with a pattern) and the bottom, waterproof.

To remove them, you must make very deep cuts that allow you to reach the surface of the wall. In these places, a damp sponge with water or a special remedy should be applied for a few minutes. Then the procedure is similar to the previous ones.

The best means for removing old paper wallpapers - simple water, heated to the required temperature for work The best tool for removing old paper wallpapers - simple water heated to the required temperature for operation

Do not think that such wallpaper can be peeled off as easily as usual - you have to work.

It is worth remembering that the liquid must penetrate well into the cuts made. It is best to preheat the water and wet the wallpaper with warm water. Also, significantly speed up the process of removing such wallpaper will help special steam appliances that allow the surface to be treated with hot steam.

How to take off the wallpaper for painting the walls

Often people ask the question: why are the painted walls have ugly spots?The answer is quite simple - the remnants of the glue from the wallpaper spoil all the work. Therefore, you need to delete it. For this, the walls should be treated with a special solution, after which they must be washed. In this case, the glue will most likely be removed.

It's easy to take off old wallpaper( video)

It's worth remembering that each manufacturer has its own composition of such chemicals, so the application rules for them can be different( you must carefully read the instructions).Note that some remedies may be dangerous to a person when the contact is open.