Pink wallpaper: in the interior photo, which fit, background and color combinations, white and pink in the room

Pink wallpaper - this is a very interesting option for finishing the walls of your room Pink wallpaper is a very interesting option for finishing the walls of your room There is a common opinion that pink wallpaper only glues in children's and playrooms for little girls. But this is absolutely not so. Pink is a very delicate, sensual and warm color. His fans are romantic and purposeful nature. Taking into account the competent combination of pink with other shades of the interior, this color can be used absolutely in any rooms. Numerous variations of the palette of pink shades, you can create an atmosphere of romance, comfort and harmony.

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Pink wallpaper in the interior: the advantages of the palette

The amount of pink in the interior of the room must be approached very carefully and weighedenno because excessive amounts simplicity and lightheadedness displace presence thin notes romance and kindness. Today the variety of tapestries is represented in multiple versions of pink: from delicate pastel shades to rich purple colors.

Pink color, unlike red, has a very different effect on others. Thanks to the palette of shades of pink, you can create a special atmosphere in the room.

Pink wallpapers will give the room a calm, special atmosphere Pink wallpapers give a room a calm, special atmosphere

Pink shades in a modern interior:

  • Decorating a room in pink colors does not irritate or cause aggression.
  • Lightly saturated pink colors create an atmosphere of security and relaxation. Help to escape from the pressing problems and bring your thoughts in order.
  • Pearl shades of pink, help create comfort and coziness, as well as an atmosphere of warmth and carelessness.
  • Full rest is inherent in coral pink and salmon-pink shades.
  • Rich colors of magenta and crimson are charged with energy and prompt for decisive action. Such shades are not bad combined with each other. This is a pretty good option for especially lazy individuals.

Cold shades of pink successfully cool extremely sunlit rooms.

Tapestry dark background, with expressive bright pink flowers, quite in demand by designers.

Variants of combinations: which wallpapers are suitable for pink

Pink color fits well with most shades of color palette. But do not get involved in this or that shade of shades. First of all, you need to carefully consider the proportions of the desired tones and what kind of wallpaper, in a harmonious combination with the overall interior of the room.

Pink color fits perfectly with white, so white and pink wallpaper will be an excellent option for the design of the room The pink color fits perfectly with white, so white and pink wallpaper will be an excellent option for decorating the room.

The most successful combinations of pink wallpapers:

  • White + pink is the most common combination. White color in this case successfully dilutes the saturation of pink. In this combination, an airy and soft atmosphere is created.
  • Pink + black. This combination is more suitable for men, courageous and brutal. Black with pink - Japanese style.
  • Gray + pink. Its neutral, gray emphasizes a delicate pink color. This is perhaps the most advantageous variation of all listed.
  • Cream + pink. Cream harmoniously shades a bright pink color. The room in this decoration creates a gentle and peaceful atmosphere. A similar duet is typical for the style of Provence.
  • Green + pink. The palette of green shades in combination with pink make the room lively and natural. Such a range of colors freshens space.

Combining pink wallpaper with blue, a rare and unusual case. Such a combination in its existence, is most suitable for decorating a children's room: pink is close to the female beginning, and blue - to the male.