Niche from plasterboard under the TV in the interior photo: shelves and wall, ideas for TV, constructions by own hands

A gypsum boardboard niche is a wonderful way to quickly and stylishly transform the interior of a room A niche made of gypsum cardboard is a wonderful way to quickly and stylishly transform the interior of a room. A niche made of plasterboard is a winning design solution that allows you to decorate a room, make it stylish and modern, add coziness to the room and at the same time save on bulky furniture. The advantages of the gypsum board niche are a huge number of design options, any ideas and fantasies can be executed, and with their own hands, having minimal repair skills. This design allows you to disguise all cables and television wires, making the interior elegant and aesthetic, as well as serve as a protection for technology, eliminating the danger of hitting and dropping the TV.

          • We choose the niche design from gypsum cardboard for the TV: photo
          • How to create a niche for the TV set from the gypsum board
          • The shelf for the TV from the gypsum board: photo and lighting installation
          • We put the finishing touches:TV
          • Stylish niche from plasterboard for TV in the interior( video)
          • Design of a niche from plasterboard for a TV( photo in interior)

We choose a niche design from gypsum board for TVZora: photo

First you need to think about a certain style of the interior, the main idea, according to which this design decision will be executed, is able to reflect the character, needs and preferences of the owner.

It can be:

  • Functional and technological high-tech;
  • Simple and spacious minimalism;
  • Spectacular and luxurious art deco.

Add to the modern living room will help you beautiful gypsum plasterboard niche in the Art Nouveau style To complement the modern living room you will be helped by a beautiful gypsum board niche in the modern style.

Or it is possible to choose a combination of styles, creating your own unique. However, great importance should be given to the appropriateness and harmony of the chosen style with the surrounding space. Then you need to determine the shape and size of the structure, taking into account the parameters of the TV and the volume of the wall itself.

The niche can be in the form of a column, a hole in the wall, a souvenir stand, an English grotto, look like a bookshelf or as a wall in the living room, while performing all its functions.

Next, you need to choose a color palette, or similar in tone to the rest of the walls, or some other, contrasting color or pattern. But do not select the design too dark color, so as not to create the impression that there is a hole in the wall. It is important not to overdo it with the backlight, it should not be more intense than the main light source in the room.

Afterwards, it is required to select various decorating elements and coatings:

  • Natural and artificial stone;
  • Mirrors;
  • Bas-reliefs;
  • Frame made of stucco;
  • Mosaic.

Artificial stone is the most popular and sought-after decoration material to date. It captivates with the simplicity of its creation and use, it is lighter than natural stone and lasts longer than temperatures. Exquisite and original look bas-reliefs, while doing such tasks as concealing the unevenness of the wall, distorting the space and creating transitions between the functional zones.

How to create a niche for a TV set from a gypsum board

To start working, you need universal tools: a drill, a screwdriver, a regular or clerical knife, sandpaper, a level, a metal hacksaw or a Bulgarian.

You can install a gypsum board niche with your own hands, the main thing is to decide on its design and choose high-quality materials for work You can install the gypsum board niche yourself, the main thing is to decide on its design and choose high-quality materials for the work.

For the construction itself, the following materials will be required:

  • Plasterboard sheets;
  • Aluminum profile;
  • Perforated corners;
  • Reinforcing mesh and putty mixture;
  • Dowels with screws.

First of all, a sketch of the project is created: with the sizes, the general design and the location of the structure. Exactly according to the sketch, with the help of a level and a marker on the wall, marking is done, taking into account the placement of wires and sockets. All lines must be parallel to each other, vertical perpendicular to the floor.

According to the marked markings, a frame is mounted from the profile, which, using a perforator and a screwdriver, is fixed to the wall with screws.

The niche acquires volume - vertical guides are attached, hangers and jumpers are connected. All necessary communications( wires, cables, electrical wiring) are laid, power is supplied to the light sources, if any, provided by the project. Next, we make plasterboard plating. With a knife or jigsaw, all parts are cut to size, corners and edges are neatly tied. Pieces of material, first from the sides, then on the front side are attached to the frame, a gypsum board is created. Hat self-tapping screws should not bulge, they should be screwed carefully, without damaging the sheets of plasterboard. Further processed by putty places of fastenings of self-tapping screws, joints and corners with a label of a special tape. The layer is leveled and after drying the putty is sanded with a sandpaper.

TV shelf of plasterboard: photo and lighting installation

Illumination also plays an important role, it can also be an element of decor, an additional source of lighting and the ability to visually increase the space. Applying the backlight you need to take into account all the nuances: its brightness, shade of glow, color solution, direction and intensity of the light flux, as well as reflecting the ability of the walls. If the design provides a backlight, we proceed to install lighting equipment.

Before installing a niche from gypsum board, you should consider the placement of wiring and lighting equipment Before installing the gypsum board recess, you should consider the placement of the wiring and lighting

The light sources are:

  • Spotlights;
  • Fluorescent and Neon Lamps;
  • LED Strip Light.

Installation of LED tapes is not difficult, no special knowledge is required for this. The tape is glued either along the inner wall of the niche, or, if the light should be directed into the interior, a special rim is erected, a starting profile is fastened to the edge of the ledge, and inward - a gyro band. For the installation of spotlights it will be necessary to make holes in the plasterboard.

For spotlights and fluorescent and neon lamps, electricity is required. And this should be taken care of even before the beginning of all work. Wires should be hidden under the niche.

If you do not have special education and skills, then it is better to entrust this work to a professional electrician. With electricity you can not joke!

We put the finishing touches: the gypsum boardboard niche under the TV

So, we proceed to finish the finish. The simplest and economical finish - gluing wallpaper, with which the wall is pasted. You can choose the same wallpaper as in the rest of the room, then the design will merge with the interior as much as possible or choose a different, contrasting color. Harder painting will be more difficult, in this case, the surface should be carefully leveled, since any roughness and ribbing will be evident.

In addition, you can decorate the drywall niche with beautiful wallpaper You can also decorate the drywall niche with beautiful wallpaper

Decorating with artificial stone is the most time consuming and energy-consuming. The tiles need to be adjusted and cut by the Bulgarian, experience in handling it and observance of safety precautions is necessary.

Artificial stone is fixed using mounting glue or liquid nails. The original looks a few options stone, laid out, as your imagination allows. The bas-relief can be created not only by a professional artist or sculptor, but also by anyone who possesses determination, patience and perseverance. Any bas-relief in itself is unique and unique.

Before you start, you need:

  • Everything is ready;
  • View the master class;
  • Consult with an expert.

It is worthwhile to think ahead and create a life-sized sketch, so that the sketch is combined with the rest of the design. A beginner should not take on large-scale paintings, rather original composition of flowers, fruits or contours of animals and birds will look. The final stage is the installation of the TV.In accordance with the parameters of the TV, in the niche in the center is made a marking for the bracket, which, as a rule, comes complete. Then, with the help of screws, the bracket is fixed and the TV is hung on it.

Stylish niche of plasterboard for TV in the interior( video)

The TV stand has sunk into oblivion, and a similar structure made of drywall, on the contrary, has recently become more popular due to its ease in manufacturing and installation, inexpensive and affordable materials. This original design idea does not require much time and money, but it will please you for many years.

niche design of the drywall under the TV( photo in the interior)