Liquid color wallpaper: white photo, palette of textures, whether it is possible to add color, the relief of what and sparkles, varnish to cover

Thanks to a wide variety of liquid wallpaper of different colors, it Thanks to the wide variety of liquid wallpaper of different colors, it's easy to choose the right version Liquid wallpaper, or cotton silk plaster, is, today, the last word in the field of finishing materials. Liquid wallpaper is a dry mix based on cellulose or cotton with the addition of various components. This plaster allows you to hide the irregularities and other shortcomings of the finished surface. In addition, liquid wallpaper can be put on the surface of absolutely any configuration( pipes, radiators, junction boxes, etc.).In addition, liquid wallpaper refers to those finishing materials, the surface of which is subject to restoration in case of damage, for example, during further repairs, etc. Manufacturers of liquid wallpaper offer a variety of color variants of wallpaper, as well as thematic collections of mixtures, united by a common color motive. Therefore, you can always choose already ready or get a liquid color wallpaper of your dreams by mixing or sorting dry compounds.

    • Liquid wallpaper: a palette of colors and textures
    • Can I add color to liquid wallpaper
    • White liquid wallpaper: universal interior options
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Liquid wallpaper: a palette of colors and textures

Dry mixtures for preparing liquid wallpaper come in different colors, and contain various components in chiAfter which, usually, such substances as: mineral constituents, silk threads, glitter, glue, etc. act. The successfully selected or combined color of liquid wallpaper allows creating a harmonious interior.

When choosing the texture and color of liquid wallpaper, you should take into account the style and size of the room When choosing the texture and color of liquid wallpaper, it is necessary to take into account the style and dimensions of the room.

However, when choosing the shade of wall and ceiling material, the following important nuances should be considered:

  • Room assignment;
  • Light intensity;
  • Spatial orientation of the room;
  • Dimensions of the room.

These are the parameters that influence the choice of dominant colors for the decoration of walls and ceilings.

In addition, a successful interior color scheme is created taking into account the classic combination of colors, namely:

  1. The red color is in harmony with green and gray.
  2. Rich pink combines with shades of blue, and pale pink - with a salad and pale lilac.
  3. Orange will make an excellent duo bright blue, blue and purple.
  4. Yellow and its shades are good in the company with blue, green and pale pink.
  5. Golden is a profitable shade of dark red, green and light gray.
  6. Dark green "friends" with beige and brown, but light green with dark green and pink.
  7. The color of the sea wave is effective in combination with orange and corn silk.
  8. Blue shades will make the company orange, yellow and their shades, as well as pink.
  9. Any shades of green are suitable for purple.
  10. Gray is in harmony with pale lilac, raspberry and purple.

To create a harmonious color solution of the interior with liquid wallpaper, you should choose the right tone for the wallpaper, taking into account the features of the room. The required shade of liquid wallpaper, as a rule, can be obtained in several ways.

Can I add color to liquid wallpaper

According to the instructions for use, liquid wallpaper is diluted with water. At this stage, it is also possible to introduce various additives. As for whether you need to tint the liquid wallpaper by adding a color, then there are different points of view on this. It should be noted that professional finishers do not recommend to paint liquid wallpaper, because the colors of silk cotton plasters are so diverse that you can get the desired color without the help of color.

With the help of color, you can significantly improve the aesthetic properties of liquid wallpaper and give them originality With the help of color, you can significantly improve the aesthetic properties of liquid wallpaper and give them originality

For example, you can add dry compositions of other colors to the main dry mix and, as a result, get a unique color combination.

In addition, in the case if, for example, a darker hue is required to create a picture than is available in the collection of colors, then it is possible to sort the color components of the desired shade from the already prepared mixture. In this case, usually dry mixer for paper wallpaper is additionally added to the sorted mixture - this makes it easy to cover the surfaces with a sorted composition( which is clearly demonstrated in the video).

It should be noted that dilution of liquid wallpaper with some color, as well as the addition of markers, leads to the fact that liquid wallpaper lose its following properties:

  • Possibility of multiple use;
  • Easy restoration;
  • Color uniformity.

In addition, lacquer and paint applied to the surface of liquid wallpaper, also lead to the fact that silk cotton plaster loses a number of its unique qualities. It is the unique characteristics of liquid wallpaper that allow them to create complex patterns, for example, volumetric images simulating mountain relief, etc.

It should be noted that liquid wallpaper is one of the few materials that allows you to create a gradient - a smooth transition of one color to another. For example, to obtain a gradient of 5 or more shades, use the following technique - colors are applied to raw wallpaper, i.e. After applying one color immediately begin to work with the next, darker or lighter shade. This application creates a smooth transition of one color to another.

In case the edge of the applied color is already dried, it is necessary to soak it with water and cover with the following color to create a smooth transition of tones. To obtain the necessary color shade of liquid wallpaper, it is recommended to mix dry mixtures or sort one or more mixtures to obtain the desired color.

White liquid wallpapers: universal interior options

When choosing the color scheme of liquid wallpaper, do not forget about the universal neutral color, like white.

Thanks to the white liquid wallpaper, you can visually enlarge the room Thanks to the white liquid wallpaper, it is possible to visually enlarge the room

White silk cotton plaster is ideal for wall decoration, because white color:

  • Serves as an excellent background;
  • Combines with any other color;
  • Excellent with elements of black, red and brown;
  • On a white background, furniture from dark polished wood looks beautiful.

The versatility of white in the finish of walls and ceiling comes to the rescue in case the room is darkened, facing north or narrow. For children is a great combination of white and yellow. But the white duet with dark or bright green creates a fresh and life-affirming atmosphere.

Interior with a predominance of white - a promising color solution for the whole house or apartment.

Relief of liquid wallpaper: unique features of

As already mentioned above, liquid wallpaper allows you to realize the most intricate artistic fictions, including creating multi-layer textured drawings.

Thanks to the relief, the liquid wallpaper looks stylish and original in the interior Thanks to the relief, the liquid wallpaper looks in the interior in a stylish and original way.

The sequence of applying wallpaper to get a relief image is as follows:

  1. The main background and backgrounds of the largest parts are applied.
  2. The dry applied main background is transferred to the drawing, and the relief elements are made in a darker or lighter color( compared to the background).In this case, the background color is diluted with a lighter or darker color.
  3. The contour lines are made with a darker shade of wallpaper.

Liquid wallpaper allows you to create complex textured relief compositions, so this finishing material successfully competes with stucco.

Liquid wallpaper: options for decoration( video)

In summary, silk cotton plaster is one of the most practical, versatile and beautiful modern finishing materials, allowing you to experiment immensely with the color scheme to create a stylish and functional interior.

design liquid wallpaper and color( photo in the interior)