Walls of plasterboard with their own hands: how to do, work in the bathroom, hall and photo, correctly erect the load

To put an additional wall in a large room, you can use high-quality gypsum boards It is possible to put an additional wall in a large room with high-quality gypsum boards In different cases, there is a need to design a gypsum board wall. Either one big room is divided into two, or zoning the room, separating the functional part of the gypsum cardboard wall, or it is a redevelopment of a new building, which is also not uncommon. In each of these cases it is necessary to erect an additional partition.

          • We attach the drywall to the wall with our own hands: the necessary materials
          • The wall of plasterboard with our own hands: the necessary tools
          • Step-by-step instruction: how to make a drywall wall
          • How to work with gypsum board yourself: walls
          • How the plasterboard walls are made in the bathroom
          • Construction of the wall from gypsum board( video)

We fix the drywall on the wall with our own hands: the necessary materials

The strength of the structure will be provided by a metal frame. Its erection is the first stage in the construction of the wall. You need to make a framework of special profiles.

For this purpose a profile of two sizes is used:

  • The D-profile forms the plane on which the GCR will be fixed;
  • W-profile is needed to build a common framework.

Before you start installing the wall indoors, you should prepare all necessary materials and tools for repair in advance Before proceeding with the installation of the wall in the room, all necessary materials and repair tools should be prepared in advance.

For each size, the profile and guide profiles are also available. The guiding profile is a U-shaped profile with smooth stenochkov, the end profile is inserted into the profile.

But the supporting profile has some ribbing, which is made by pressing to ensure that the bending was more rigid.

If we are building a simple partition, only CW and UW profiles are required. If the walls are laid with communications, the same lighting, you can build a wall with profiles UD and CD.To fix the profile in the frame, you need a straight suspension and a well-known universal crab connector.

Drywall wall with own hands: the necessary tools

To put a drywall wall, you need a decent list of tools. The assembly must be of high quality, therefore the tools need reliable. To assemble the wall, tools can be rented.

In order for a hypocartic wall to form the right shape, you first need to make room measurements In order for a hypo-cardboard wall to form the right shape, you first need to make room measurements

Wall construction - tools:

  • Roulette;
  • Rule, level;
  • Rope and fishing line;
  • Drill with reverser / screwdriver;
  • Shears for metal;
  • Rotary hammer;
  • Grater for gypsum board;
  • Construction knife.

When materials, tools are ready, the construction of the wall begins. Immediately decide whether you need to strengthen the wall, what is its function. It's just an interroom partition, or in general a decorative false wall. The thickness of the wall makes it possible to lay communications.

Step-by-step instruction: how to make a drywall wall of

On the floor, you need to mark out the future wall. More precisely, mark the place where the wall will be placed. And for this you should understand a few points.

Without fail it is necessary to think over the place where the future wall will be located It is mandatory to consider the location where the future wall will be located


  • Ideally right angles, as you know, practically do not meet between rooms, in old buildings so accurately. When marking a new wall, take this into account and become attached to both parallel walls, rather than to one. So, if there is a curvature, it is minimal and imperceptible.
  • If, in addition, that you are making a new device, but also plastering all the walls with gypsum cardboard, you first need to output the frame to create the most straight angles. Only then the wall is erected.
  • When planning the first line of the future location of the wall, consider that the guide profile will be equal to it. To this mark add thickness of drywall sheet, as well as putty and finishing layer.

Having defined the first line on the floor surface, you can transfer it to walls and ceiling. This is done with the help of a plumb line. With laser level technology is simplified.

How to work with plasterboard with your own hands: walls

If you decide to mount a drywall on the frame of profiles, you will get a perfect flat surface. The profiles are fixed to special locks. Of these, a frame, racks, and jumpers are assembled, which is important, the front part of which will lie in one plane.

In order to get a smooth wall of gypsum board, it is necessary to use a strong frame of metal profiles, on which the plasterboard surface will be mounted In order to obtain a smooth wall from gypsum board, it is necessary to use a strong frame of metal profiles on which the plasterboard surface

will be mounted. If you are plastering a wall, then not only can you conduct communication. Stacking insulation is also possible. By the way, without a heater metal frame has a significant negative, it is too good conducts sounds.

The frame method is correct and reliable, but sometimes the plasterboard is walled on the glue. But here there is a significant disadvantage: not everywhere under the cladding there is glue, and the wall can not withstand hinged structures. If something you plan to mount at this height, then you need to lay a solid layer of glue or install a scaffold.

How the plasterboard walls are made in the bathroom

Not only can the hall or bedroom be converted into a gypsum plasterboard wall. On smooth and plastered walls in the bathroom, drywall can be simply glued - this is the case of plating, if a partition is made, a skeleton can not be dispensed with. Need a frame and if the walls are planned to tile with tiles.

To arrange a bathroom it is better to use a moisture-resistant plasterboard For the arrangement of a bathroom it is better to use a moisture-resistant plasterboard

An important point is the use of a special drywall. You will need moisture resistant sheets( painted in green).In these sheets are added special fillers, thanks to them the material will retain its technical characteristics in the case of high humidity.

Features of the use of plasterboard in the bathroom:

  • Even moisture resistant gypsum board needs additional protection - its edges need to be wrapped with waterproofing membrane or treated with mastic;
  • Before installing the skin, be sure to treat the material with these means, and also the entire surface should be treated with a water-repellent solution.

Do you trim the load-bearing walls, do the partition, the plasterboard needs a careful attitude, the right cutting. Use high-quality materials for finishing, preferably, brands with a good reputation( Knauf, etc.) Particular attention should be paid if the partition "rests" in the stretch ceilings, so as not to injure them.

Construction of plasterboard wall( video)

A gypsum board wall can serve as a cladding, it can be just a decorative wall, in niches of which there are various clay figurines and other trinkets, or maybe just a space delimiter.

Successful repair!