Wallpapers under the skin in the interior photo: under the skin of a crocodile and a snake

Wallpaper with a pattern under the skin is ideal for fans of unusual options for decorative decoration of the home Wallpapers with a pattern under the skin are ideal for lovers of unusual options for decorative decoration of the home Having occupied with the improvement of the apartment, many owners prefer to avoid using bold decisions. Instead, the usual styles of decoration of walls are widely used. But some consumers still decide on extravagant materials for decoration, such as wallpaper under the skin. It is only necessary to take care of a harmonious combination of paintings with the surrounding furniture and the result will be a harmonious atmosphere.

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What are wallpapers under the skin in the interior

Manufacturers of wallpaper have learned to realistically simulate the skin. This effect was achieved through the use of special embossing( high-precision).However, for the result to be qualitative it is impossible to do without special raw materials.

According to the materials, the wallpaper under the skin can be:

  1. Flizeline. Are considered high-quality and easy to use. When working with glue, the web does not get wet or deform. This material is used to simulate any skin. The main disadvantage is the high price of non-woven fabric in comparison with other wallpaper under the skin.
  2. Paper. For their production, use a decorative layer( print).Externally, the material looks good, but most paper wallpapers can not be washed when contaminated. Some manufacturers have solved this problem by adding a layer of vinyl to the base.
  3. Vinyl. They look very realistic, so most repairers recommend just such canvases. The material is easy to glue, and if soiled, it can be washed.

Non-woven skin on a non-woven base is the most high-quality and resistant coating for various types of damage.

But with vinyl wallpapers, care must be taken to ensure good ventilation in the room.

Skin Wallpapers: options for drawings

Today, there are many different wallpapers that mimic the skin. But when choosing the material for walls it is important to take into account the interior of the room in order to have an idea of ​​the expected result in advance.

The most popular drawings are as follows.

Simulate python skin

This kind of wallpaper has some advantages over other options. The relief scales of snake skin turn out to be voluminous, and also uneven, which looks unusual, but spectacular. The python skin will well emphasize the elite design of the room, where luxury reigns.

The wallpaper, simulating python skin, will create an atmosphere of respectability and luxury in the room Wallpaper simulating python skin will create an atmosphere of respectability and luxury in the room.

In addition, the python walls perfectly match the marine interior, creating an atmosphere of a bright and expensive resort.

Simulating zebra skins

This variant of wall decoration is suitable for people who prefer a minimalism, as well as monochrome in the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is the surface area with an unusual coating that will be a highlight in the interior. It is worth noting that these wallpapers are well combined with animalistic design or loft interior.

Imitation of leopard skin

This variant of wallpaper is considered the most preferable among women. Typically, leopard print can be found not only in the form of a wall covering, but in clothes, or among accessories.

Wallpaper with imitation zebra skins ideally fit in the interior of the room, made in the style of high-tech Wallpaper with imitation zebra skins ideally fit in the interior of a room made in high-tech style.

Walls with this imitation of leather will bring a cozy atmosphere to the room and will be perceived by others as an expensive and comfortable design.

Leather with embossing

Often used for the production of such wallpapers is gold or silver embossing. The most actual option for use is the design of the room, made in the palace style.

With the help of this type of wallpaper, it is possible to achieve a unique combination of luxury and modernity.

How best to choose wallpaper under the skin of a crocodile in the interior

Another option for decorating walls in an apartment is the use of wallpaper under the skin of a crocodile. Thanks to this solution it is possible to achieve that the surfaces look expensive and exquisite.

For making wallpaper visually looking like a crocodile skin, it is customary to use a vinyl base. Manufacturers have taken care that the drawing on them very accurately repeats the texture of this skin.

Wallpaper for crocodile skin, predominate in interiors designed for business receptions and meetings Crocodile skin wallpaper, predominant in interiors designed for business receptions and meetings

To owners who prefer such a theme in the interior, it should be borne in mind that after decorating an apartment with such canvases, the result is an extravagant or even rude atmosphere.

That is, often in a room because of such decorating surfaces there is an uncomfortable effect. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use crocodile themes for decorating cabinets, libraries or conference rooms.

However, designers are advised not to go too far in the wallpaper room under the skin of the crocodile, because after the completion of the repair work there is a danger of obtaining a tasteless interior. It is better to focus on a single wall, it will allow to delineate the space and achieve the desired effect.

Things to consider when working with wallpaper under the skin

There are several rules that must be observed when working with wallpaper under your skin. This is necessary due to the fact that this material is considered specific and there is a danger instead of the original effect to spoil the overall picture of the interior.

Wallpaper with embossed under the skin can successfully hide the irregularities and small cracks on the walls Skin-embossed wallpapers allow you to successfully hide unevenness and small cracks on the walls

To avoid unexpected problems, it is important to follow the rules below:

  1. Do not decorate all walls in the room with leather wallpaper. Although full surface finish is not considered a mistake, experienced designers recommend decorating a certain area in the room. It is important to take care that all elements of the interior balance well trim and not be too catchy.
  2. Do not use different prints for decor. It is necessary to avoid combining several types of wallpaper under your skin in one room. No matter how great the desire to combine the skin of the crocodile with the skin of a snake in the interior, it is not worthwhile to carry out similar experiments. Instead, it is better to choose a wallpaper of a monochromatic color. Combining perfectly with leather, they will achieve the ideal result.
  3. Refuse lacquer or metal elements in the interior. Such details greatly overload the design, even in rooms with a large area.
  4. Do not put the wallpaper in a frame or make a picture. This material is not considered an independent decorative element, so it is important not to make such an error.

Leather wallpaper( video)

Using wallpaper under your skin is an excellent way to bring novelty to the apartment interior. Thanks to unusual canvases, it is possible to create an unexpected, but attractive effect. In addition, with the proper approach to working with leather wallpaper, you can achieve that the room reigned atmosphere of comfort and chic. However, you should be extremely careful about the choice of color, as well as the type of material. In addition, it is important to plan in advance the placement of such wallpapers in the interior and anticipate the expected effect, after its application.

wallpaper under the skin in the interior( photo)