The box in the bathroom of plasterboard: installation how to do, close the pipes, video, with their own hands to assemble with the doors

Transform the bathroom and make it comfortable with a drywall box Convert the bathroom and make it comfortable with the use of a drywall box Very often, repairs in the bathroom and toilet are carried out in order to make the image of the room more attractive. The presence of communications sometimes spoils even the most fashionable and stylish repairs. Hide the unsightly communications will wash the box, made of plasterboard. A box in the bathroom of plasterboard with doors and without them can be made by hand. To do this, you must first study the instructions, after which you can start repair work. For the manufacture of the box is best suited moisture-resistant plasterboard.

    • Installation of the plasterboard in the bathroom: preparatory stage
    • How to make plasterboard boxes in the bathroom: mounting the frame
    • Sheet sheeting and how to make the plasterboards in the bathroom:
    • Technological holes:Close the pipes in the bathroom with plasterboard:
    • Make a box in the bathroom of gypsum board( video)

Installation of the plasterboard in the bathroom: the preparatory stage

The plasterboard box will not only helpTo dig communications, but also to provide them with reliable protection against unforeseen mechanical spaces. This material makes it possible to produce a convenient design that will provide easy access to the pipes at the right time. To repair works were successful, you need to carefully prepare for them.

Properly selected tools are the key to successful repair work. For work you will need: a hammer, a tape measure, a pencil, a level, a plumb, a knife.

A properly installed gypsum board will help to hide all communications in the bathroom Correctly installed gypsum cardboard will help to hide all communications in the bathroom

First thing the master should draw a layout that will allow you to determine the dimensions of the frame. It is important to note that the profile must not come into contact with the pipes. It is necessary to make allowances for the patch of drywall sheets.

How to make the markup:

  • Determine the top marking point, taking into account the floor drawing.
  • Run a straight line from the top mark to the bottom.

The success of the whole construction depends on the correctness of the markup. In order to perform the marking clearly and smoothly, you need to use a plumb and level. After doing the preparatory work, you can start assembling and installing the frame.

How to make plasterboards in the bathroom: mounting the frame

Before assembling the frame, you must select the material for the profile. It is best to use aluminum. This material is ideally combined with plasterboard, and also has anticorrosive qualities.

The use of wooden beams during the installation of the frame will make the work quiet and allow creating additional fasteners.

Before installing the box, you must first mount a framework of metal profiles Before installing the box, you must first mount the frame from the metal profiles

It is important to use a sufficient number of bars, which is determined by the height of the profiles. Bars prevent deformation of the profile under the weight of drywall sheets. Particular attention is paid to the process of cutting gipsokartonnyh sheets.

Stages of work:

  • Cut two sidewalls.
  • Install the side panels.
  • Cut the third panel.
  • Apply the last panel to the top of the side sheets.

When fastening the screws, it is important to pay attention to the fact that they need to be embedded in the profile. Do not touch the side walls. Do not forget that in the box you need to cut holes that will provide access to communications.

Sheet sheeting and how to make plasterboard boxes in the bathroom:

Elements for carcass plating should be solid. The edges of the side pieces must correspond to the profiles of the frame. The last part serves to close the side panels.

When fastening elements, it is important to correctly measure and take into account the indentations between the screws, which should not exceed 2.5 cm.

It is possible to decorate the bathroom with plasterboard alone, the main thing is to select high-quality materials for work and correctly perform the installation of the structure You can decorate the bathroom with gypsum board yourself, the main thing is to select high-quality materials for the work and correctly install the

. The pipelines are also made of plasterboard sheets. To fix them use special magnets. The box can be made completely collapsible.

Options for decorative finishes:

  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Paint;
  • Decorative plaster.

After installing the box, the bathroom will look much more attractive. The noise level from the pipes will be much lower. It is important to ensure that the box does not interfere with the maintenance of pipes.

Technological openings: how to close the pipes in the bathroom with plasterboard:

When forming the box, it is important to keep meters, valves, valves, reducers and expansion joints accessible. The holes in the material need to be cut out from the size of the doors themselves. The door is fixed after the installation of the frame.

In order to monitor the sewage drain, the hole must be located in the front of the box.

Stylishly hide communications in the bathroom can be using a plasterboard box and beautiful decorative doors of small size You can hide the communication in the bathroom with a plasterboard box and beautiful small decorative doors

The door can be placed on the side, if it serves to regulate the condition of the valves and pipes. The holes for the pipes in the box should be made slightly larger. The space between them is filled with foamed polyethylene or plex.


  • Frame;
  • GKLV;
  • Pressure lock;
  • Seal;
  • Door.

For the manufacture of doors and the box itself, moisture resistant plasterboard is used. It is treated with a special impregnation, resistant to damp air. GKLV prevents the appearance of fungus and mold. After installation, the box should be better tiled with ceramic tiles. Then the bathroom will look stylish, the pipes will be protected from mechanical influences, and the box - from moisture. The bathroom needs a special finish, which will not spoil from the effects of moisture and temperature drop.

Make a box in the bathroom of plasterboard( video)

The bathroom is filled with pipes, which adversely affect the appearance of the room. That's why we close them with a box. It can be made from materials of various types. One such material is gypsum board. It is better if it is moisture resistant. You can make the box yourself, having previously studied the instructions and making the markup. It is important not to forget to leave the inspection doors in the box, in order to have the possibility of constant access to communications in case of their breakdown.