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Installing the sink over the washing machine is an excellent solution for small bathrooms installation shell above the washing machine - the perfect solution for small bathrooms In a small room above the bathroom sink washing machine is the only space optimization solution. Thus, a household appliance important for the household and a sanitary fixture necessary for personal hygiene are combined. This option is suitable for large rooms, because, due to this combination, the bathroom can additionally accommodate shelves, cabinets and other household items.

    • Advantages and disadvantages: the sink in the washing machine
    • How to choose a sink above the washing machine
    • Types "Waterlily" sinks: wash over washing machine
    • combination of conditions: wash basin with washing machine
    • Properinstallation of sink washing machine
    • installation shell above the washing machine( video)
    • Examples basin above the washing machine( photo ideas)

Benefits and weeksings: sink on the washing machine

This solution has its pros and cons.

Pick a sink to install over the machine is not easy Choose a shell for installation on the machine it is not just

Of the advantages can be noted:

  • significantly saves space in the bathroom;
  • The originality of the combination, giving the room an individual appearance.

From the shortcomings can be identified:

  • Household appliances under the sink may interfere with the approach to the sink;
  • The washbasin will have to select a non-standard siphon, as well as a drainage device.

The siphon and drainage device will have to be searched for by yourself in the specialized sanitary ware shops. In addition, the device for draining should be not vertical, but horizontal. Under such conditions, stagnation of water can occur, which results in a clogging.

The washing equipment, in turn, will take place, which should be free, and the opening of the hatch during the laying of the linen will cause cramping.

But in the conditions of a catastrophically small space these cons are receding into the background. After all, combined technology solves a more important problem.

How to choose a washbasin above the washing machine

Not every washbasin can be installed above the washing machine. Drain device of conventional models, such as a tulip or shell, can not be combined with household appliances.

You will need a flatter form of washing, such as a water lily. This hinged shell differs in a shallow depth - only 20 cm, and is only available with a vertical or rear drain. In some cases, you can immediately buy a whole kit, which includes a washing device and a sink for it. But most often you have to look for a sink separately.

limited distance between the shell and the machine will require the installation of special drain

Major landmarks Washbasin:

  • Drain device;
  • Sufficient width, able to close the washing equipment.

Obligatory condition for the purchase of the sink is a horizontal drain, in the future it should be ensured that it does not come into contact with the washing machine.

As this is a technique that operates on the supply of an electric current, water must never be poured into it, as this can lead to a short circuit.

Another nuance when buying is the size of the water lily. In order not to rest against the stylalki, it is necessary to choose a sink with a width exceeding the dimensions of the machine.

Types of shells "Waterlily": washing over the washing machine

In order to make the bathroom room not only practical, but also stylish, it is necessary that the washstand and washing equipment are combined, as best as possible.

Some manufacturers produce special sinks for installation Some manufacturers produce special shell for installation

Choosing the right sink, water lily will make the room more original.

Differences and features of washing:

  • All such shells are provided with a safe drainage system, in the case of embedding stiralka it horizontal;
  • There are models with a hole for the mixer and without it;
  • The shape of the shell can be very different - you can pick up for her bath, rectangular, square or semi-circular washer, and some of them are also equipped with worktop, located on the side.

If you want, you can purchase a complete set of equipment from Ikea, which includes a washing machine, a washbasin for the arrangement above it and even a heated towel rail. This manufacturer produces the best equipment and equipment especially for small bathrooms.

combination of conditions: wash basin with washing machine

Before, acquire shell and machine and are ready to install the equipment necessary to learn the basic rules of installation and take account of all the existing requirements relating to safety and further ease of use.

Some stores offer ready-made combinations Some stores offer ready-made options combining

Please note the following details:

  • stiralka must be completely covered with a sink, in order to avoid contact with her water, because it is dangerous due to electric shock whenThis, the height of the sink must correspond to the height of the washing machine;
  • Pipes, usually corrugated hoses, are best placed away from the machine due to its vibration during spinning, as this can damage the pipes;
  • During installation, it is important that the floor in the room is absolutely flat - this will prevent strong vibration;
  • Be sure to check the tightness of all connections to prevent leaks, and as a result, damage to washing equipment.

Of course, it is possible to build a high-quality technique by inviting professional masters, but this will require financial investments.

The correct installation of the washbasin over the washing machine

It is possible to install the equipment yourself, as the installation is simple.

Take into account that the serving washing machine will complicate the comfortable use of the sink Note that serving Washer complicate comfortable use shell

realizes he follows:

  1. Please select a place on the wall where the sink will be. Before this, you need to check the height and make sure that the water lily will stand up comfortably. If you use one faucet for the bathroom and the sink, then you should check that the water falls exactly in the bowl, not past.
  2. After that, the brackets are fixed on the wall, on which the sink is located. In addition, it is fixed with a hook, which is sold with it.
  3. After the rear edge of the shell is pressed firmly against the wall, it is desirable to pass the gap with silicone sealant, applied it, and on-site contact between the washer and bracket. Excess pieces of sealant should harden, later they can simply be cut with a knife.

It is important to know that the bolts that hold the brackets are screwed in, leaving a distance of several millimeters. Only after the sealant is applied, they are tightened to the end.

The siphon is then installed. He is going to the scheme specified in the instructions. The branch pipe on it must be connected with the drain hose of washing equipment, and then fixed with a special collar. The corrugated part of the siphon is placed in the sewer pipe and firmly fixed.

The mixer should be placed in the designated hole and connected to it with hoses that supply water.

Installing a washbasin over the washing machine( video)

Properly installed installation of sanitary and washing equipment will ensure the economy of the missing space and will serve as a guarantee for the continued operation of useful equipment. If there is no complete self-confidence, it is better to entrust the installation process to qualified specialists. In this case, you can count on the quality and speed of work.

Washbasin examples above the washing machine( photo ideas)